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Professional tattoo machines for micropigmentation specialists; cosmetic permanent makeup tattoo kits for sale direct from Asia; sterile disposable tattoo needles; wholesale tattoo supply products; tattoo ink and FDA approved professional eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip liner pigments – the most advanced developments in tattooing equipment including machines with adjustable frequencies, disposable sleeves and hygienic needle tubes for universal and standard needles.

Buy Tattoo Machine Supplies Direct from Manufacturers

Taiwanese companies like Bella, are the leading manufactures of permanent makeup tattoo machines and accessories such as needles and pigments which meet FDA approval. They have been crafting hygienic beauty instruments for about 20 years and offer state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices. Their best tattoo machine lines include the following full disposable equipment :

1. The precision Laguna Machine is designed for micropigmentation procedures including tattoo eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner applications for professional technicians and permanent makeup specialists. The accessories are disposable and the machines feature adjustable speeds and frequency outputs.

2. The CE approved Majesty machine is also a multipurpose cosmetic tattoo applicator that allows for hygienic micropigmentation procedures on brows, eyes and lips. Easy to operate with simple adjustable settings and disposable accessories, this unit is ideal for students and professionals who require lightweight tattooing machines that are used regularly.

3. In the top tattooing machine series, Bella offers the ultimate strength of the Dragon Machine, which a unit designed for professional permanent makeup technicians who require a precision tool that’s high powered and stable. It’s capable of being used for high-end micropigmentation procedures around the eyes, on the eyebrow and the lip areas, and is also functional for creating simple body art. It also offers the flexibility of disposable accessories, top hygienic performance, frequency adjustments and is fully CE approved.

4. For professionals who work primarily with lip tattoo micropigmentation, the unique effortless performance of the Lip Machine is designed specifically for the delicate lip region. It’s manufactured specifically to satisfy the technician’s need to use extra care in sensitive areas with the least pain or discomfort to clients. It offers the same hygienic and  adjustment features as the other precision tattoo equipment in the Bella collections with exceptionally good control. It’s also an instrument that allows instant pigment transfer into the skin while offering maximum control for the technician and comfort to the patient. This tattoo machine is specifically for lips and therefore the appropriate symbol of a pair of lips marks the tool so there is no confusion should several instruments look similar.

5. For a fully disposable professional tattoo machine, which is lightweight, yet built for those used to a traditional design, the Reina is one of the top Bella products. The ease of application combined with precision and adjustability, has made it one of the companies best selling items. One of its features is that it’s noise-free, while still offering high performance. As with all the Bella products, their instruments have fully disposable accessories for hygiene, can be used with standard or universal needles and are fully approved for use in United States clinics, salons and professional micropigmentation centers.

6. The newest collection of precision tattoo machines for sale by Bella, direct from Asia, is the Primo, also a fully disposable and traditional unit that has a few extra features which professionals will appreciate. It has a disposable and adjustable sleeve and a unique needle tube design which allows for adjusting yet remaining tightly secure during a procedure. The Primo series comes in three different designs, but all with the same hygienic disposable accessories and precision adjustment flexibility.

The Bella Company offers 5 different designs of tattoo machines that are semi disposable, lightweight, noise-free and easy to operate for both students and experienced professional permanent makeup technicians.

Tattoo Needles

Bella’s collection of NB tattoo needles are crafted individually from medical-grade stainless steel, and come in sealed individual packs or stylized packages in color coded boxes. Order needles when you buy tattoo machine supplies and receive volume discounts.

Tattoo Machine Supply Accessories

Amongst Bella’s supply products, you’ll find a selection of TNBG disposable tattoo machine grips made of rubber treated with GAS sterilization and available in 3 sizes.

They also offer a complete line of eyeliner, lip liner and eyebrow tattoo aftercare products that includes healing oil sachets and repairing and soothing creams and oils that can help to reduce a patient’s discomfort after a procedure.

Tattoo Ink and Pigments

For micropigmentation and cosmetic eyebrow tattooing as well as lip tattoo procedures and even eyeliner, the pigments professionals use are more than mere tattoo ink, but a variety of colored pigments. Since the pigments used in the US must be approved by the FDA, the Bella line is ideal. They offer FDA approved Nano Pigment collections in twenty-four colors to go with different patient’s skin tone and hair color. They are not specific to their tattooing machines, and have been tested to be safe and effective in any commercially available micropigmentation devices that require pigments.

Additionally they have a series called Creamy Pigment that’s formulated specifically for the machines they sell as well as the manual PMU devices. The cream is designed to allow better penetration and better development of personalized shades when doing permanent eyebrow tattoos and eyeliner.

For lips, technicians and cosmetic tattooing professionals will want to try the collection called Vivid Pigment, which comes in four colors that are ideal for creating stunning lip outlines and inner shading and blending  for allover lip colors that match the skin tones of clients. Good for use with the lip tattoo machine mentioned above.

Custom Tattoo Machine Manufactures and Dealers

Bella is not the only Taiwanese or Asian manufacturer and distributor of high-tech tattoo machines for sale to US based technicians and permanent makeup specialists. There are several makers of various models, ranging from cheap tattoo machines to the most advanced devices for pigment application; also supplying US clinics with tattoo removal machine devices that are excellent value.

One company that is less well-known than Bella, but has a track record of about 15 years in the manufacturing of tattoo machine kits is called Palifull. Also based in Taiwan, they offer cosmetic tattooing supplies such as a simple permanent make up tool as well as other equipment for medical uses like ultrasonic skin scrubbers and facial steamers that have cosmetic uses. Their products are exported to the United States and European markets because they offer items that are CE approved for use in the United States and most European countries. They also have the ability to re-package products with customized logos should you be interested in creating your own line of custom tattoo machines for sale in your home country, while buying at affordable bulk prices from Asia.

Their tattoo device comes in custom colors like turquoise, pink, lavender or black. The speed is adjustable from 7,000 –  7,500 rpm, weighs only 30 grams, uses disposable accessories and regular needles, is CE certified and makes only about 15 decibels of noise. The custom tattoo machine designs are all suited for tattoo eyebrow procedures, lip-lining techniques and even for creating eyeliner. The parent company that manufactures these cheap tattoo machines that can be customized to your specs is called Giant Sun. They are exclusively a wholesale tattoo supply and equipment manufacturer.

Another World of Tattooing Artistry with a Next Generation Tattoo Machine

If you’re searching for tattoo websites that offer BODY tattoo machines that are heavy duty, such as the Next Generation tattoo machine for seriously artistic professionals who create intricate designs on arms, backs, legs, etc, then we suggest searching for specific product names such as: The Orion, which is by Next Generation –  a heavy-duty machine made of steel, brass and aircraft-grade aluminum. The Orion frame can be  adapted into a liner or shader tattoo machine as well. We don’t have  much information on these products since we primarily focus on cosmetic tattooing equipment. However, another term you may find useful is Eclipse, also a high-end Next Generation machine that’s considered one of the top in the world and is customizable.

Neuma Tattoo Machine Power

For more information on international tattoo supply companies, please refer to places like Neuma, who offer components and tattoo machine parts, frames, power supplies and ideas on how to build a tattoo machine (if you already know what you’re doing) and want to get all the pieces necessary. However, they also offer tutorials and guides on creating your own complete systems, such as Hybrid pneumatic and electric systems. However, these high-end professional tattoo machine packages can cost anywhere from a few hundred to almost $2,000.

Element Tattoo Supply

There’s a great company that sells custom tattoo machines, liners and all the parts you can dream of to make the best iron tattoo machine possible, called Element Tattoo Supply. They offer cheap, compact power supply equipment, blackened Duchman liner, BSI shader, BSI Trident tattoo equipment and supplies. They have needles, inks, and lots of funky parts, tools, stencils and even body piercing supplies. They’re really affordable for the quality.

Micropigmentation And Cosmetic Tattooing Guides

For more information pertaining to permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing, which is considered micropigmentation, please refer to the post about Eyebrow Tattooing, Eyebrow Tattoo Removal, Lip Tattoo and Semi Permanent Make Up, which deal with a variety of cosmetic procedures involving pigments.

Other Related Beauty Treatments

We also have information for people interested in other beauty treatments provided at the clinics where micropigmentation is done. For example, we offer basic information about Mesotherapy for cellulite reduction. We have a brief guide to Permanent Hair Removal procedures, such as laser hair removal, IPL and electrolysis, and also Eyebrow Waxing. There are posts regarding temporary depilatory systems that we believe are useful to consider because they may enhance cosmetic tattooing procedures, especially when it comes to shaping and forming the Perfect Eyebrows.

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