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Superior Tattoo Supply is one of the online outlets for body tattoo machines, offering Pro-Line series such as MOB, Wasp liner and shader, Gold Slinger and the Graveyard Diamondback series, amongst others. They also have cheap tattoo kits, for as little as $99, for getting started doing body tattoos, and larger kits that include inks, a machine and supplies for just under $150.

Superior Tattoo’s permanent make up kits come with a handheld device, some pigment and basic essentials, starting at $150 and going up around $220. These kits are for professional eyebrow tattoo technicians and those who are certified micropigmentation exerts experienced in doing eye liner, brows and lip liner procedures for cosmetic purposes. Tattoo equipment for body art and even handheld pen-style devices for cosmetic procedures should never be used by untrained individuals.

The official Eikon tattoo supplies company has the top brands of body tattooing equipment like their own lines of Eikon, FK Irons, Next Generation, Stigma-Rotary and Incognito Irons. They also have what’s required in terms of power supplies, footswitches and clipcprds. If you’re looking for pneumatic equipment like Neuma Hybrids or Keystone supplies as well as regulators and fittings, then you’ll also find these items through the authorized online Eikon supplier.

Eyebrow Tattoo Power Supply and Machine

Not all permanent makeup supplies and machines are equal. For example the deluxe iStar digital machines are of paramedical quality and can be bought in kits that include the power unit, handheld device, power pack, extension cords, converter, foot pedal, a series of device holders and assorted sizes of tattoo needles for around $700.

This is not your average cosmetic tattoo machine but a high-tech piece of equipment that comes with a digital display pad, and acts as a power source for more than one device, so two technicians can work simultaneously. These units and tattoo supplies are available through iipc International. Their other permanent makeup supplies include the iStar Sterling device, which is one of the most innovative designs on the market, albeit not the cheapest. The pen-style device works with the power supply unit and operates on digital microchip technology, while still being lightweight and easy to operate as well as providing study torque and above average functionality. The handheld tattoo machine can be purchased separately for around $400 or with the above mentioned power-pack and display unit as a total kit.

Another piece of tattoo equipment that’s especially designed for cosmetic micropigmentation procedures is the handheld unit called the Platinum 6000. It’s designed to work with the Platinum 6000 series displays and power units but the device can be bought on it’s own to have as a backup. It can be used interchangeably with another system called the Sapphire 2000 which allows for digital display, adjustable speeds and multiple needle rotation functions. However, the best buy is the complete Platinum 6000 kit that’s called Micro Tech Deluxe and comes with the high-tech power source, the hand device, a holder and sleeve, foot pedal, and the cords that allow for use with either the Platinum or Sapphire units.

These high-end devices for micropigmentation are extremely well designed to ensure more effective implantation of pigment into the skin and to minimize back flow of body fluids by offering a triple barrier for extra hygiene. The vibration levels are minimal and the needle is stabilized via a retainer that provides easier overall use and enhanced control.

iStar Tattoo Needles

If you decide to choose the iStar machines, then you’ll need the disposable needles that are sold individually wrapped in sterile packages. The Sterling Combo tattoo needles are available with various prongs ideal for professional simulation of hair, eyeliner and lip liner. Choose packages of 10 or 50 needles, in 1-prong, 2-prong flat, 3- prong round, 4-prong flat, 5-prong round, 6-prong flat, 8-prong flat or 11-prong round. The 1-prong is super fine, recommended for detailed eyebrow and lash-line enhancements.

Cheap Tattoo Ink and Pigment

Complete sets of ink colors aren’t exactly cheap, but some of the most reasonably priced collections are the Skin Candy tattoo ink lines that start around $65 for a primary set and about $75 for a series of eleven colors, which is called the portrait rack, and includes an ounce of violet red, two shades of periwinkle, grey, flesh-tone, brown, white and others. There are sets of colors that are priced over $250 for 52 different colors, and the cheapest collections with the basics for around $35.

If you can’t find the Skin Candy tattoo ink you need for creating portrait perfect body art, chances are they don’t exist. However, when it comes to permanent makeup pigments, you’ll want to try elsewhere.

Premier Pigments is one manufacture of an extensive line of natural colors for eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner, and lip tattoo outlines and fillers that mimic lipstick. For a gentle blush on the lips, try Baby Kisses or the Sierra Sand – each bottle costs about $30. For eyebrows, there are dozens of tints and shades, for $40 per bottle, which can be mixed to obtain natural results.

Premier Pigments has an online shop, a downloadable catalogue with true to life color charts, and excellent user-friendly information, training and newsletters for professional tattoo artists and micropigmentation specialists.

For eyebrow tattoo machines, needles and a variety of other supplies, including anesthetic cream preparations, soothing balms, pain relief, sterilizations products, and even tattoo chair designs for patients and technicians, Premier Pigments is where it’s at. Which brings us to….

Tattoo Furniture

Pure Tat offers some of the most luxurious tattoo furniture, like classic electric / hydraulic barber-style chairs and the ultra modern Meishida tattoo chair (also hydraulic) with matching artists stool. The Meishida series is ideal for both body art and cosmetic tattooing because the chair reclines to become a bed, allowing easy access for the technician and deluxe patient comfort. These versatile, adjustable, rotating tattoo chairs start around $650. The Barber Chairs are pricier, from about $700 to over $2,000.

It’s not essential to spend thousands of dollars if you’re just starting out. There are tattoo chair options that costs around $200 to $300 and are more than adequate. Check into the affordable collections of Tattoo furniture made by Encore Premium. They have client and artists seats as well as trays, tables and whatever you need to equip your tattoo shop or permanent make up center. Kima Salon Furniture is another good choice as an affordable option for tattoo salon furnishings.

Laser Tattoo Removal Equipment

The latest Q Switch laser tattoo removal machines cost just over $1,000 and are for sale through places like Light In The Box. It’s interesting to note that the laser tattoo equipment for sale (online through dealers or direct from manufactures), which are labeled as “tattoo removal” systems, are in fact used for a variety of cosmetic purposes. While they can effectively break-down pigment in the dermis, they also help reduce scar tissue, keloids, provide acne treatments, remove freckles, minimize wrinkles, facilitate hair removal, and treat other skin conditions.

The most effective laser tattoo removal machines are the YAG lasers that penetrate pigmentation during a series of treatments. When it comes to eyebrow tattoo removal, these lasers may eliminate pigment over the course of three treatments spaced about 2 months apart.

SINON is another trademark to keep in mind when looking for the latest Q-Switched ruby laser technology that’s effective for tattoo removal.

Medicam is a company that also offers some of the latest Q-Switched YAG laser technology, like the MD-TT11 that aids in breaking-up pigment particles so that they may pass through the body’s lymphatic system and be eliminated over time.

The best way to decide which equipment is suited to your clinic or salon is to contact one of these companies and have a representative explain the various pieces of equipment. It’s important for professionals to receive training on the specific equipment since functions may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

For more information regarding tattoo removal cream, permanent hair removal, and related beauty procedures such as cellulite removal and other cosmetic laser surgery treatments, please select a related topic.

It’s our aim to provide prospective patients with basic information regarding such things as eyebrow tattoo procedures, lip liner micropigmentation, laser facial hair removal, eyebrow waxing procedures, and how to get perfect eyebrows even if you decide not to get permanent make up. If you’re considering the pros and cons of the latest beauty treatments or cosmetic laser surgery to reduce cellulite, or if you’re looking into liposuction, or wondering what mesotherapy is all about, or wondering if you should use the newest mole removal cream, we’re here to help.

Note: Please consult a physician, plastic surgeon, certified technician or expert in the procedure you’re contemplating before undergoing any invasive cosmetic treatments.

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