Permanent Makeup Prices in the US and the UK

Here are two lists of permanent makeup prices, one for the UK and another for the United States. These lists provide the AVERAGE permanent makeup cost for BUDGETING purposes only. Exact price quotes must be obtained in person from a certified micropigmentation specialist.

1. UK Average Permanent Makeup Cost

Permanent Makeup Initial Consultation Fee: £50

In the UK, an initial consultation will usually cost about £50 and should include a pigment allergy test, taking a medical history and determining if micropigmentation is a viable option for YOU, providing a skin type / colour analysis, deciding on shape, style or special needs and offering a personal price quote. The initial consultation fee may be applied toward the cost of the procedure.

Permanent EYEBROW Tattoo Procedures: £495 – £500

The permanent makeup cost for eyebrow procedures varies depending on the technique used to create the eyebrows such as a soft powder effect to highlight or define natural brows that have hair, a hair by hair stroke { defined hair stroke / 3D effect} to delineate, fill or create natural-looking brows even when little hair is present, or a “high lift” technique to boost tired brows for a more youthful appearance.

Permanent EYELINER and Lash Enhancements: £375 – £425

Permanent makeup prices for eyes will depend on whether you want light accenting in the lash line, which is usually referred to as a lash enhancement, or a fine to medium line using a single pigment on the upper and lower lids. Choose two-tone eyeliner, shaded, smudged or a colour-washed permanent eyeliner tattoo, pearl highlighting or ultra thick Latino-style dramatic eye accents.

Permanent LIP Liner Tattoo: £375 – £600

When it comes to lips, quoting an average permanent makeup cost is difficult due to the many possible variations, but here’s an overview of some possibilities:

  1. basic LIP CONTOURING may cost £375 – £400
  2. a defining CONTOUR plus BLENDING may cost £425 – £450 or more
  3. lip BLUSH can cost £300 – £350
  4. FULL LIP COLOUR will seldom be less than £400
  5. FULL LIP plus CONTOURING / blending and LINER may cost £575 – £600.

Medical / Paramedical Permanent Makeup Prices: £125 – £750

This area of micropigmentation is even more individual than other cosmetic procedures.

  1. SCAR camouflaging, often for brow or lips, may cost as little as £125 – £200
  2. pigmenting the AREOLA may cost from £450 to over £750 depending on whether it’s for one or both sides. It also depends if shape reconstruction is needed or just a colour enhancement.
  3. micropigmentation lip procedures, following CLEFT PALATE operations, may restore shape to the cupid’s bow / provide better symmetry around the mouth. These procedures can cost around £800 depending on the extent of work required.
  4. women who have no eyebrows due to chemotherapy or Alopecia areata / Alopecia totalis, may require RECONSTRUCTIVE EYEBROW TATTOOING or eyelash enhancing which may cost anywhere from £500 – £700

{UK residents may want to consider getting medical permanent makeup done at a European clinic where prices tend to be slightly lower: between €450 – €750 {euros}

2. Average Permanent Makeup Prices USA

Permanent Makeup Initial Consultation Fee: FREE – $50

In the US, an initial consultation with a micropigmentation technician or cosmetic tattoo exert is usually free, although a $50 consultation fee may be charged and later applied to the procedure cost. Usually the half-hour orientation is free, but if a second pre-procedure appointment is needed, then $50 may be charged. Micropigmentation clinics / certified specialists that offer lip, eye and eyebrow tattooing, provide a pre-procedure allergy test, a color / design session where skin type is analyzed, and decide techniques in advance.

Permanent EYEBROW Tattoo Procedures: $375 – $500

Permanent makeup costs vary for eyebrow tattoo procedures depending on the length of time a procedure will require and the skill/experience of the specialist. Techniques requiring hair by hair strokes / eyebrow tattoo feathering take time, especially if the brow has little hair. Some specialists with their own techniques may charge accordingly.

Editor’s Note:

Don’t choose a cosmetic tattoo professional or clinic based on low prices. There’s a vast difference between an eyebrow tattoo that looks fake versus one that’s powder-filled or done using a hair-stroke technique. Experience / skill are worth paying for. Don’t search for bargains when choosing someone to work on your FACE.

Permanent EYELINER: $300 – $450

Permanent makeup prices for eyeliner are not only determined by the technique / time involved, but also by the thickness of the line and where it’s placed. It’s possible to get a little color in the lash line, a thick outline around the eyes or have pigments blended / smudged for pearly or smoky effects.

Permanent LIP Tattoo, Contouring / Full Lip: $450 – $600

A cosmetic lip tattoo can be little more than an outline, and in such cases, may cost less than average. However the latest permanent lip pigmentation techniques require layering, correcting the vermilion border, reducing fine lines, creating the illusion fullness, accentuating the cupids bow, filling the entire lip and/or blending multiple pigments. This may require more than one session or necessitate a touch-up after the initial procedure.

Permanent Makeup LIP Touchup Pricing: $50 – $200

When it comes to cosmetic lip tattoo touch-ups / second sessions to fill, layer or blend pigments, some experts may charge an additional fee of anywhere from $50 {for a small retouches} to $180 – $200. Some professionals may include two sessions and/or touch-ups in the initial price, which will then run closer to $500 for a full lip color plus liner. When a micropigmentation expert has many years of experience or uses unique techniques {often proprietary} it’s not unreasonable for a full lip package to cost $600.

Editor’s Note:

As with all cosmetic tattooing procedures, it’s not recommended to decide where to have your permanent lip liner done based on price, not only because you’ll probably miss out on better techniques and/or forfeit the benefit of experience, but because a lower initial price may end up costing more if multiple sessions/touchups are charged separately. One way of reducing permanent makeup cost without sacrificing quality is to buy a package that includes several procedures or by making sure that second procedures / touchups are included in the initial price. Find out how long after the initial procedure you have to take advantage of complimentary retouching services. In some cases, after two months, touchups must be paid for. Some calculate the fee based on the number of months that have passed since the last procedure. {It may be as little as $5 per month}

Medical Micropigmentation Permanent Makeup Prices: $350 – $650

In the United States, areola reconstruction {also called “breast work”}, which involves pigmenting the areola, usually starts around $350 / nipple, although both sides may not necessarily mean paying double. There are clinics that offer pigmentation {not reconstruction} for both sides for $450, but retouching isn’t free. Touchups cost between $100 and $200 and two sessions may be required. That means that a completed / retouched procedure may cost $450 for one side and $650 for both.

Some clinics calculate medical permanent makeup cost using a formula: $100 for each 15 minutes of work. This method is good for small scar camouflaging / areola pigmentation services, allowing substantial savings to patients with less complicated needs. Non-per minute camouflaging starts around $175.

There’s More to Choosing Permanent Makeup than Knowing Prices

Before deciding to undergo a permanent makeup procedure, get the FACTS. For information on specific procedures such as EYEBORW tattooing, cosmetic LIP tattoos, and permanent EYELINER tattoo services, or to read about specific CLINICS and professional techniques offered by experts in the field, or to learn about micropigmentation AFTERCARE, see before and after pictures / watch videos of procedures and find out if you’re a good candidate, browse the follow related topics:

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