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I met my husband 3 years ago in Barcelona, sitting on a bench in the old city, sipping a glass of wine as everyone does in the evening in Spain. We talked about everything from Latin literature to Polish Politics (of which I knew nothing) to art which we both knew a great deal. The conversation gradually led to what we liked and didn’t and who we’d dated and why it hadn’t lasted, which brought up the subject of a lady he had dated who had tattoos (and how it had been a total turnoff).

By about 3:00 AM, as he walked me to my flat, he asked if he could see me again. I replied that I was leaving for Seville in the morning and wouldn’t be back for some time, but that I was certainly wrong for him because I had tattoos. He stopped in his tracks and looked me in the eye. “Where?” he asked with disbelief.

“You’ve been looking at four of them all evening,” I said with a laugh.

He found it rather humorous to discover my only tattoos consisted of permanent make up, but I found it comforting to know that my choice to have cosmetic tattooing was not so obvious so as to scream FAKE at first glance. And the tattoo situation didn’t hinder me returning to Barcelona, falling love, and having a wonderful man chase me around the world until we finally married a year later in Hong Kong (where I had my eyeliner tattoo refreshed).

Me and my permanent eye make up

Me and my permanent eye make up

Needless to say I have been very pleased with my choice to have cosmetic tattoos because it has freed me of countless wasted hours of primping in the morning and helped me to feel relaxed and secure knowing I wake up looking like I went to bed and emerge from swimming pools and other physical activities without makeup running down my face.

My husband has often commented on is the speed at which I can be ready to go out. He is a rather spontaneous man and many times in the past 3 years he has entered the house and announced, “You have 7 minutes to be gorgeous and ready to leave!” To date, I have been ready on time!

I know that there are risks in telling other women of how fabulous permanent eyebrow tattoos and eyeliner can be because it isn’t always true. I also know that many of the ladies who will read this are from western countries where the idea of permanent make-up is relatively new and still perhaps classified as faddish. Yet it’s not a new concept at all. It’s an ancient art that has been used by ladies of style and class, by courtesans and by princesses for centuries. In India it is such a common practice to have eyebrow tattoos and permanent eyeliner etched around eyes that there is a tattoo shop or ladies beauty parlor that offers permanent cosmetic tattooing every few blocks.

In China and Japan almost all the mature, elegant ladies have some form of cosmetic tattooing that is quite obvious (and not very natural) since the applications from 30 or 40 years ago were much more dramatic than what is stylish today. But young women also indulge in having an eyebrow tattoo or eyeliner or lip liners tattooed because the techniques used today can be subtle and naturally blend with hair and skin tones.

Permanent make up may not actually change your life, but it certainly can give a little more freedom to a woman who values being feminine without having to arrive fashionably late.

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I had my eyebrow and eyelids tattoo and looks 20 years younger. I realized (from looking at my before and after pictures) that lines around my eyes shaped my face. By enhancing my eyebrows and eyelids defined my features much more youthfully. The hair- lines around the eyes could add or take away age and or a different look on how a woman looks. Daily, I use to pencil on eyebrow and eyelid lines to enhance my looks, but to swim, walk in the rain, or shed a tear drop (from laughing or crying) and another face appeared on the seen (lol)! Additionally, the habit of putting the lines on the same track of the eyebrow and eyelid is not refreshing when you have to walk with your tools for your face in a makeup bag and you cannot excuse yourself to re-fix and refresh your face.


Thank You for sharing your story with us. Enhancing the eyes can make a big difference, I agree, but if the eyebrow tattoo or eyeliner has refreshened up your look, a lip tattoo proceedure may be even better. There are some great new techniques for lip liner and complete filling-in of the lip area with a feathery blush, that’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s known that lips thin with age, and therefore we can get a more youthful appearance quite quickly by enhancing the mouth region. See the post about Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Proceedures – A Guide to Lip Micropigmentation.
Thanks again for all your comments and for visiting the site!


Thats so cool! it takes me forever to put my makeup on and to take it off, i wish i could just wake up and be ready to go.
And then i cant touch it all day… even if you get that really irritating eye itch…
where as for you its no problem!


I have to say the girl in the pic looks lovely and natural.
But i think some of the women i have seen look like clowns, not natural at all, but hey its always good for a laugh. i find that women from the Middle eastern countries are the worst lol

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