Permanent Eyeliner Clinics

Here are permanent eyeliner clinics and professional micropigmentation centers in the United States / Hawaii and the UK {where it’s called semi permanent eyeliner}. Wherever possible, the permanent eyeliner cost has been included to offer an idea of what you can expect to pay for a specialist to provide a consultation regarding personalized permanent eyeliner styles, pigments to match your skin tone, the procedure itself, aftercare instructions and retouching services.

The following permanent makeup eyeliner, eyebrow and lip tattooing clinics offer hygienic environments and certified experts experienced with the latest techniques, permanent eyeliner pen devices {with disposable needles} and quality pigments.

Permanent Eyeliner Clinics USA

1. Spavanti International Permanent Makeup Center – California, USA

Marsha Benson is the owner of Spavanti International Permanent Makeup Center in Aliso Viejo California {operating online as}. She is a certified intradermal cosmetic specialist with more than 20 years experience in permanent eyeliner, eyebrow, lip liner and full lip tattooing procedures. She also offers nipple and areola restorations, permanent makeup color / design corrections, as well as personalized micropigmentation procedures for men. The initial consultation is free and permanent eyeliner cost can be reduced when using her monthly specials that may include up to a hundred dollars off a procedure. To discuss YOUR personal permanent eyeliner cost, call 949-443-4877 or visit the Spavanti International Permanent Makeup Center website at

Meet Marsha Benson in the following video presentation where she discusses permanent makeup eyeliner pigment choices.

Editor’s Note: Take head of what Marsha says about choosing BLACK permanent eyeliner pigments because they may turn blue over time. This is a real concern, and one I wish my micropigmentation specialist would have addresses more clearly because I chose black, which was lovely for about a year, but later turned blue and therefore I had to have it retouched. Marsha Benson suggests using a dark brown or blending colors to get a little orange pigment into the mixture to counteract the tendency toward blue. Watch this informative video courtesy of Marsha Benson.

Makeup Clinic Dana Point CA:

2. Permanent Makeup Clinic –Virginia, USA

Shirley Zhou is a permanent makeup eyeliner, eyebrow and lip tattooing expert who began her training in 1990 with permanent makeup surgeon Dr. Du in China, and has gone on to become a certified micropigmentation specialist in the United States, now with more than 6000 procedures to her credit. She offers personalized advice on permanent eyeliner styles, performs high-tech procedures on clients using the latest permanent eyeliner pen devices and takes pride in her clients permanent makeup eyeliner, brow and lip tattooing care at her Permanent Makeup Clinic located in McLean, Virginia. She may be contacted at (703) 281-1855 or through

In the following video, courtesy of Ioana International, Shirley Zhou demonstrates a permanent eyeliner procedure. Notice how a sanitary permanent eyeliner pen is used to create a soft eyeliner style.

Permanent Makeup – Eyeliner:

Watch Shirley Zhou work on another client, creating a natural-looking eyebrow tattoo, in the next video presentation, also courtesy of Ioana International, and learn more about the permanent eyeliner, eyebrow and lip tattooing specialties provided at the Permanent Makeup Clinic located at 6725 Curran Street in McLean, Virginia.

Permanent Makeup Artistry with Shirley Zhou:

3. Wake Up With Makeup – Hawaii, USA

Wake Up With Makeup is located on Keolu Drive, Enchanted Lakes, Kailua Oahu Hawaii. Get quality services and comprehensive advice from Dr. Linda Dixon by calling (808) 808 261-3199 / 263 3227 or through her website

Dr. Dixon is much more than a micropigmentation expert, she is also a physician specialized in anesthesiology, a dental hygienists and one of the most renowned pioneers in permanent makeup as well as an instructor in the latest micropigmentation techniques. Her developments and enhancements in the industry are known as the “Dixon Technique” which include lip techniques, hairstroke eyebrow procedures for natural brows, and smudged permanent eyeliner techniques that provide smoky eyeliners. Dr. Linda Dixon is currently the president of the American Academy of Micropigmentation {AAM}, which is a non-profit organization that monitors safety standards in the micropigmentation industry, provides information for clients, and offers certification to permanent makeup specialists.

Her permanent eyeliner, brow and lip procedure are as near to painless as they come because Dr Dixon is keen on developing better and better topical anesthesia treatments to numb the areas before tattooing. Watch her preparing for a permanent eyeliner procedure.

Permanent Eyeliner Pain Control by Dr Linda Dixon MD:

In the next video, Dr Dixon discusses a concern experts have with permanent makeup eyeliner: how to make it last longer. Although this presentation is designed for professionals, anyone about to get permanent makeup eyeliner may use this Q & A video to make a list of questions to ask their micropigmentation specialist in order to ascertain that their liner will last as long as possible.

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner Q&A by Dr Linda Dixon MD:

Editors Note: the Best Permanent Eyeliner Pen your specialist should be using

The type of permanent eyeliner pen that your specialist uses is important. Many of the top permanent eyeliner specialists like Dr. Dixon, recommend the German made Nouveau Contour device {from MTDerm}, known as the Simplicity model in the United States. Whether you’re a micropigmentation professional or a client, it’s good to know something about the equipment, the needles and the pigments involved. Here’s a video that explains all about the Simplicity permanent eyeliner pen device, courtesy of Dr. Linda Dixon and Wakeup with Makeup. As the micropigmentation machine is being readied for use, observe how the disposable needles and disposable sleeves are used to maintain optimum hygiene.

Simplicity Permanent Makeup Machine Instructions by Dr Linda Dixon:

Micropigmentation Services and Permanent Eyeliner Cost USA though Linda Dixon’s Clinic Wake UP with Makeup

  1. Solid eyebrow tattoo $400
  2. Hairstroke technique $425
  3. Yearly Retouching $119
  4. Corrections $119

Permanent Eyeliner Cost divided by sections:

  1. upper eyelid $250
  2. lower lash line $225
  3. upper eyelid and lower lash line complete standard permanent eyeliner $425
  4. thicker permanent eyeliner styles $475
  5. unique permanent eyeliner styles using 2 smudged pigments cost an $100
  6. yearly retouching $119
  7. Lip colors start cost between $700 and $770

For other permanent eyeliner clinics in the US and abroad, please consult the lists of certified practitioners available from the American Academy of Micropigmentation and its subsidiary organization: The International Micropigmentation Association.

Semi Permanent Eyeliner Clinics UK

In the UK, the source for information and certification for micropigmentation is the British Association of Beauty Therapists and Cosmetologists.

Tracie Giles International – Knightsbridge, London, UK

Tracie Giles is a member of both the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals in the United States and also a member of the British Association of Beauty Therapists and Cosmetologists. She brings 20 years expertise to clients at the Tracie Giles Permanent Make-up Centre {also called semi permanent eyeliner}in London.

In the UK some of the semi permanent eyeliner procedures {which in the United States are called EYELINER} are called EYELASH ENHANCEMENTS. Watch this Bizzibox presentation of Tracie Giles performing an eyelash enhancement procedure whereby a small amount of pigment is deposited into the clients lashline – which in other parts of the world may be called a delicate permanent eyeliner procedure.

An Example of a Permanent Make-up Procedure:

Find out about the newest Tracie Giles permanent eyeliner, brow and lip micropigmentation clinic in Knightsbridge. Aside from offering information about the clinic itself, this video also provides a step by step permanent makeup eyeliner procedure that you can view right now.

Tracie Giles Knightsbridge:

Permanent Eyeliner Cost –Tracie Giles – London

Tracie Giles offers permanent eyeliner styles that are personalized, from delicate lash enhancements using dots to full thick lines, eyebrow tattoos and lip micropigmentation.

For a personal permanent eyeliner cost analysis, or to schedule a free consultation, call Tracie Giles at 0845 838 0299 or visit the website at For an idea of what you may pay, here are some permanent eyeliner cost quotes that were accurate at the time of writing:

{a} eyebrows – using the hair-by-hair technique – start around £595

{b} lip liners, tints and Tracie Giles special ‘Gloss and Go’ start around £795

{c} eyelash enhancer with dots, lines or personalized eyeliner styles start around £795

{d}Permanent eyeliner styles can receive a yearly color boost for about £295

{e}eyeliner lightening, correction or eyeliner tattoo removal services start around £175

{f} Permanent eyeliner cost may be reduced by as much as 10% when booking three procedures at once. Ask for the “Full Face Permanent Makeup Treatment”.

For more permanent and semi permanent micropigmentation specialists and clinics in the UK, please go to BABTAC {the British Association of Beauty Therapists and Cosmetologists} and browse members in your region by entering your postcode and selecting a salon, spa, or micropigmentation clinic from the recommended lists.

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To learn more about permanent eyeliner pen devices and the equipment used for modern micropigmentation procedures, go to: Professional Tattoo Machine Supply.

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