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What do orphaned baby orangutans, lush Borneo forests, palm oil plantations and anti aging products have in common? They should have nothing in common, but sadly they do. Discover why little orangutans must be rescued as their homes and families are destroyed to make way for massive palm oil plantations to supply consumers with cheap cosmetics including anti wrinkle creams and shampoos. Find out what you can do to avoid becoming an unwitting accomplice. Learn which beauty brands do not use palm oil and which anti aging products and shampoos are made using ingredients from sustainable eco-friendly sources. Follow this seven part series that explores the problem and recommends the best skincare products that are palm oil free.

What Conscientious Individuals May Not Know About Cheap Cosmetics

Understandably, many people buy cheap cosmetics, creams, shampoos, detergents, cleaning products and even foods that contain palm oil from unethical sources, but in most cases this is done inadvertently. Most consumers are totally unaware that certain ingredients (often labeled as “natural”) may be cultivated in ways that have devastating effects on the environment, obliterating complete ecosystems and placing rare and precious animals in the line of extinction. While many conscientious individuals may be aware of what’s going on in Brazilian rain forests, and may take great care to use only recycled paper, they may be surprised to learn how many other products (ones they may have in their bathrooms) are contributing to planetary devastation. That’s why it’s important to see what’s happening in Indonesia and Malaysia, in places like Borneo, where palm oil (used in wrinkle creams, anti aging products, shampoos and all sorts of skincare products) are grown in ways that have horrific consequences. Please take a moment to watch this video called: Deforestation in Borneo, part of the BBC’s Orangutan Diary series:

Stay Informed Through The Borneo Orangutan Foundation

Before going out to buy your next bottle of shampoo or anti wrinkle cream, you may want to watch the entire BBC series that takes a close look at the efforts of the Borneo Orangutan Foundation to rescue baby (and adult) orangutans from extinction due to the massive, needless and horrific destruction of the forests in order to plant palms. The palms are exclusively grown for their oil – used as an ingredient in many cheap beauty brands and even some of the so called best skincare products. For the most recent updates on these issue, we encourage you go directly to the Borneo Orangutan Foundation’s website at:

Where to Shop for Palm Oil Free Anti Aging Products

Although the Orangutan foundation has a small shop that sells gifts like palm oil free soap and candles (as well as cuddly orangutan puppets), they don’t retail organic shampoo or anti aging products like wrinkle creams, cleansers, toners or facial masks, therefore, if you want to avoid buying products containing palm oil, we have some suggestions regarding beauty brands that take care NOT to use palm oil or its derivatives (laurate, palmitic acid, SLS, sodium monododecyl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium monolauryl sulfate, sodium dodecanesulfate, dodecyl alcohol, hydrogen sulfate, lauryl alcohol and others). The ingredients in the best eye creams, cosmetics and organic shampoo brands (which we recommend) are ethically sourced, and (to the best of our knowledge) contain no palm oil or derivatives, and are therefore more expensive.

1. Weleda offers a large range of organic shampoo, anti aging products, some of the best eye creams and wrinkle creams in their collections of Facial Care, Skin Care, Mother and Baby Care products as well as Medicines for natural healing.

Weleda is one of the best beauty brands with international distribution of items such as the pomegranate collections of body and facial care. They offer cleansers, toners and specialty items for sensitive and aging skin types. Their creams and lotions, as well as body oils and hair care collections, are natural and contain only ethically sourced and fairly traded ingredients or extracts grown in their own biodynamic gardens around the world

The Weleda anti aging products include a unique item called Skin Food, a nourishing whole body cream made from vitamin E, organic sunflower oil, pansy extracts as well as the essence of rosemary and calendula flower.

To see what makes Weleda one of the best beauty brands for anti aging products, organic shampoo and lotions that promote healthy skin, view this video entitled: Weleda Up Close: See How We Grow the Natural Ingredients for Our Skincare.

This short film offers a glimpse into the world of Weleda cosmetics and skincare, how they obtain their ingredients (certified organic) and provides a look at their biodynamic gardens where roses and calendula are grown.

The best anti aging cream and skincare products offered through Weleda can be purchased directly from Weleda sites around the world (such as the one in New Zealand) or form Amazon by clicking the clinks we include.

For US customers wishing to order, it’s easy and affordable. For example a tube of Skin Food costs about $14, and the Weleda Wild Rose Eye Cream (one of the best eyes creams to sooth and revitalize) costs about $19.

More Palm Free Beauty Brands

There are several other quality beauty brands that don’t use palm oil as an ingredient in their wrinkle creams, soaps, shampoos or body care collections, and these are discussed in related articles that comprise this seven part Palm Oil Free product series.

Continued in part II: Palm Free Anti Wrinkle Cream

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