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To supplement meal plans of fresh raw vegetables, fruit shakes, smoothies, fiber, juices, salads, grains, seeds, raw nuts and pure water, weight loss tea can be added. There are natural laxative teas that are effective in getting the bowels moving (see article on natural laxatives to lose weight) and teas that have slimming effects (see slimming tea article) especially green tea.

Tea, added to a weight loss program (or becomes part of a lifestyle) is not a weight loss therapy all by itself. Traditional weight loss tea, as used in Oriental countries, forms part of a way of life – drinking a liter or two of oolong or green tea is part of a natural cultural habit. People in Asia are constantly sipping tea – hot, cold, room temperature – all day, at work, on the train, in teahouses, after exercise, while hiking…tea is everywhere. There are samovars, kettles and hot-cold water dispensers everywhere even in each train compartment and almost every waiting room. There are tea vendors every few meters along streets of the smallest villages. In some places, while clients wait for a bank teller, a bank employee will serve everyone tea. The most common tea that’s served in public places is green tea – therefore everyone gets a healthy dose of it all day, everyday during most of their life.

In the west, Asian teas are revered as magical weight loss potions, but they’re not. You won’t lose weight overnight or in a week or two by just adding a slimming tea or special weight loss tea to your diet. Nevertheless, adding certain kinds of tea to your daily routine will improve, not only the amount of fluids you ingest, but also help your metabolism and hormonal balance. Here’s a weight loss tea list with 15 different types / blends everyone should have on hand:

1. green tea
2. oolong tea
3. ginger tea (Thai cleansing, detox and weight loss tea)
4. chrysanthemum flower tea
5. pu erh tea
6. lotus tea
7. wolfberry (goji berry) tea (traditional Chinese weight loss tea or soup)
8. carambola tea (fruit tea)
9. yerba mate (South American weight loss tea)
10. rose and jasmine tea (calming and soothing for bedtime)
11. lemon, lemon peel, cayenne, raw honey
12. orange, mandarin, hibiscus and dried fruit blend with an oolong or green tea base
13. raspberry leaf and mint (with ice)
14. senna tea (weight loss and fast acting laxative)
15. cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, anis, orange peel, vanilla bean

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