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Micropigmentation and Waterproof Lip Liner Cosmetics

Semi permanent lip liner procedures in the UK, using the latest micropigmentation techniques with the handheld pen-style tattoo machines, is called PERMANENT lip liner in the United States. (Also termed lip tattoo, lip filler or lip blush.) Despite the differences in terminology (semi-permanent versus permanent), both offer the same end result – pigment injected into the dermis (the same as eyebrow tattoo procedures) will provides permanent lip color that lasts for years as follows:

  1. rich natural vibrancy for one year without touch-ups
  2. a soft blush of color for about five years
  3. a hint of color lasting forever unless removed with lasers

Benefits of Semi-permanent / Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Lip Liner

Although it’s a common misconception that the eyes are where aging begins, it’s the lips that give a youthful (or aged) appearance. It’s the organ most used and most seen by others on a daily basis. As we age, lips shrink, loose plumpness, get lines around the edges and loose their color. No matter how perfect the eyes may be, if the lips are thin, undefined or colorless, the entire face will appear drained and less youthful.

Permanent lip liner can help to:

  1. correct, restore or enhance lip shape for better symmetry, especially in the philtrum region (the canal that runs from the nose to the lip forming the V) and to give the appearance of plumper, more rounded fullness all around
  2. fill fine lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, which give a shrunken appearance to the mouth, and are notorious for causing lipstick bleeding problems
  3. add an outline to the vermilion border (the vermilion border is the decisive line separating facial skin from lip tissue) in a natural or vibrant color as a base for regular lipstick / gloss, or to delineate or augment the outer parameter so as to later fill with a permanent lip blush using a micropigmentation technique

Whether you are in the UK and choose to go to a semi permanent cosmetics clinic to get a lip tattoo, or if you are in the united States and decide to undergo a permanent lip liner procedure, the cost will be about the same. In the UK, lip liner micropigmentation costs are about ÂŁ300, and in the United States, an average permanent cosmetics procedure costs $450 – $500.

Waterproof Permanent Cosmetic Makeup

Although the best lip liner, that’s 100% waterproof, is the tattoo variety, if a micropigmentation procedure is not within your budget, then there are some affordable permanent lip color products that can be used instead of regular lipstick for many hours of rich color. There are lip tint and lip stain products that last for 12 to 24 hours, and some funky enhancing products that help to define, plump and temporarily outline lips better than average lip liner pencils and lipstick.

1. Duwop Reverse Lip Liner

Start with the basics: fill-in fine lines, define the vermilion border and shape your lips with the unique Duwop reverse lip liner. This is a pencil that offers a matte colorless lipofiller known as Duwop’s own patented Kombuchka that helps to plump lips, fill fine lines and create a non-bleeding shape that can then be colored-in with your favorite lipstick shade. This reverse lip liner (also called an invisible lip liner) is waterproof and will allow whatever lip stain or tint you go with to last longer without feathering. The latest Duwop reverse lip liner is available for sale online for under $20.

2. Rimmel Lip Liner

The two latest Rimmel lip liner products that have received rave reviews are the 1000 Kisses waterproof lip liners that prevent bleeding and last for at least a thousand kisses, and the Exaggerated Full Color Lip Liner, also by Rimmel London, which promises to add durable definition. Rimmel’s waterproof lip liner is sold in a wooden pencil for just over $3 and the Exaggerated lip liners are retractable sticks, retailing for under $6.

3. Bare Minerals Makeup

If you haven’t already heard about the natural lip tints by Bare Minerals makeup, then it’s about time you did. Bare minerals offers kits with a lip tint system that works in three steps through layering the lip liner, lip color and gloss. Each kit provides the three long-lasting products – a hydrating semi permanent cosmetic makeup solution for a minimal price. For $30 you get a resilient natural lipstick, a waterproof liner and a tube of finishing gloss. Choose a variety of colors.

4. Alexandra de Markoff Cosmetics

Alexandra de Markoff Cosmetics (though often misspelled as Alexander de Markoff Makeup), offers a collection of high definition lip products including duo sets of invisible lip liner and colored pencils that shape and stop bleeding / lip feathering. Lips Illusion provides lip plumping via the latest micro-sphere cosmetic technology.

5. Sebastian Trucco Lipstick and Other Lip Stain Products

Although the cream Trucco lipstick products (known for their permanence) have been discontinued, there are still online shops that carry the Pro Lip Pencil series by Sebastian Trucco Many ladies claim the best lip liner that’s ever been made is by Trucco, however, lip pencils have recently taken a backseat to lip stain products like the ones by Urban Decay. Urban Decay’s collection includes a product called Lip Envy (a long-lasting lip stain) that costs under $20. It’s actually a semi-permanent wash that dyes the lips. Unlike other tints, the Urban Decay series isn’t dehydrating because it’s formulated with moisturizing ingredients like Biloba, chamomile and Vitamin E.

Other Semi Permanent Lip Products

While shopping, keep in mind the excellent Mac Pro Makeup collections for long-lasting cosmetics, and the latest Lipsense products that are designed to last hours and hours.

Vincent Longo lip stain is another product to look into because it can last longer than 24 hours, in fact the tint is known to stay all night and still be there in the morning.

The Sue Devitt Cosmetics company also offers a series of natural liners and makeup products that are durable and moisturizing, including a collection of lip intensifier pencils in unusual colors like Bellona, Kirakira, Malaita and Tinakula. These unusual natural shades are inspired of Sue Devitt’s native Australia and her international journeys that culminated in formulations eventually developed in Japan.

If you require more information on permanent lip liner, semi permanent make up (in the UK) or micropigmentation and permanent makeup solutions in the United States, please read our related topics. Many of out posts deal with specific concerns surrounding these beauty procedures, the costs involved and what you need to know regarding cosmetic tattooing aftercare.

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