Palm Oil Free Organic Shampoo

Buy organic shampoo that’s also palm oil free and sulfate free. No need to choose cheap cosmetics or harmful body and haircare products. You have a choice. Shop for sulfate free shampoo and organic palm oil free anti aging products without a magnifying glass to read labels or a degree in chemistry to understand the palm oil derivative code.

What’s All the Fuss Over Palm Oil About – Isn’t it a natural, healthy oil?

There are many reasons why you should be concerned about what you wash your hair with and what creams and lotions you use on your skin – the reasons have nothing to do with YOUR skin getting irritated, but everything to do with irritating the planet’s skin and everyone who’s living on it, including baby orangutans.

If you haven’t already seen the reports or read about the palm oil plantations that are anything but eco-friendly and natural, then we suggest you take a look at the information we’ve compiled in a VII part series on palm oil and its consequences. When you’re ready to shop, come back and buy some organic shampoo that’s free of palm oil / derivatives, and find out which companies make high quality sulfate free shampoo, conditioner and the best body care products!

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Shopping for Organic Shampoo

One of the beauty brands that carries orangutan friendly organic shampoo, that’s also friendly to your hair, is called Organic Selections Shampoo. They’re available in four fragrances that include: Rosemary & Kakadu Plum / Lemon Myrtle & Avocado / Lavender & Ylang Ylang / Rosewood & Almond.
They’re also known as Emma Organics Selection but are difficult to purchase outside of Australia, although a few online shops will ship internationally.

Weleda Organic and Sulfate Free Shampoo for the Whole Family

Weleda is a company that has a variety of organic shampoo and body wash products like the Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash that retails for under $9.

They also have a great sulfate free shampoo that’s entirely organic and naturally gentle for children. Try the complete Weleda Baby Starter Kit for about $11 or buy the Weleda Baby Calendula Shampoo separately in a large tube for about $17.

Get baby and mommy started off on the right organic / eco-friendly foot with the natural, organic, palm oil free, sulfate free shampoo by Weleda.

The Weleda Organic shampoo is made from Calendula petals, and plant cleansers that are both friendly for baby and the environment – even orangutan safe.

What’s great about shopping for body care and anti aging products through Weleda is that you can shop carefree for a variety of items without having to read labels. They’re crafted without palm oil or derivatives and are organic and of high quality.

Choose some unusual hair care items like the Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil or even some Birch Body Scrub. They also have a line of the best skincare products that include a pomegranate series and an intensive rose extract eye serum and wrinkle cream formula.

Another company that offers sulfate free shampoo and organic anti aging products that can be trusted and bought without need to scrutinize labels is Trilogy.

The best of their haircare collection is the Trilogy Clarifying Shampoo that costs just $24 and is not only refreshing but removes unwanted buildup. It’s great for restoring natural color, adding bounce and volume, as well as providing a shine. It can be followed by their conditioner or used alone.

What makes all the Trilogy products unique are their ingredients, and in the case of the shampoo include ginger root extract., aloe, cucumber, chamomile, burdock, geranium rose and wheat protein. Many of their products known for certified organic rosehip oil.

Buy the Trilogy Clarifying Conditioner along with the shampoo and have them shipped together. Both the organic shampoo and the clarifying conditioner can be used daily, or choose to alternate the shampoo for a variety of different haircare needs, using the gentle Moisturizing Shampoo, Smooth Shine or Clarifying ones alternatively.

No matter where you live or what lifestyle you lead, you must use some kind of product to maintain healthy skin and cleanse your body and hair. Staying away from cheap cosmetics, palm oil anti aging products and beauty brands that are non-organic, laden with sulfates and chemicals, is good for your skin, your hair and the skin of the earth where we live. Buying the best eye creams and shampoo from companies that care about our bodies and also consider our cousins the orangutans, is good business. Yes, the products are a little more expensive, but perhaps if we spend more on organic shampoo and pricier wrinkle creams, baby orangutans may still have a home – a place in a forest where they can swing from trees instead of being added to the list of species we’ve aided into extinction.

For more details on the best anti aging cream formulas that are palm oil free, and for ideas where to shop for some of the worlds best skin care products, please refer to related posts. Or you may continue reading part VII that deals with even more reason why everyone should stay away from cheap cosmetics.

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