Making A Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment

Here are ways to make a series of 5% tea tree oil acne solutions for treating problem areas. The first is an antibacterial solution, the second is a foaming cleanser, the third is a refreshing toner and the forth will moisturize and can be used as a night cream.

1. antibacterial tea tree oil acne solution / mask

Although some people use pure tea tree oil directly on pimples and blemishes, and this may help in some cases, it’s usually too strong and can create undue irritation that compounds the problem. Tea tree is a powerful antibacterial agent and therefore, as an acne solution, should be diluted. Since it’s not water soluble, it must be diluted in other liquids such as rubbing alcohol, vodka, spirits, oils or aloe.

Put 20 – 50 drops (5 ml) of pure tea tree into about 3.5 ounces (100 ml) of any alcohol, the solution will be extremely potent and should only be used to dab on certain areas. For people with sensitive skin, and those who prefer not to use any kind of alcohol that will be overly drying to the skin, use the same 5 ml of tea tree in pure aloe vera gel. Use fresh or really thick gel to create a treatment mask.

Another TTO mask that’s soothing and healing can be made by taking a tablespoon of oatmeal powder and adding 100 ml pure aloe vera gel, juice or concentrate to create a paste. Add 5 ml tea tree oil (about 50 drops) and blend well. Spread over the affected area and leave until dry. Wash off gently using a foaming cleanser.

2. foaming tea tree oil acne cleanser

While you can buy a tea tree oil cleanser ready made, it’s better to make your own with fresh ingredients. Invest in a large aloe vera plant and cut half a leaf each day to have a handy supply of fresh gel. The leaves will seal themselves and remain fresh for another day. Take the gel of half a leaf, whip it (in a blender) with 50 to 80 drops of tea tree oil, then mix with 50 to 100 ml of any (non-perfumed, non-soap based) liquid gel cleanser. Aloe is a foaming agent, as will the clear cleansing gel, but the fresh aloe and tea tree will be stronger and more refreshing then buying a Body Shop tea tree cleanser, for example. Do not use liquid soap or bar soap because soap leaves a film on the skin and causes pores to get clogged.

3. refreshing tea tree oil acne toner

The best toner you can use will be one made daily with fresh aloe JUICE and a few drops of tea tree oil. Shake or blend the juice and the oil and immediately swab across the face like any other toner. Don’t use thick gel. The idea is to refresh, not to coat your face with aloe that may dry / tighten. Another lovely way to make a spitzing toner is to use rose water concentrate, a few drops of tea tree oil and aloe juice. Put in a spray bottle, shake well, and spritz the affected area. It’s refreshing especially in summer.

4. tea tree oil acne moisturizer

Creating your own moisturizer can be fun but you’ll need a few things. L’Occitane makes pure organic Shea butter that costs about $37 for about 5 ounces. Shea butter is the base for most moisturizers, but other ingredients are often added to commercial moisturizers that don’t agree with acne skin. So, make your own night acne cream or light day moisturizer by using a few ounces of pure shea, add a few drops of tea tree and blend with a little almond oil. Some people like to add vitamin E, but it’s difficult to keep it stabilized, not rancid, so open a capsule fresh and add to your morning or evening mixture if you like. Thick aloe gel can also be added, but to do so you’ll need a mixer and the gel must be added slowly while whipping the shea. Another light moisturizer can be made with mostly thick aloe gel, one capsule of vitamin E, a few drops of almond oil, a smattering of she butter and a few drops of tea tree oil. Blend and blend, then apply over face, neck shoulders, back and massage gently until absorbed into the skin.

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