Secrets to Get Rid of Cellulite

Here are the secrets to get rid of cellulite that others don’t tell you. Knowing how to rid your thighs, legs and buttocks of the unwanted dimple and ripple effect of subcutaneous fatty deposits begins with understanding something called LYMPH.

What is lymph and what does it have to do with getting rid of cellulite?

Here are some surprising facts:

Lymph is essentially interstitial fluid, in other words the solution surrounding cells – tissue fluid – a main ingredient in extracellular and transcellular fluid that’s found in all the spaces around the body’s tissue. This fluid not only acts to deliver nutrients to the cells but is the body’s waste, build-up and toxin removal system.

How lymph flows?

Unlike the circulatory system that has a heart to pump fluid (blood) through veins, and therefore pulses and moves along quickly, the approximately eleven liters of lymph (interstitial fluid) has no pump, and therefore moves through the body slowly. The way in which this fluid is moved is astounding and somewhat complex. It’s based on hydrostatic pressure, a force that’s propelled by the heart, which forces blood through the body and also expels water out of small capillaries into tissue fluid, which in turn creates pressure that forces water back into the capillaries.

The Lymphatic System

The word “lymph” will sound familiar to most people because of reading about the “lymphatic system”, the lymph nodes or glands. This is a complex system that prevents the interstitial fluid (or lymph) from accumulating around the body’s tissue cells. The process involves the fluid passing through the lymphatic system in a detoxification process via vessels and glands until eventually joining the blood system.

The problem is that the lymph fluid is dependant on several factors:

  1. the circulatory system functioning to impulse water to and from the capillaries, in and out of the tissue fluid
  2. the complex detoxification process of the lymphatic system to avoid build-up in the surrounding the tissue
  3. sufficient water, blood pressure, tissue fluid to be able to pass efficiently through the lymphatic system for cleansing

When the lymph or tissue fluid can’t flow, this causes fluid to build up – and this fluid is well-known in women who experience the discomfort of hands, feet and ankles swelling, and can be relieved by drinking lots of water and raising the feet up, or if possible, getting into an upside-down position…such as in certain yoga postures.

How to can you put lymph to work to help get rid of cellulite

Although the above description of the process of the lymphatic system is overly simplified, the basic idea is that lymph fluid depends on proper circulation, hydration and excellent drainage for it to help the body eliminate waste buildup and keep cells and tissue healthy; free of both toxic elements and fatty deposits. When the interstitial fluid doesn’t flow properly, it can’t remove toxins, and one effect is a buildup of toxins and fat in subcutaneous layers of tissue. Some regions of the female body are more prone to poor lymph flow, poor circulation, and therefore results in the propensity to accumulate what is called “cellulite”, which the body has been unable to remove.

Now that you know about “lymph”, you can put it to work to help you get rid of cellulite. How? Based on the body’s natural elimination of toxins, here are five secrets that work to eliminate cellulite on the legs, thighs and buttocks:

    1. drink plenty of water – not a glass when you’re thirsty, but at least 2 liters a day to hydrate the body and stimulate fluid flow around the cells. A dehydrated body can’t flush toxins / eliminate fatty deposits. While hydrating, eat a low salt diet, and consume fresh raw vegetables and high in water content foods – a juice diet cleanse or a water diet detoxification program may be essential to get the body re-hydrated / detoxified
    1. stimulate the circulation so the blood flows through capillaries and promotes the pumping of lymph fluid around the cells. Blood flow will help the lymphatic system FLOW, too. That’s why cayenne pepper, taken internally and also used in cellulite removal cream, is a means to stimulate blood flow
    2. lymphatic drainage through massage helps circulation, stimulates lymphatic fluid to flow and drain properly, and thereby eliminates waste through as many channels as possible. Professional lymphatic drainage massage therapy can be helpful as can Thai massage and self-massage with cellulite removal cream on a daily basis. (For information on cellulite removal cream see related posts)
  1. exercises that involve raising the body, or inverting the body, can help with detoxification. Certain yoga positions are effective in helping to get rid of cellulite. In general, a basic exercise program that involves yoga, walking, cycling, swimming or any enjoyable activity will be beneficial when combined with massage, re-hydration therapies and a low fat, low protein, low carbohydrate diet that’s based on raw foods and vegetable juice.
  2. taking hot, then cold, showers to stimulate circulation, and also using dry brushing techniques in problem regions can effectively aid in reducing cellulite through circulatory stimulation, and getting lymph to flow more effectively around the cells

For more information on how to cleanse your body, we offer suggestions on drinking elderberry juice and going to body cleansing centers abroad, as well as providing useful recommendations on how to do a cleanse diet that will help in reducing cellulite, build the immune system and stimulate overall good health. We also offer advice on how to get rid of cellulite by choosing cellulite removal products. You may also be curious about what cosmetic laser surgery techniques are available for more sever cases of cellulite. Find out about the latest cellulite treatment centers and what’s available in invasive and none-invasive Liposculpture. Learn about skin clinic procedures and get an overview of what Vaser Lipo is all about while comparing to liposuction prices.

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