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Cheap cosmetics are cheap for a reason. The reason is mass production, and mass production requires buying ingredients in bulk – for example the over 40 million tons of palm oil (per year) used in cheap beauty brands must come from somewhere. Yes, the tons and tons of palm oil required to make shampoo, anti aging products and cheap eye creams to keep men and women glowing with radiant youthful healthy skin, comes from palm trees grown on massive plantations primarily in Malaysia and Indonesia such as the ones on the island of Borneo – on the land that once was a lush forest region, where baby orangutans and their families swung from tree to tree. But, if destroying entire ecosystems, obliterating complete jungle habitats and massacring rare intelligent life forms is what it takes to have cheap cosmetics, then they’re far too expensive for anyone to afford.

Finding cheap cosmetics (or even expensive ones) that are palm oil free, is a genuine challenge. Many companies that make anti aging products, even organic shampoo, natural eye creams and some of the best botanical beauty brands that appear to be eco-friendly, obtain their raw ingredients from less than ideal sources. It’s really difficult as a consumer to know which brands to buy and which to avoid. Since the issue of palm oil in cheap cosmetics is not new, and many consumers have taken steps to avoid the beauty brands that insist on unethical sourcing, some companies have started to alter their formulas or change their palm oil sources to more sustainable ones. That means that there are more quality palm oil free choices for consumers.

Amongst the cheap cosmetics and personal hygiene products that can be recommended are the following:

1. Custom Vintage – this small Australian company is totally palm oil free and offers a range of fun bath and beauty products that includes hand and body lotion, face creams, shampoo, conditioners and other haircare products, as wella s bath and shower gels, bath salts and funky bath ball bombs, lip balms, fruity soaps and a collection of honey-based bath bars that are eco-friendly and palm free.

Aside from being one of the top beauty brands that’s totally orangutan friendly, their packaging is unique, as their name suggests, with a fun, colorful vintage air. They also have cheap cosmetics for your pets — natural dog and puppy shampoo, as well as eco friendly household items like cleaners and candles. Custom vintage also make blends of wrinkle creams or cosmetics customized for specific needs – like vegans.

Buying from smaller manufactures that helps to maintain a higher standard of quality and assures you and your family that you’re not contributing to deforestation or creating a demand for palm oil products. Handmade beauty brands like Custom Vintage are available through their website – a delightful place to visit – that pays tribute to the 40’s and 50’s pinup girl era.

2. Urban Rituelle – is a larger Australian company that started small but has gained popularity due to the fact that Leanne Haining & Scott Kelly, who began the venture in 1999, have made an effort to deliver their natural cosmetics, perfumes and body care products to an international market without compromising quality and making every effort to source raw ingredients from sustainable places.

Urban Rituelle delivers affordable cosmetics and anti aging products throughout Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, USA, and even, Thailand, Japan Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates.

When questioned regarding their use of palm oil, they have responded by stating that they do use palm oil in some of their best eye cream products and beauty collections, but that their supplier is a “30 year old plantation in Malaysia, therefore it is not taken from the forests.”

Another feature of the Urban Rituelle collections that is they’re one of the few beauty brands that contain no animal derivatives and therefore are vegan friendly.

Shop now for some of their top items like the Urban Rituelle Beachcomber Body Butter made with coconut and ginger. This body moisturizing formula is rich in shea butter and brazil nut oil as well as enriched with botanical extracts like kelp. Ideal for repairing and moisturizing thirsty skin.

Another product designed by Urban Rituelle is the collection of scented shea butter soaps like the geranium and ginger flower bars that also include extracts of grapefruit, orange, white jasmine and amber as well as coconut butter and vitamin E. Although botanically created with fresh ingredients, this soap makes a rich lather that’s nourishing and cleansing to promote healthy skin.

Some of the best skin care products available online are from Australia and New Zealand, perhaps because of their proximity to Malaysia and Indonesia, they’re aware of the value of these forests and make every effort to ensure they’re not destroyed by large palm oil plantations. Urban Rituelle is just one of the many companies that offer cheap cosmetics made from ethical and sustainable sources. That’s why we have no problems recommending their scented bath and shower gel that’s made with cucumber and linden blossom with delicate frangipani and white tea extracts. This refreshing body wash is also moisturizing because it contains macadamia nut oil, wheat proteins, botanical essences, and aloe, to offer a scented floral bouquet in a rich lathering gel that cleanses and rejuvenates the skin.

From peach blossom butter cream to coconut lip balm, Urban Rituelle has collections to suit your skin type and beauty needs. Maintain healthy skin and contribute to the health of the planet by choosing beauty brands that care and by avoiding the cheap cosmetics houses that mass-produce their products without regard for the environment.

While many of the products available in supermarkets and pharmacies (drug stores) may not be suitable for individuals attempting to be palm oil free, one of the well-known mainstream cheap cosmetics beauty brands that offer a few items that are either palm oil free or sourced from sustainable plantations, is Garnier. Although not all their products are recommended, some of the anti aging products are safe, effective and environmentally friendly.

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