Real Life Tips to Lose Weight

Put an End to Diets. Stop Counting Calories. Don’t buy Diet Pills. Eliminate Expensive Supplements and Protein Shakes. If you’re tired of the cliché phrase “eat a healthy diet and exercise”, then it’s time for…Real Life Tips to Lose Weight.

Eating Isn’t Just About Hunger…Really!

You already know that dieting, taking pills, counting calories, taking supplements to replace meals and using appetite suppressants don’t work or you wouldn’t still be looking for a way to lose weight. The reason these methods and products don’t work long-term is because each one targets a symptom or a single aspect of the problem. Most people who manage to lose weight on a particular diet or by taking a pill or supplement will regain the weight they lost within a year or sooner. Why? Because of the “food culture” we’re born into, the foods that are considered “standard” and “normal” (even healthy) in our region, the eating habits we develop surrounding our work or family, the comfort we derive from eating when we’re sad, lonely or stressed, which is ingrained in us from childhood and forms part of a habit or routine which we fall back on. Diets that go against the local “norm” are usually unsustainable long-term, and mechanisms that require measuring, planning, counting calories, buying preparation that are unusual or difficult to obtain locally, will also fail because they’re too much work. Pills and supplements only mask the problem – no pill or supplement will be able to fill the void or provide the emotional satisfaction derived from foods we love – smelling, touching, looking at, savoring, chewing, sipping, slurping, feeling full and contented.

The complex reasons as to why people become overweight by overeating has very little to do with physical “hunger”, and more to do with happiness, culture, environment, available / acceptable foods in a particular region and established habits, as well as speed of preparation in busy-busy modern societies.

How does knowing this offer any practical help for weight loss?

It can help if you recognize that what you “believe” to be a balanced nutritious meal is due to cultural circumstances, environment or conditioning to an idea – if you stop believing that calories need to be counted because you need a certain number of calories to be healthy, and if you stop trusting people who say that every meal should be balanced with protein, carbohydrates and each of the food groups, then you can start to feel free to listen to your own body, to make choices that are not merely habitual or cultural, but YOUR OWN while still keeping with what’s “normal” for YOU. Let’s look at why this is important for weight loss.

Cultural Conditioning – Nutrition Versus Tradition

In North America a child is taught from babyhood onward that a hearty breakfast of cereal with milk, perhaps eggs and a meat product along with bread or pancakes is an acceptable start to the day. In Chinese culture, it would be unthinkable to send a child to school without a bowl of congee or xi fan (a runny rice porridge), and in Spain chocolate covered churros (long donuts) are quite acceptable, or a piece of bread smothered in tomato with a dribble of olive oil and a slice of cured ham, while in Latin-American countries the day can’t begin without a cup of coffee and a sweat bread or a bowl of runny oatmeal porridge and cinnamon, or a plate of black beans with corn tortillas, and in wealthier circles perhaps spicy eggs, chorizo sausage with cheese, sour cream and chili. Beans, rice and a variety of fruits to start the day is a staple of certain Caribbean countries as it is in Brazil. What all this means is that we develop habits, acquire tastes and comfort foods when we’re really young, and they have nothing to do with “nutrition” but everything to do with “tradition” and what’s regionally available.

Universal Tips to Lose Weight

The tips to lose weight that are offered in magazines, books and popular online websites, seldom take into account the fact that people live in different environments and come from different cultures. How can these issues be overcome? Are there any universal tips to lose weight that work for everyone? Yes. Here are some universal suggestions that work for anyone who’s motivated to be healthier and wants to maintain a long-term balanced body weight.

80% Fresh

1. Make a list of natural fresh fruits and vegetables that are available in your region – ones that are staples within your culture; foods that you normally eat and form part of your “comfort foods” and will never be difficult to obtain. These fresh vegetables and fruits should form the main part of your diet. How? Juice them, eat them raw, lightly steam them – add seasoning, your favorite spices. If fresh vegetables make up 80% of your food consumption, no mater which vegetables these may be, you will probably not have a weight problem.

Where You Shop

2. Eliminate pre-packaged / processed foods. If you don’t buy them and have them in the house, it’s difficult to eat them. If you’ve developed bad habits shopping at a particular supermarket, especially one that has aisle upon aisle of packaged goods, try choosing to shop at a green grocer or local market (even a small Chinese market or corner store) that primarily sells fresh produce. Choose one that’s close to your home or where you work. Don’t make it difficult to establish a new habit. Remember that it takes 21 to 30 days to establish a habit. Give yourself a chance by forcing yourself to shop at your new green grocer for at least 30 days – until it’s routine.

The Spice of Life

3. Define what your weaknesses are and work WITH them, not against them. For example, if your comfort foods and your weakness is for chocolaty sweets, don’t deny that that’s what you want and need to be happy. Create delicious foods using natural cocoa and sweeten recipes with honey or something natural that’s unprocessed and locally available (sugar cane juice, maple syrup, etc) and use soy instead of dairy milk and omit oil or fat because in most cases you can’t even taste it. Don’t DIET, but re-create recipes to be more natural. If salty or spicy foods are where your weakness rests, then season with sea salt, cayenne, basil, dill or whatever local spice is available. Fresh veggie dishes and salads do not need to be bland or flavorless. Flavors, spices, condiments and seasonings are seldom what cause weight problems. Make your fresh foods savory and culturally acceptable with local adaptations. Use Spices!

Fluids and Hydration

4. Drink a liter a day of something you really love and is easy to obtain. Water with lemon and a splash of honey, a fruit juice – fresh not concentrated. What’s the local fruit juice? What’s the local tea? Is green tea available? Is there a fruit tea infusion you love? Never mind if it’s considered the top Brazilian or African super food or the latest fat burning berry. What you need is to become better hydrated. Drink a liter or two of water and/or fresh juices. Unless you’re a desert Bedouin, chances are you can drink a lot more water than you currently do. How can you make this easier? If you can afford a water dispenser in your home, it’s a great way to see how much you’re drinking and have it always handy. The cheaper solution is to have a clear jug with water – if you like it cold use ice, if not drink warm or hot. Just drink!

Movement Not Torture

5. All the tips to lose weight talk about exercise. Is it essential? That depends how your culture and environment defines “exercise”. If it means going to the gym, pounding your body on a Stairmaster, pumping iron, doing sit-ups until your abdomen burns, learning how leg and arm curls work, or buying the latest device that you press, pull or push in some unique way, then the answer is NO. What is essential is movement. Movement can be done in ways you love – strolling down the street window shopping, walking in a park, skating, cycling, dancing, boxing, yoga, tai chi, swimming, skipping, tennis, hiking, climbing, or jumping on the bed. Movement is a much better word than exercise and doesn’t imply torture!

Massage, Drainage and Stress Relief

6. Oddly, one of the best tips to lose weight is not even mentioned by many weight management experts, and that is massage. In some cultures massage is a natural part of maintaining the body in balance. Nevertheless, even if this is not a normal practice in your area, most cities / towns around the world offer some form of massage therapy. It’s well worth spending an hour a week or a couple hours a month getting a massage to release toxins, get the lymphatic glands draining and relieve stress.

Need More Ideas…

For more tips to lose weight that are practical, read posts about low calories foods you can incorporate into your meal plans, and find out how a juice diet can kick start your weight management by body cleansing. Find out about ways to cleanse your body by going abroad or how to lose stomach fat in ways that are practical and sustainable. Try adding some green slimming tea to your daily regimen and consider using all natural laxatives to lose weight that won’t create colon problems later on. Find out if the latest slimming capsules and diet pills are safe or desirable weight loss alternatives. Get ideas, read what others have to say, and stay informed on the latest issues, here at Eyebrow Tattoo – your source for health and beauty advice.

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