Styling and Shaping with Eyebrow Gel

Tweezerman clear BrowMousse –$10; Anastasia non-sticky brow gel with conditioner –$22; Isadora eyebrow gel for color and shape – $13; Borghese tinted eyebrow gel or clear formulas for sculpting without flaking – $21; colored or clear – we show you where to buy the best products for styling eyebrows and how to use eyebrow gel like the pros.

The best eyebrow gel on the market will not flake or clump, just hold your brow hair in place, and maybe also add a touch of color, as an alternative to an eyebrow pencil. It should tint your brows a natural color, which is why the Anastasia series may be right for you if you’re blonde or light brunette.

Ladies with light blonde hair will appreciate the eyebrow tint gel formulations, perhaps even the product made by Talika that has fibers to give a natural bit of fullness and little brown color.

The Talika light brown formula is ideal for blonds and those with naturally light hair. It costs about $35. If you have full, thick, or even bushy black or dark brown brows, the clear eyebrow gel will help with control and you probably won’t require a tinted or colored base, perhaps something like what Eyebrowz offers, and cost only about $6 a tube.

Isadora eyebrow gel is great for choosing a tint that suits you. The series called Color & Shape is a formulation that comes in 4 colors (soft black, soft dark brown, soft brown and soft cashmere), plus clear, and can be used on both fine or thick brows. It’s great because it’s fast drying and can be combed through the brow hair to leave a lustrous touch of color that doesn’t appear penciled or clumped onto the skin, it just sticks to the hair. It’s also a good choice because it doesn’t contain fragrances to irritate sensitive skin.

Colored eyebrow gel comes in some unusual forms, such as the combos offered by Revlon in the Brow Fantasy set, which includes a pencil to shape and define, even fill-in sparse areas, and a clear gel that sets and holds the brow color and shape in place. It costs about $7.50 for the duo and retails everywhere. Other eyebrow gels that are a little more expensive are the Diorshow Tinted Brow Gel by Dior for $17.50, and for the same price the Dior Backstage series of tinted gels that have a shimmer or highlight effect. Another is Laura Geller styling tools that are sold as a duo with tint and gel for just over $21, and the Paula Dorf products that are also a tinted gel for just under $20, but is hypoallergenic and not tested on our animal friends.

Products used just for styling eyebrows, which do not offer any color, are the clear items like Tweezerman BrowMousse, which is all natural and very affordable, costing between $8 and $10 depending where you shop.

How To Shape Eyebrows

The total length of your brow, no matter if it’s thick or thin, dark or light, arched a little or a lot, should be just a teeny bit longer than the length of your eye – from the inner edge that meets your nose to the outermost corner and extending just a little past the longest lash. This can be determined by holding an eyebrow pencil from the inner eye upward and then from the outer edge just a little past the lashes. Your brow hair should not extend onto the nose neither should the tip extend onto your temples.

Where should the arch be? The highest point of your brow should be directly above the iris. The iris is the part of your eye that has color, but in the case of someone with black or very dark eyes, the central point will be easiest to find by following the pupil upward. Again, hold a brow pencil in front of the center of your eye and mark a point above the iris or pupil.

Decide how thick a brow you would like and follow the natural line. Tweeze out the hairs that are out of the determined area. When tweezing, you should always pull the unwanted hairs in the direction that they are growing to get a clean extraction from the root.

Many people believe that the upper edge, along the forehead, should not be tweezed. However, when you see the gorgeous eyebrows of Asian women you may wonder how it is that they have a perfect line above the brow. That is because they tweeze or thread the fine hairs in that area, and therefore Western women should take note of this and do likewise. However, only tweeze the hairs that are not part of the thickest brow area to create a smooth line. What we mean is that the shape of the arch and the brow itself will be achieved from the bottom, tweezing the upper area is only to remove stragglers and fine baby hair to make a crisp upper line.

While you’re shaping the brow with tweezers, pluck individual hairs one by one or two or three at a time, but not big clumps that may leave a large hole in the brow if you should have misjudged where they originated or how they affect the shape. Tweeze slowly, pressing with your finger after you’ve plucked to ease the sting and to have a look at the shape you’re creating.

If you don’t trust yourself to determine your best brow shape, then do one of two things:

  1. go to an eyebrow waxing salon and have your brows shaped professionally. This is recommended to get the FIRST shape if you have never done it, or if the brow is natural after months or years without tweezing. If you want to do it at home, then go to our post on Eyebrow Waxing to find out what you need and follow the detailed instructions.
  2. choose an eyebrow stencil kit that has a variety of shapes. Place them on the natural brow and see which looks best. If you have very dark brows, use some white eye shadow or highlighter, and tweeze around, if you have blonde brow hair, you may find it easiest to color in the brow shape using a stencil and then pluck away the hair that isn’t darkened, especially the fine baby hairs that blonde ladies often have that are not very obvious but affect the smoothness of the brow line.

Eyebrow stencils like the Sephora Arch It Brow Kit, which costs $35, will give you everything you need: stencils, tweezers, brow brush, a colored powder compact and eyebrow gel.

If you have light brows, it’s good to get an eyebrow tint before the shaping. If you go to a professional salon that does waxing and tinting this will be automatic. If you’re doing it yourself, then get an eyebrow dye or tinting kit and do that first. Then shape them. By the way, if you aren’t familiar with how to tint brows, then read this carefully:

  1. do not ever use hair color or hair dyes to tint brows.
  2. if you need instructions and a full kit, then try the Godefroy eyebrow tint and shape kit that has stencils, dye and all you need to shape and color your brows. The kits cost between $12 and $14.
  3. if you want to use something similar to what the professionals use, then get the Godfrey capsule colors and developer and mix your own. You’ll need a small brush (an old mascara brush works well), gloves, plastic mixing cups, wooden sticks for stirring and some diluted cosmetic peroxide to clean up the area if the color gets onto the skin. This is a long-lasting formulation that will tint your brows for about a month. Talika also offers a great tinting and shaping kit.
  4. maintain the color with tinted eyebrow gel and keep small hairs plucked by tweezing once a week. Don’t over tweeze the main brow so that it becomes too thin, but do remove the fine hairs or stragglers regularly to keep a smooth look.
  5. Moisturize the eyes and brow area daily. Conditioning eyebrow products that really work are products like the Talika Liposourcils, which help to restore strength and vitality and make hair grow stronger in about 28 days. Although it can take a few months to get healthy brows, the Talika series of eyebrow products do offer effective growth and restoration.

    Talika is not your average French cosmetics company but a brand started by Dr. Danielle Roches while working on ophthalmology in the Hôpitaux de Paris.

    What began as a natural cream to aid facial burn victims resulted in also finding a solution to re-growing facial hair using the same miraculous lipocils.

    A tube of Talika Liposourcils eyebrow conditioning gel is not cheap at $40 for 10ml (.35 ounce) , but the plant extract used in this product has been tested and proven effective in stimulating growth and in making brow hair become healthier, thicker and stronger. It’s recommended to use twice a day for 28 days, and then maintain with an application once a day. It’s a natural product that does not cause irritation and is said to be safe for sensitive skin types.

    Related eyebrow and lash products are also available, such as Talika’s Eyelash Renewal Kit, which costs between $58 and $68, and promises that in 28 days you can have stronger and healthier lashes. The kit includes an instant volumizing lash extender and conditioning gel.

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