Professional Babyliss Hair Styler Products

Babyliss hair straighteners, flat irons, hair dryer and hot air brush stylers for professional hair styling – salon performance at home. Everything you need from Babyliss, the British manufacturer of the best hair tools on the market, sold through Argos, Boots and other online beauty product and hair styling distributors.

Babyliss Hair Dryer Equipment

When it comes to blow dryer equipment with excellent control Babyliss has it covered with their top five products:

  1. Elegance 2100 – Hair dryer technology with powerful 2100 watts and iconic no-frizz capabilities. The ceramic inner design offers balanced delivery of heat with 5 settings, three for temperature and two for speed. Styling control is guaranteed with the streamline concentrator nozzle. Comes with the Babyliss three year guarantee!
  2. Cordkeeper Dryer – the blow dryer designed to dry your hair fast without giving you the frizzies! Ultra powerful airstream design and expert salon nozzle for concentrated penetration into the roots of the hair without loss of control.
  3. Bellissimo – Italian styling, performance engineering, easy manageability and high powered delivery of 2400 watts of airstream – the Babyliss BEllissimo professional hair dryer is one of the most powerful, long-lasting performance dryers on the market. Includes an extra long cord for easy use in a salon or at home.
  4. Turbo Power – the lightweight hair dryer is slim, offers a sleek concentrator nozzle and has five settings. Use hot or cool and maximize shine without frazzling the ends. Keep control without giving up power or fast dying capabilities.
  5. Dry & Curl 2100 – for naturally curly hair that needs extra TLC; use the diffuser for added volume without loss of shape. Keep control of curls with five dryer settings that allow finishing with cool air to set hair smoothly.

Babyliss Hair Straightener Collection

Manage curls, finish ends and get frizz under control with the top four hair straighteners by Babyliss:

  1. Pro 230 Elegance – the professional hair straighteners by Babyliss offer excellent temperature control, ranging from a cool 180 degrees all the way up to 230 degrees. The machine heats up in just a few seconds and is ready to go! The Pro 230 Elegance is one of the ceramic hair straighteners featuring a ceramic and titanium plate that’s longer than most cheap hair straighteners. It shuts off automatically, comes with an international adaptor, an extra long cord and a heat resistant mat and bag. It’s one of the straighteners that comes with a full five year guarantee.
  2. Pro 230 Radiance Sleek – one of best straighteners to manage coarse and extra thick hair. Much more than just a straightening iron, this babyliss hair straightener offers salon smooth finishing due to fins that comb through tangles while straightening. Iconic steam and 10 temperature control settings offer perfect results even on tough, coarse or frizzy hair.
  3. Pro 230 Styler – hair straighteners can double as stylers. That’s the case with the Babyliss Pro 230 that offers rounded straighteneing and soft curls all in one. The ceramic plate is designed to glide effortlessly through hair and provide rolling smoothness and body to curls without puff!
  4. Pro 230 Ceramic – this is the salon styling tool that’s affordable. This flat iron hair straightener heats up to the temperature salons use to straighten hair, which is 230 degrees, but can be used at home. It features a plate with floating pressure for optimum control.

The Best Hair Styler Series by Babyliss

Hair Styler products offer the best of all worlds in multifunctional tools that blend curlers, hot air brush devices, flat irons for hair control, curling irons and other crimping, curling, rolling, waving and thermo ceramic hair tool products that can boost the volume from the roots, give big hair from on top or control frizz and unwanted puffiness. Babyliss hair products, in their Hair Styler collections, offer all these functions in a series of eight devices:

  1. Big Hair – features a rotating barrel (ceramic technology) and a brush with iconic functions and 2 heat settings.
  2. Root Boost – volumizes and crimps from the roots. Backcomb and keep the frizzies at bay with the Root Boost hair styler.
  3. Curling Wand – the sleekest curling iron for excellent control and multiple shapes
  4. Waving Wand – just twist and drop – there’s no clip on this round hair iron
  5. Pro Crimper 210 – it’s all about texture, shine, and sassy trendy hair styles
  6. Pro Curl 210 – not your average device – the babyliss curling iron is a professional styling tool that heats up to 200 degrees and has digital settings, ceramic technology and lots of extras for a great low price with the Babyliss three year guarantee.
  7. Glamour Waves – natural waves in seconds – soft tussled body, and no fuss
  8. Thermo Ceramic Rollers – aside from high powered hair dryers and high temperature ceramic hair straighteners, one of the secrets to salon styling is using rollers. For long lasting shape, body, volume, curls, and natural waves, the thermo ceramic hair rollers by Babyliss are high-tech hair tools you shouldn’t be without.

The complete kit comes with twenty ceramic rollers in assorted sizes as well as pins and super-clips. The machine allows you to choose a variety of temperatures for perfect control. The rollers heat up in just four minutes. Finish off your hair style with the unique iconic conditioning that these rollers offer – for shine, control and sleek modern hairstyles, the rollers are easy, fast and provide longer lasting results than regular curling iron treatments.

Babyliss for Men

The Babyliss men collection of products are more about facial hair removal, depilation and grooming and less about being hair stylers. There are a series of 4 products for men that include:

  1. i-stubble – for that sexy not-quite shaven look, with precision stubble length control
  2. Easy Cut – a haircutting tool that’s designed to maintain short hair. Just roll the device over the hair and let the rotary blades do the work
  3. PowerLight Pro – professional hair clippers; style and cut your hair at home, trim sideburns and facial hair with this 15 piece set
  4. 10 in 1 Pivotal Grooming System –this is the Babyliss for men product that every guy should have for total body and facial hair grooming, the only thing better is the….
  5. TurboLight Pro Grooming Kit – with 23 pieces to keep body and facial hair neat and trim. Mens grooming and hair tools don’t get better than this!

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