Products to Replace Bourjois Eyebrow Mascara

The auburn Bourjois Eyebrow Mascara has been discontinued, so here are products that red haired gals {as well as blondes / brunettes} can use as replacements.

1. Blinc Eyebrow Mousse

This is an eyebrow mascara in a tube with a brush-style wand that comes in auburn, light auburn, dark blonde, light blonde, dark brunette, light brunette and black. It’s a conditioning formula that moisturizes, isn’t flaky, has a light consistency for easy application, and is water resistant. Although the Blinc mouse doesn’t come in the exact same shade of auburn as the Bourjois eyebrow mascara, the two auburns available have worked well for many ladies with natural red hair.

Eyebrow Mousse by Blinc – Dark Auburn from

2. Bare Minerals Essential Brow Kit

This is a complete kit that comes with a color {auburn, strawberry blonde, ash / pale blonde, medium / dark blonde and brunette }, a firm angled brush and an eyebrow mascara gel to set the look. This kit by BareMinerals is excellent if you need red, auburn, or strawberry blonde color, but the gel doesn’t provide a strong hold for thick brows.

3. Tintocil Auburn Cream Dye Brow Tint

This is not an instant eyebrow mascara but a tinting product that offers long-lasting color for ladies with red or auburn colored hair. The eyebrow dye is easy to apply and only needs to be done about every 4 to 6 weeks. Once the brows are tinted, it’s easy to use a clear eyebrow gel for holding them in place. I suggest Lancôme, Mirenesse or Anastasia products to compliment eyebrows that have been tinted.

For more tips on choosing brow tinting products, go to: The Best Eyebrow Tinting Kits and Products

4. Professional Anastasia Brow Gel

The auburn Bourjois eyebrow mascara isn’t duplicated in the Anastasia color palette, but many ladies love the clear brow gel used in combination with the Bare Minerals color kit or the Tintocil eyebrow dye. It’s also possible to give the brows a touch of color using the tinted eyebrow mascara gels by Anastasia that come in caramel, espresso, blonde, brunette and granite. Use an auburn pencil or powdered brow color and blend with a touch of the gel mascaras to finish and condition the brows. Whether or not the Anastasia collections are right for you will depend on your natural color, but the quality of the product is hard to beat in terms of excellent conditioning and long-lasting hold for thick brows as well as adding texture and fullness to thin eyebrows.

Tinted Brow Gel Espresso by Anastasia from

5. Benefit Cosmetics Speed Brow

This eyebrow mascara offers good hold and a bit of color. It’s not especially designed for gals with red or auburn hair but can be used in conjunction with a pencil or powdered color for touchups. The tint in this eyebrow mascara style gel is a basic medium light brown that adds little touch of color instead of using just a clear gel. It’s strengths: it lasts all day without smudging and has excellent hold. It’s weaknesses: it only comes with one basic tint so it must be mixed with a pencil or powder to get a custom shade.

6. Mirenesse Lift & Shape Eyebrow Mascara

Mirenesse offers a unique micro fiber eyebrow mascara, with a bit of color, that doesn’t smudge and last 24 hours. It comes with a specially designed wand that helps shape and lift the brow while helping to fill gaps. It can be used in combination with pencils and other colored brow makeup products and will act as the final finisher to hold hair in place. It’s great because it also conditions. It used to be available through home shopping networks, but now must be ordered online and one company that ships it within the US is Profiling Beauty.

Watch just how easy it is to apply Mirenesse eyebrow mascara in this video:

Mirenesse Makeup Tips – 24 HR Brow Lift & Shape Mascara

BUY Mirenesse 24 Hr Brow Lift & Shape Mascara from

Top Designer Eyebrow Grooming, Coloring & Gel Mascara Sets

1. Modele Sourcils by LancĂ´me Paris – Brow Groomer

This is the top Lancôme brow color and hold gel eyebrow mascara that’s lightweight, easy to apply with a brush {and doubles for styling}, and provides a touch of color. Available in brunette and taupe at Lancôme counters and online through Sephora.

To quickly see how to expertly use brow mascara or finishing gel, watch this video presentation with LancĂ´me beauty expert Sandy Linter {celebrity makeup artist} and her gorgeous model, Jane Powers, using the Modele Sourcils brow groomer:

Brow Tutorial: How to Get Perfect Brows–Beauty at Every Age

BUY Brow Expert Modele Sourcils by Lancome – Taupe from

2. DiorShow Brow Styler Set

Unfortunately the mascara only comes in two colors but the set includes a duo pencil for filler with a retractable round eyebrow brush plus a tube of the latest Dior Show mascara.

3. Sephora Lash & Eyebrow Mascara

The Sephora Lash & Eyebrow Mascara is available online in the clear formula, and is one of the best non-flaking mascara-type gels for finishing and setting brow hair. There are some outlets that still carry the tinted versions, which offers just a hint of color, but even the clear gel is well worth the price.

Editor’s Note:
Eyebrow mascara is the term used to describe most of the brow finishing products be they colored or clear. Brow mascara may also be eyebrow gel or mouse and is almost always used for finishing and setting colored, tinted, powdered or penciled eyebrows that are already shaped and groomed.

Need more advice on coloring, shaping and grooming your brows?

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