How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Legs and Thighs Using Revitol Cellulite Cream

Effective cellulite treatment cream by Revitol – reduce cellulite on the legs and thighs through regular application of anti cellulite lotion, therapeutic massage and a fat reduction regimen. Here’s how:

  1. the cellulite cream Revitol makes does work to stop cellulite from creating dimples and bumps on the thighs and legs when used regularly. “Regularly” means that it must be massaged into the skin at least once a day, everyday. It will be even more effective if applied twice daily – morning and night.
  2. to get rid of cellulite on thighs it’s essential to stimulating blood flow and circulation as well as break up the fatty deposits that may be resistant to normal exercise and diet. Massage will help this process of circulation stimulation and aid the body’s elimination of toxins and weight retention. Deep tissue massage is effective when done regularly.
  3. Drink water and lots of natural juices to help elimination. When choosing to go with non surgical cellulite reduction programs that incorporate creams and massage, the lymphatic system will begin to rid the body of toxins. In order to do this, fluids are essential.
  4. effective cellulite treatment with Revitol cream, therapeutic massage, stimulated circulation and lots of fluids will be even better if accompanied by a fat reduction plan – not a “diet” that lasts a day or a week, but a “diet plan” that becomes a way of life. Eating animal fats and indulging in proteins and carbohydrates do not promote detoxification and will lead to cellulite and fatty deposits amongst other things. Simple changes to your diet can be easily accomplished. Switch from butter to olive oil; from mayonnaise and cream to whipped almond paste; from cows mild to soy milk; from white rice to whole grain Basmati; from white bread to multi-grain toast.
  5. Revitol cellulite cream is not a miracle lotion that melts fat, but is an effective tool if you follow the above advice and add a final ingredient –
    walking. Don’t worry about pumping iron, doing aerobics at the gym or running an hour a day to get fit. You don’t even have to be really fit or ultra thin to have smooth, cellulite free skin. You DO need to get up from your chair and walk everyday. Walk to the grocery store. Take a brisk 10 minute stroll any time, but do it every day. This alone won’t stop cellulite, but a walk a day, a few changes to your diet, a weekly or by-weekly massage, and a twice a day Revitol cellulite cream application will not only help to remove cellulite, but will contribute to making you feel more alive and energetic.

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