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Looking for a MICROPIGMENTAION tattooing center in New York, BOSTON or New Hampshire? This week Eyebrow Tattoo features: The Boston Center, with Board Certified Micropigmentologist, Jamilla – member of the American Academy of Micropigmentation, with over 17 years experience in cosmetic enhancements such as permanent eyebrow tattoo procedures, using proprietary techniques {plus eyeliner and lip procedures}, and paramedical micropigmentation, including camouflaging scars and restoring pigments to the areola.

Boston Micropigmentation Center

Boston Micropigmentation Centre:

170 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts

Telephone: 617 – 267 – 0710

Expert: Jamila El-Shafei also offers services in Portsmouth, New Hampshire:

323 Islington Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Telephone: 603 – 969 – 8426

Micropigmentation Tattooing – Eyebrows

micropigmentaion tattooing

The permanent eyebrow tattoo techniques that Jamilla uses has been perfected over the years, since 1994, to create as natural a brow as possible, using single hair strokes that imitate how natural hair grows and not as a solid tattoo line.

She’s become an expert at not only providing her own clients with permanent eyebrows that are realistic-looking but correcting the mistakes of others. An initial half-hour consultation is free and will include a patch test to ensure you’re not allergic to the mineral pigments she suggests, and to begin the deciding on the style your own eyebrows.

The hair stroke technique called “trompe l’oeil”, which is what Jamilla developed and uses on her clients, allows for the eyebrow tattoo healing process to be fast since individual hair lines are thin, the scabs that form tend to be small, less prone to infection and in general, eyebrow tattoo care after a procedure is relatively simple. Jamilla provides instructions regarding aftercare for eyebrow tattoo healing and later reviews the results during a post-procedure consultation.

Do You Suffer from Alopecia?

If you have no facial hair due to a medical condition like alopecia, or if you have had chemotherapy treatments that have left you without feeling naked, permanent eyebrows are within reach. Contact the Boston Center – micropigmentation tattooing center – or Jamila herself at the above telephone numbers and inquire about special discount for cancer patients and those suffering from alopecia.

Other Micropigmentation Procedures

The micropigmentation centre in Boston, or at Jamila’s clinics in New York / New Hampshire, offers women the option of choosing other permanent makeup procedures such as permanent eyeliner, lash enhancements, lip liners for definition and contouring, full lip coloring, as well as lip plumping injections.

Although micropigmentation is well-known as a cosmetic procedure that replaces eyeliner, creates eyebrows where there may be little or no hair, and enhances the lips so as to require less {or no}lipstick / pencils, it also serves to complement surgical procedures. By correcting or reshaping areas of the lip / mouth after a cleft palate operation, or concealing surgical scars / marks, micropigmentation has become an important post surgical treatment. Therefore, the Boston Center, offering cosmetic surgery by board certified plastic surgeons for brow lifts, eyelid/ / neck / facelifts and breast augmentations / reductions, amongst other procedures, works with Jamila, to provide paramedical micropigmentation tattooing.

Paramedical Micropigmentation Tattooing

The Boston Center {and micropigmentation centre under the expert care of Jamila}, provides lip correction, cleft lip reshaping, scar camouflage, facelift scar concealing and detailed breast enhancements such as post-mastectomy areola pigmentation.

Why has Eyebrow Tattoo chosen to feature the Boston Center Cosmetic Surgery and Micropigmentation Centre / Jamila El-Shafei?

Aside from excellent credentials, and over 16 years experience, as well as a long list of satisfied patients, Jamila is a micropigmentation professional with a unique sensitivity to women who suffer from hair loss because she herself has had Alopecia. Perhaps it’s yet another reason why she offers a discount to patients suffering from Alopecia or cancer.

Looking for a Micropigmentation Expert in YOUR Area?

If you’re not the Boston, New York or New Hampshire area, and are not in a position to travel to the Boston Center or one of Jamila’s clinics, you can find a micropigmentation centre or certified professional in your area by going to Eyebrow Tattoo’s Professional Directory and selecting what service you seek and where you reside. The directory includes permanent makeup specialist, cosmetic / plastic surgeons, hair restoration experts and other professionals in related fields in the United States, the UK, Australia, South America and other international regions.

Micropigmentation Tattooing Techniques and How it Can Benefit YOU

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