The Quickest Way to Lose Weight

The quickest way to lose weight in three simple steps. Here’s the key to weight loss that’s natural, safe and effective, and requires no starvation diets, drugs, diet pills or questionable dietary supplements. Best of all its free and you can start the first step today.

The quickest way to lose weight – STEP ONE:

Begin an at home body cleansing program (which can last 3 days up to a month) that detoxifies your colon so that your elimination cycles are efficient. How? Choose a juice diet that allows you to drink a variety of fresh vegetable juices that are satisfying and filling. Add a fiber drink to your morning routine to get the bowels working better, and choose one of the recommended natural laxatives to lose weight as part of the program. Drink a liter or two of water per day so your body is sufficiently hydrated. If you don’t know which juice extractor to buy or have a list of juicer recipes prepared, then consult related posts that will provide you with all the information you need to get started immediately. Detoxifying the body is not about starvation, it’s about optimizing elimination channels so nutrients can be better assimilated and waste matter flushed out.

The quickest way to lose weight – STEP TWO:

After three days (or two weeks or even a full month) of cleansing your body with juice and hydrating with water, you’re ready to start a raw food diet that’s anything but boring or tasteless. Choose from a variety of natural raw food recipes and get ideas for changing your way of eating by adding more natural low calorie foods to your daily menu plans. Negative calorie foods may be nutritious and packed with nutrients / vitamins while not delivering calories that will be store in fatty deposits. Learning how to reduce weight does not involve the latest FDA approved diet pills or supplements, it involves listening to your body and giving it fresh vegetables that will supply it with essential amino acids. Find out more about what your body requires in terms of protein by reading about protein shakes and high protein foods that are nutritious and low in calories / fat.

The quickest way to lose weight – STEP THREE:

After you’ve cleansed your body and began eating a natural diet of living foods, and are consuming more low calorie amino acid laden foods, you’ll find that you have more energy. It will then be easier to incorporate other activities into your routine. Far from suggesting you “exercise”, join a fitness center or buy expensive home gym equipment, we suggest you take a walk, begin yoga techniques, try tai chi or Thai boxing. You may choose to go for a bike ride or dance at home in your stocking feet. Get your body moving and your lymphatic system draining toxins on a daily basis – simply by moving any way you like. Many people add a weekly massage to their routine or learn how to do a self massage to stimulate the circulatory system. Massage is a useful way to not only lose weight quickly but to get rid of cellulite and feel rejuvenated.

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