Palm Oil Free Anti Wrinkle Cream

Why should you IMMEDIATELY STOP USING or buying anti wrinkle cream formulations that have palm oil as an ingredient? Is it because palm oil is harmful to your skin? Has some new clinical evidence been presented to show that wrinkle creams containing palm oil, or its derivatives, will cause long-term skin damage? No, not exactly. The reasons to stop buying cheap cosmetics (with palm oil derivatives), anti wrinkle cream formulas, shampoos, household cleaning products and even certain popular packaged foods (which contain edible palm oil extracts and derivatives) has to do with a much more important and serious issue.

Please take a moment to read this information and view the videos about how Indonesian and Malaysian forests are being appallingly eradicated (obliterating entire ecosystems, including our cousins the highly intelligent orangutans, and creating untold human misery, not to mention the horrific global impact that deforestation causes) in order to make way for massive palm oil plantations. These plantations exist solely to produce the consumer-driven demand for the palm oil used in various products – from foods like potato chips and chocolate bars to items that may be labeled as organic shampoo and natural anti wrinkle creams.

Here’s what it’s about and why this affects every person on the planet whether you use a wrinkle cream or simply wash your face with soap: Have a look at this video called Palm oil: how our consumer choices affect wildlife:

Where the (Over 40 Million Metric Tons of) Palm Oil Comes From

Although naturally occurring palms that produce oil are indigenous to West Africa, they’ve been successfully planted in tropical regions, and nowadays the primary source for the world’s palm oil comes from Malaysia and Indonesia, with some statistics indicating that Indonesian palm oil plantations account for over half the 40 million metric tons that the world consumes in a single year. According to the United States Department of Agriculture statistics report compiled in 2004, palm oil “constitutes thirty percent of total edible oil production worldwide,” and we can add to that figure all the non-edible cosmetic and household cleaning product usage. Facts indicate that the use of palm oil has increased substantially since the above report, but accurate statistics are difficult to obtain. Why? Palm oil has many disguises as you’ll note from the list provided below. As stated by “food suppliers seem very reluctant to voluntarily label Palm Oil but we see no reason why they should be protected from public scrutiny.”

How To Spot Palm Oil Products

The biggest problem for consumers who wish to buy palm oil free anti wrinkle cream preparations (as well as innumerable household and packaged food items) is that the manufactures seldom use the explicit term “palm oil” on ingredient lists, therefore even concerned individuals many unwittingly purchase products they wouldn’t otherwise consider.

The disguises for palm oil and its derivatives may include ingredients listed as:

  1. stearic acid (a saturated fatty acid that can be derived from palm oil or mixed with palmitic acid)
  2. vegetable oil (this simple term is often used to cover every plant-derived oil and is therefore very deceptive since it can include palm oil.)
  3. elaeis guineensis (“elaeis” being the scientific genes while “guineensis” or “oleifera” denotes the species)
  4. glyceryl stearate (which may also be called glyceryl monostearate), is usually a creamy substance created from glycerin and stearic acid derived from either plant or animal sources and may often be a palm oil derivative. It’s used as a skin and hair conditioner for retaining moisture, as well as acting as a stabilizer (preventing the product itself from hardening or crusting over) especially in certain cheap cosmetics, shampoos and conditioners.
  5. glyceryl palmitate is a blend of glycerin and palmitic acid, a very common emollient which makes anti wrinkle cream formulas and body lotions have a thick consistency, or can be used in shampoo / cleansers so that oils and water-based ingredients can be blended.
  6. steareth -2 or steareth -20 are polyethylene glycol made from stearic acid which can be derived from palm oil.
  7. sodium lauryl sulphate is another derivative of palm oil which is an anionic surfactant that’s used in cleansers, shampoo, cheap cosmetics, facial cleansers and even household detergents, and may also be abbreviated as SLS. It may be listed on food and home cleaning products as sodium dodecyl sulphate or abbreviated as SDS or as NaDS. In all cases it’s an anionic organosulfate that makes cleansers and detergents have amphiphilic qualities, which means it allows hydrophilic and lipophilic ingredients to mix – emulsifying oils and water-soluble substances – such as detergents that removed grease from frying pans or facial cleansers or shampoo that attracts and removes body oils.
  8. sodium lauryl sulfoacetate may be derived from palm oil or coconuts although sadly most manufactures don’t stipulate their source. It’s a prime ingredient in products that have a frothy or foaming effect, therefore found in shampoo, facial and body cleansers, as well as bubble bath, soaps, and most affordable personal care products. It acts similar to sodium lauryl sulphate and is used in the same types of products.
  9. hydrated palm glycerides is derived from palm oil, and at least the word palm is present so it may be easier to spot. However it’s also called sodium isostearoyl lactylaye and may be derived from what is called vegetable stearic acid and may therefore be quite difficult to determine its origin. Therefore we separate it as an ingredient in number 10.
  10. sodium isostearoyl lactylaye (also hydrated palm glycerides from stearic acid)
  11. cetyl palmitate as well as octyl palmitate which can be easier to see on labels due to the word “palmite” which will always indicate some sort of palm oil or a derivative no matter what appears before it. It may also be spelled palmate, palmitate or labeled as palm oil kernel, or palm kernel oil.

It’s almost impossible to shop (searching for foods, cleaning products and beauty brands that might have a palm oil free anti wrinkle cream preparation) with a magnifying glass in one hand and a dictionary of potential palm oil disguise terminology in the other. So, the easiest and most effective way to be sure you’re buying the best wrinkle cream and body care products available is to stay away from mainstream beauty brands, avoid cheap cosmetics and stick to buying specific brands that are known not to use palm oil and that also source their ingredients ethically / through fair trade practices.

(If you’d like a more comprehensive list of many products that don’t contain palm oil, that include foods, and cleaning supplies as well as some cosmetics, you may want to go to the list at

Sustainable Palm Oil Plantations and the RSPO

It should be noted that some manufacturers use what is now being termed sustainable sourced palm oil monitored by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). To view the progress of this endeavor go to . The question remains, is the RSPO a step in the right direction or a means to white-wash and put a better front on the lucrative plantations past actions? Despite what RSPO may now be doing in Malaysia / Indonesia (and Ghana), the damage to the forests has already been done, and in many cases is continuing because as the palm oil plantation owners, shareholders and administrators know (many who are part of the RSPO), it’s a massively lucrative industry. Take a look at this video entitled World Business RSPO which was broadcast on CNBC Europe and Asia:

Notice the interview with the executive director of United Plantations (whose principal business activity is cultivation of oil palm and is listed on the Bursa Malaysia and Copenhagen Stock Exchange), stated, “there has been a lot of pressure from our shareholders in Europe, that you know, running a company in terms of not just its economic viability but also not forgetting the social responsibility, the environmental compatibility, has been key. It’s become an integral part of the way we do things.” Albeit a little too late, since the palm plantation that is now being run with “environmental compatibility” was perhaps once a forest home to a complete ecosystem that’s gone forever. Take a look:

Choosing Anti Wrinkle Cream Brands that are Palm Oil Free

It must be stated that there are palm oil companies that buy previously deforested land (logged or cleared for other purposes) that otherwise would lay barren as dry abandoned wasteland, and do indeed plant palm tress and manage them in a sustainable manner, thereby producing oil that may be considered eco-friendly, sustainable and in some cases even part of fair trade practices. These operations also create employment for local people and prevent poverty, as well as provide a means for the earth to possibly (eventually) renew itself. In turn, such companies may sell their palm oil to manufacturers of consumer products, including eco-friendly beauty brands, and are therefore a good choice. Nevertheless, it must be emphasized that the makers of organic shampoo, sulfate free shampoo, anti wrinkle cream formulas, and some of the best skincare products (and household cleaners), have the responsibility to make it clear to consumers that their palm oil is ethically sourced – otherwise how is anyone to know.

Quality Brands to Trust

Wrinkle creams, eye creams and beauty brands that use palm oil that’s grown in responsible ways should receive our support, but until we can ascertain exactly who they all are, here are some of the ones we know to be the best.

  1. Weleda is a company that adheres to ethical sourcing and fair trading practices. They carry a range of the best eyes creams, organic shampoo and anti wrinkle cream preparations that are affordably priced and easy to buy online. For example there’s the Weleda Wild Rose Intensive Eye Cream that’s effective against fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness. For more information on the Weleda products and how to purchase them, see the related post entitled: Palm Oil Free Anti Aging Products – Part I.
  2. Aveda is another company that’s dedicated to creating organic shampoo, wrinkle creams, lotions, body care products and essential oils from organic, ethical and fair trade sources. The unique beauty brands they develop are not only natural but more effective than leading products, as well as having wonderful scents and being ideal for sensitive skin types and those who may be prone to allergies.

Take a look at why we recommend Aveda products by viewing this video About Aveda:

Although many of the best eye creams and skincare products, as well as shampoos, cleansers and their best wrinkle cream formulas, are only available through exclusive “Aveda concept salons”, there are some products available online. Here are items you can buy online from the Aveda beauty brands collections, including Green Science, Botanical Kinetics and Tourmaline:

  1. Aveda Botanical Kinetics Purifying Gel Cleanser. This is a formula made from natural ingredients like chamomile and lavender as well as 16 essential oils that are certified organic. It’s a marvelous natural way to cleanse before moisturizing the face and eye area. The cleanser is designed to remove oil and greasy build-up on the face, for all skin types, and is also effective at removing make-up. It takes just a little of this concentrated cleanser to wash the face every day. As with all the Aveda products, a little of their concentrated essences goes a really long way!
  2. Aveda Tourmaline Charged Hydrating Cream. Wrinkle creams must hydrate in order help the skin’s elasticity, but the Aveda anti wrinkle cream is unique because it contains the mineral called tourmaline, ground into a fine powder, and blended with algae and plant extracts high in antioxidants. This is not your average wrinkle cream, but a formula that hydrates, infuses the skin with nutrients and veritably makes it glow.
  3. Aveda Green Science Firming eye cream (a powerful anti wrinkle cream). This product can be used around the eye area and even on the eyelid. It’s effective in firming, soothing and providing nourishing ingredients to this delicate area. It’s a light formula that doesn’t feel greasy and can be used day or night.
  4. Aveda Green Science Lifting Serum (one of the best eye creams that are natural and effective from the Aveda Antiaging Line of products). This is a serum for aiding in cellular renewal and combating the effects of aging. It lifts the skin and firms the delicate eye area. The Aveda eye cream/ serum is made with argan oil and a sugar amino acid called glucosamine. This is an excellent serum for healthy skin and can be used as part of the Aveda daily system that has four products to provide optimum ant aging effects.
  5. Aveda Green Science Firming Face Creme (one of the top wrinkle creams that’s ideal for day or night). The formula is known to fill fine lines very effectively. It contains lady’s thistle, argan oil (a very expensive Moroccan oil) and a cactus essence that retains moisture and soothes. It’s most successful when used with the entire Green Science 4-part series of Aveda products. (They include the Lifting Serum and the Firming Eye Creme shown above.)

For more information on Aveda organic shampoo and how to shop online, please consult the related post that deals with sulfate free shampoo and the best all natural, palm oil free organic shampoo products.

Continue reading this palm oil free series in Part III: Wrinkle Cream Reviews.

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