Is Stretch Mark Removal Possible?

Total stretch mark removal is not possible but red and white stretch marks can be reduced through laser surgery techniques, with equipment like Fraxel lasers, whereby the laser therapy helps circulation, promotes skin growth and impels the body to generate elastin/collagen to improve the surface and make stretch marks less pronounced.

The best laser treatment for stretch marks will depend on the type and color of the marks.

Are they red and irritated-looking or are they white?

If they’re red try the pulsed-dye laser therapies designed to offer the next best thing to stretch mark removal – stretch mark reduction.

For white marks, you’ll want to look into fractional laser therapy instead.

What’s the Best Stretch Mark Cream?

If you’re searching online, in drugstores, reading women’s magazine or taking to heart what you see on TV, then you likely have heard of at least one of the following stretch mark removal cream, oil, lotion or butter preparations that are touted as miraculous.

Are they miraculous?
Which one is the best?

1. Revitol Stretch Mark Cream – is promoted as a product that can provide sound healthy skin by aiding collagen production in the epidermis – more collagen means better elasticity and fewer stretch marks. For prevention it can help to moisturize, and for those with stretch marks it can help to reduce redness and eliminate dryness as well as restore balance that can help the skin repair itself. It’s not a miracle product, but offers exceptionally good value and delivers what it promises – not stretch mark REMOVAL, but REDUCTION! The makers of the Revitol line of products are scam artists here today and gone tomorrow but a total skin care and research laboratory that has been delivering high quality anti aging formulas and hair removal solutions for a decade. If you choose o buy any of the long list of Revitol products, it comes with 24 hour customer support in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

2. Celtrixa – touted as a top stretch mark removal cream but with no active ingredients that could eliminate or repair them. We suggest you save the almost $150 that this product costs and buy yourself a moisturizer instead.

3. Bio Oil Stretch Marks Treatment — a product that’s light for massaging into the skin but doesn’t get rid of stretch marks. It’s a rather expensive non-greasy moisturizer.

4. Cosmetyn – for stretch marks removal this cream won’t work but it’s a good blend of complex vitamins and can be used in place of a moisturizer. It costs under $40, and although it’s not a miracle product, it is a good mix of nutrients that will help skin elasticity.

5. Bella B Tummy Honey Butter – if you want to keep your skin moist during pregnancy this is a nice product, but will neither prevent nor eliminate stretch marks.

6. Elastin 3 manufactured by Robelyn Labs – it’s active ingredient is Argireline, used in cosmetics preparations to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by not allowing muscles to contract normally. We fail to see how Argireline (and less muscle contraction) will help stretch marks to be reduced or prevented. It’s suited for eliminating frown lines on the forehead.

7. Mederma stretch mark removal cream – said to improve redness and rough superficial texture of scars and stretch marks. It may be possible for it to help with redness and aid the skin to be soft, as do most moisturizers, however eliminating stretch marks from pregnancy, body building or sudden weight changes isn’t possible, even with laser surgery. A cream will not stop stretching skin or remove the scars no matter what the advertisements say.

8. Palmers Lotion – sold as a stretch mark PREVENTION lotion for pregnant ladies and isn’t designed as a means to remove the marks afterward. It contains ingredients like vitamin E, cocoa butter, elastin / collagen to moisturize and prevent dry flaky patches that often go with stretching skin. Used as a moisturizer, it’s a good product and is also affordable –under $10 for creams and lotions and complete kits for around $25.

9. Strivectin-SD – is promoted as an anti wrinkle cream and stretch mark reduction therapy that contains NIA-114+ Peptide – their own proprietary formula. It’s stated that it will promote collagen production and will reduce wrinkles. This may well be true, since wrinkles can be plumped-up with a variety of ingredients. However, stretch mark reduction isn’t about skin plumping or collagen production once the scars are there. Stretch marks are SCARS that can’t be altered without some surgical or laser intervention, therefore it’s unlikely that collagen stimulating NIA-114+ Peptide will get rid of your abdominal stretch marks.

10. TriLASTIN-SR Advanced Stretch Mark Formula – highly promoted, over publicized and advertised across the nation online and through television ads— so…this must be the answer to stretch marks! Alas, it’s active ingredients promote elastin and collagen production like all the others, but by the time you have stretch marks a little elasticity isn’t going to solve the problem. It may help with prevention, and it may even help reduce some of the redness and dryness, but it will not REMOVE the marks completely. It comes with a 60 day moneyback guarantee, but the problem is that it’s quite expensive. How much does TriLASTIN-SR stretch mark removal cream cost? A one month supply costs about $80, and a 2 month supply of cream goes for $150. The most promoted is the 3 month supply for $220. Ouch!

What does the scientific community and dermatologists have to say about the best stretch mark cream formulations on the market?

Which is really the best?

They say that the only creams or formulations that “could” offer some minimal change in scarring and skin texture would have to contain Retin A and/or Alpha Hydroxy, not just a moisturizing or elastin promoting agent. Some topical steroid creams may also help and these would have to recommended by a dermatologist. In general, as a stretch mark removal system, you won’t find doctors or dermatologists promoting commercialized stretch mark creams.

Doctors will however suggest a moisturizer or stretch mark formula for keeping tummies moisturized during pregnancy to avoid dryness and keep he skin supple. So what cream helps with prevention and a little with redness afterwards and makes no great claims to remove the marks, but actually works to help a prevention, redness and minimizing scarring?

One of the best is the Revitol Stretch Mark Cream, not because it contains anything miraculous, but because it’s a well rounded formula with oil, vitamin E, A, and D3 and other ingredients that are soothing. The company doesn’t promise to ELIMINATE stretch marks, merely help to REDUCE redness and lessen stretch mark appearance a little.

A tube costs under $30, so it’s not too expensive and there are lots of good deals for multiple tubes that come free when you order 4 or more. No, the Revitol stretch marks formula won’t eliminate your scars over night, it won’t stop them from developing either, but it will help to lessen the chances of them being really nasty due to a lack of elasticity or collagen in the skin. Revitol stretch mark cream is not an alternative for a laser treatment, but may be used in conjunction.

If you’re asking yourself, “how do I get rid of stretch marks?“ the answer is simple. You can’t. You can only make the appear less noticeable through laser treatment for stretch marks, the Revitol stretch mark cream and drinking lots of water so your skin has fluid to work with while trying to repair itself over a period of time.

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