Is Slimquick a Safe Method for Women to Lose Weight?

SlimQuick contains methylxanthines (or xanthines) better known as bronchodilators used to treat asthma. One of the reasons that this weight loss aid should be seriously investigated before trying is because xanthines are known to cause heart palpitations and arrhythmia (amongst other side effects). The methylated xanthines such as those in slimquick also include caffeine, and the combined effect may cause irritability, insomnia and heart and blood pressure disorders. Let’s look at this product a little closer.

What the Makers of SlimQuick Say About Their Product

The makers of SlimQuick state that it’s a powerful fat burner designed for women. They offer ladies a choice of slimming capsules including one that’s a hormone balancing complex. It is said to not only help with weight loss and act as an appetite suppressant but also aids PMS symptoms. Despite the fact that the ingredients may tend to cause insomnia, the makers of SlimQuick have designed one that’s for taking at night, which allows women to get a good night’s sleep while still burning fat.

In addition to the ingredients to aid in weight loss, the slimming pills sold under the slimquick label provide a variety of vitamins and minerals in proprietary blends said to be formulated specifically for women’s needs. One complex is called cyclovite, another is called nutratherm – to increase the metabolic rate. Another complex, also proprietary, is called cortifem, which is to reduce hormones that cause women to retain body fat. The formulas also have another complex called aquaplex for reducing water retention. Part of what makes the diet capsules effective is that they have a time release formula that delivers the dosage needed to lose weight and not feel hungry throughout an entire day.

Personal Experiences

Many women have written reviews about their personal experiences with the slim quick capsules. Although there is no doubt that the vast majority have experienced weight loss, there are just as many who, in order to see a few pounds drop, have suffered the side effects characteristic of methylxanthines. Many women report not feeling very well while taking the pills, experiencing things like nausea, trouble urinating or excessive urinating, sleeplessness, feeling cranky, having an upset stomach, severe heartburn, heart palpitations, and other things like flatulence and hyperactivity. The actual weight loss that women are willing to get sick over is in the neighborhood of 1 to 3 lbs per week.

Slimming Pills Diet Instructions and Exercise Recommendations

Interestingly, the women who report feeling less ill while taking the diet pills / drinks, and are losing more than average weight (and seem happy with the results), are those that rave about the diet and instructions that come with the SlimQuick pills / shakes.

What’s the diet? What suggestions are offered?

  1. Exercise – A program of cardio workouts is recommended with three different levels. The programs include leg squats, curls, abdominal crunches and dumbbell curls for the upper body. The SlimQuick website offers visual examples of how to do the exercises.
  2. Diet – It’s a low calorie one with recipes for spinach salads, lean fish dishes, chicken pasta ideas and vegetarian bean wraps as well as fruit smoothies and fiber breakfasts.

Since the women most delighted with SlimQuick appear to be those who are following the cardio plan and eating the recommended lean meals / fruit smoothies and drinking more water, it might be appropriate to conclude that the best part of these diet pills is the instructions that come in the package or the motivation derived from feeling part of the Slim family. Indeed women CAN lose weight by eating fresh vegetables, drinking water and veggie juices and engaging in an exercise program. But…if buying a $20 or $30 box of fat burning pills is what it takes to provides the motivation to eat healthier, drink more and exercise, then perhaps it’s not important that the pills themselves come with some nasty little side effects.

Other Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

If you’d like to learn how to detox or cleanse your body naturally without diet pills, dietary supplements or protein shakes, browse suggestions offered in related posts about body cleansing techniques. Get fast weight loss tips through a variety of topics including how to lose belly fat fast, low calorie foods and juicer recipes. Discover the world of slimming tea preparations and laxatives to lose weight that actually work and are all natural.

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