Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Styles and Procedures Part I

A permanent eyeliner tattoo can be subtle if done with a fine deposit of pigment in the lash line or with a medium width line to mimic liquid liner. It may also be bolder, even dramatic, or created using various widths that taper for a custom look. Choose liner widths as follows:

1. a delicate eyeliner tattoo:

a bit of pigment deposited in the lash line which will accent the eyes without being very noticeable. This style of eyeliner tattoo is good for women with fair complexions and light colored lashes, but will not provide definition on the upper eyelid. This is the most subtle permanent eyeliner tattoo.

The delicate line is {approximately 1 pt}

2. a standard thin cosmetic tattoo eyeliner:

a bit of color in the lash line and a slender contoured stroke on the upper eyelid. This is also a good choice for fair-haired women who want a natural-looking accent without appearing too made-up.

The standard line is {approximately 1.5 pts}

3. a strong bold permanent eyeliner tattoo:

created by depositing pigment evenly around the eye in the lash line AND on the eyelid or by using a blend of delicate and standard thickness styles to create a custom look, highlighting some areas more.

The strong bold line is {approximately 2.25 pts}

4. a strong, thick bold eyeliner tattoo:

often used on the ends and the dome area but will seldom be used all around the eye. The thick bold line may be employed to accent specific areas but will usually be tapered into a thinner line toward the inner portion.

The strong, thick bold line is {approximately 3 pts}

5. a very thick bold eyeliner tattoo:

rarely used to contour the entire eye, but is one of the most popular line thicknesses chosen as PART of the overall style to give a little more drama in specific places, especially on the ends.

The very thick bold line is {approximately 4.5 pts}

For an example of a permanent eyeliner tattoo procedure using a very thick bold line that’s custom contoured, watch master micropigmentation expert, Jeanee Lusby, at work in this exclusive NaturaLook video presentation.

Thick Defined Permanent Eyeliner:

Cosmetic Tattoo Eyeliner Techniques

Cosmetic tattoo eyeliner designs are personalized. In the same manner that women use a pencil to draw a line then smudge it into the lashes, later adding a bolder outline to define the dome or extend the edges, so too, a permanent eyeliner tattoo will:

  1. define
  2. smudge
  3. layer colors
  4. highlight the dome
  5. taper lines from thicker outer edges to slender inner corners
  6. accentuate the eyes according to size, shape and facial structure

To see an excellent presentation of the permanent eyeliner tattoo from beginning to end, including the initial consultation, the procedure and the end result , watch this video courtesy of New Creation, Antwerp, Belgium. {Don’t worry if you can’t understand the commentary. Set the video to mute. The visuals provide a good example of what you should demand from your local professional in terms pre-tattooing services, the actual techniques involved in shaping a natural-looking eyeliner, and the level of participation a patient and expert should have in order to create the style of eyeliner that will ultimately be the one the patient lives with for many years to come.}

How to apply permanent make up eyeliner {Antwerp Belgium}:

The techniques used, the amount of time required to deposit the pigments and the skill of the artists, aesthetician or micropigmentation technician will be what determines tattoo eyeliner prices. Go to: The Latest Colorwash Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Technique and Prices Part II to learn more about techniques and get an idea of how much an eyeliner tattoo costs.

Eyeliner Tattoo Pictures / Videos

Watch a cosmetic tattoo eyeliner procedure that includes before and after pictures, courtesy of Kosmetic Tattoo. Observe how anesthetic is applied, then watch as the micropigmentation expert uses a pen-style device to implant pigment into the lash line. This is a delicate permanent eyeliner tattoo technique that offers subtle results.

Kosmetic tattoo eye liner round 1:

Follow the technician as she finishes the procedure. See the before and after eyeliner tattoo pictures at the end of the video.

Kosmetic tattoo Eye liner final:

Continue learning about micropigmentation procedures and costs, viewing before and after pictures and videos, discovering eyeliner tattoo aftercare and risks for certain individuals, as well as two methods of eyeliner tattoo removal, by following the complete series:

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