The Best Acne Scar Treatment

Laser C02 and YAG acne scar treatment procedures; TCA peel and microdermabrasion treatments; photofacial; photorejuvenation and other affordable topical ways of getting rid of acne scars.

The difference between acne scar REMOVAL and an acne scar TREATMENT system is that one will require surgery, laser resurfacing and considerable expense, and is considered to be quite successful, while the other is a means to lighten or reduce the visible effects of acne scarring over a period of time by using home treatments, creams, light chemical peels and gentle professional skin rejuvenation procedures.

Lasers and Radio Frequencies Combined

CO2 and YAG laser acne scar treatment equipment tend to offer excellent results although for some very sensitive skin types these treatments may prove somewhat harsh and can result in downtime. A good option is Fraxel treatments (especially the ones done with the latest Fraxel II – SR 1500 machines) that employ microscopic laser columns as a form of acne scar treatment. Using lasers for treating acne scars works on the basis that blood circulation is enhanced, collagen production is stimulated and the skin is rejuvenated over several treatments. The Fraxel systems are FDA approved as non-ablative skin resurfacing treatments for facial lines, wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation disorders, minor eyelifts, surgical and acne scars as well as more severe cases of actinic keratosis.

Consider the Benefits of Thermage and Microdermabrasion to Help Acne Scarring

Some patients have found that the latest thermage procedures, offered through modern skin clinic centers, work to help eliminate unwanted scar tissue after acne. It is a noninvasive skin tightening and toning procedure. Thermage offers algorithmic interweaves of pulsed radiofrequency and concentrated heat. The best is the thermage CPT system, which means it offers comfort pulse technology through vibrations that make the treatment more comfortable for patients.

Microdermabrasion treatments have proved helpful as well for some people who suffer from acne scars, however it can require many treatments to notice any change in surface texture, and it will have little or no effect on severe acne scars that are deep in the epidermis. Why? Because microdermabrasion sloughs-off the upper layer of skin (the epidermis) for rejuvenation but doesn’t have a major effect on the dermis where there may be scar tissue. Nevertheless, for minor cases of scarring, a few epidermis resurfacing procedures may be all that’s required.

Photorejuvenation as an Acne Scar Treatment

Photorejuvenation is IPL (intense pulsed light) laser resurfacing treatment that can help acne scars if they aren’t too deep. It will require about 6 to 10 (sometimes more) sessions that last about 20 minutes in order to notice the effects. Many of these acne scar removal treatments involving photorejuvenation rely on the Lumenis intense pulsed light equipment and is not contraindicated to be used in conjunction with other treatments such as microdermabrasion. In fact, it’s good to keep in mind that the best acne scar treatment systems may not be about a single session or treatment, but a series of treatments used together incorporating peels, photorejuvenation and perhaps blended treatments with lasers and radio frequencies. Treatments must be spaced so as not to interfere with each other.

Have A Dermatologist Evaluate Your Acne Scars Before Getting Cosmetic Laser Surgery

Before Choosing to do a home TCA peel or start setting aside your pennies to pay for expensive laser treatments, you need to have a dermatologist evaluate your scars. The treatment that will be effective for one kind of scar will not work on another. Raises scars or convex ones will react differently. Their location, their depth, their shape and size, will all affect how lasers, peels or other skin resurfacing techniques will work. .

Acne Scar Removal Cream

Getting rid of acne scars is not easy and will not happen overnight in most cases, even if laser treatments are chosen. Some of the latest affordable acne fading creams and home peels can help the process, although it takes time. If the scars aren’t too deep you can get smother skin if used regularly as directed. One product is Zenmed, and it helps to fade (not eliminate totally) and make scars less obvious. It’s not a big mystery how the treatments work because they’re just mini glycolic acid dermabrasion kits that you can do at home instead of going to a salon or clinic. It will take about ten Zenmed treatments for the skin to get a renewed glow, have a smoother finish, and notice fewer bumps on the skin. It will also help to even out pigmentation or discoloration and eliminate small lines and wrinkles. These are some of the great side affects! It also helps to eliminate flakes and dry patches and promote collagen production so the skin can rejuvenate itself. Skin clinic resurfacing treatments cost several hundred dollars and the cost of laser scar removal treatments are hundreds per session and thousands for the total treatment.

You can’t go very wrong giving yourself some mini microdermabrasion treatments at home with the Zenmed Skin Eraser Kits that include everything you need such as:

Renewing Microdermabrasion Complex – the acne scar removal cream that’s a unique granular formula which will act as the dermabrasion medium to rejuvenate your skin’s surface and slough-off old decayed layers. This is like a really strong exfoliation device that prepares the surface of the skin for the active ingredients to follow in the Skin Eraser, which contains the ingredient salons and clinics use – Ascorbic Glycolic Lactic Acid The Zenmed formulation is comprised of 30% Glycolic Acid and that’s what will resurface the skin.

The Zenmed kits are affordable and easy to use. Give yourself a little exfoliation treatment and help smooth away acne scar tissue on the surface using the Zenmed acne scar removal cream – an acne scar treatment that you can do yourself little by little at home!

For more detailed descriptions of skin resurfacing and precise laser treatments, as well as the laser equipment involved in each procedure, please consult the posts dealing with cellulite removal, permanent laser hair removal, cosmetic laser surgery, laser hair removal cost and tattoo removal cream. If you’re asking, “what does hair, tattoo and cellulite removal have to do with choosing an acne scar treatment?” The answer is that when it comes to hair removal, facial resurfacing, pigmentation elimination, cellulite treatments and even acne scar fading, the same laser equipment and technology is used for all the treatments. Most clinics that offer laser skin treatment procedures such as photofacial sessions, cellulite treatment, tattoo elimination, and treatments to remove unwanted hair, will also offer laser treatment for scars, be they from surgery or acne, using the same laser and radio frequency technology.

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