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The Revitol anti aging wrinkle cream collection consists of a series of eye serum formulations, wrinkle fillers and moisturizing complexes that are some of the best anti aging products on the market. Why? Because the active ingredients work to reduce the signs of aging by tightening, toning , and rejuvenating delicate facial tissue. The Revitol Anti Aging kits include ingredients that relax muscle tension and reduce wrinkles through state-of-the-art formulations in eye serum / anti aging treatment and highly effective hyaluronic acid cream preparations.

The Revitol Anti Aging Kit includes three of the best anti aging products:

1. Revitol Anti Wrinkle Complex – a highly concentrated formula, will provide about a two month supply of the patented anti aging skin cream. The active ingredients in this effective wrinkle cream will reduce fine lines, smooth wrinkles and rejuvenate skin cells while hydrating, tightening and toning the skin.

Imagine an anti wrinkle solution that helps lift sagging lifeless skin, that smoothes and evens out skin tone while eliminating rough, dry flaky patches in problem areas.

The ingredients will not only help with the appearance of lines and wrinkles, but actually penetrate the skin to help replenish collagen and renew the body’s own ability to generate elastin.

Get immediate results as well as nurture your skin for long-lasting rejuvenation while using the Revitol anti aging / anti wrinkle cream both day and night. While lines and the effects of aging will be reduced after only a few uses, continue to repair the skin by using the Revitol complex for two or three months and see more dramatic results. It’s one of the most affordable anti aging skin cream preparations and one of the most effective treatments for long-term results.

It’s all about the ingredients, a series of safe and clinically tested components that are guaranteed to provide a more youthful appearance to your skin.

Here’s what the Anti Wrinkle complex contains:

  • Vitamins E and A
  • Dermox (a powerful anti wrinkle formulation),
  • LipoLight and a patented skin tightener.

This complex is deigned for face, neck and décolletage, but isn’t for around the eyes. It can be used during the day under makeup and also massaged into clean skin before going to bed. It’s important to massage the cream thoroughly, in circular motion, all over the face and neck, to help the cream penetrate as deeply as possible.

2. Revitol Anti Wrinkle Treatment Serum – this is wrinkle removal treatment that’s powerful due to the two main ingredients: hyaluronic acid and argireline. Dermatologists agree that hyaluronic acid cream is one of the most effective skin rejuvenating products currently available due to the presence of hyaluronan which significantly aids cellular reconstruction and reproduction. It also helps to prevent infection, repair wounds, heal scars, and acts as a wrinkle filler.

In 2003, hyaluronan, which is the active ingredient in the Revitol hyaluronic acid cream, was approved by the FDA, not just as a topical ingredient in skincare preparations but also as an injectable filler for treating facial wrinkles. The injections, as well as the topical skin cream treatments, have unequivocally been clinically proven to smooth wrinkles, add volume to tissue, and provide wrinkle reduction for up to 6 months. One of the hyaluronic acid effects is that it removes bacteria and reduces infection and helps to naturally hydrate the skin by interacting with collagen functions and stimulating its production, fortifying the dermal collagen matrix.

The Revitol Anti Wrinkle Treatment Serum which is a hyaluronic acid cream, has been recognized as a highly effective humectant, cellular rejuvenator and dermal repairer if used regularly.

It’s recommended to use this potent anti wrinkle cream every night, massaging the serum into the face and neck area until absorbed into the skin.

3. Revitol Moisturizing Face Cream – this is the third anti aging product that Revitol produces. It comes in a jar that should last about 2 months when applied twice daily to the entire face, neck and décolletage. This is one of the best anti wrinkle cream formulations, due to the long list of active ingredients recommended by dermatologists for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction and eventual elimination.

The powerful effects of argireline, matrixyl, hyaluronic acid, as well as other natural ingredients like hydrolyzed wheat gluten, edelweis extract and moisture enhancing shea butter, squalene, evening primrose oil and other hydrating elements, makes this product unique and effective. This is a wrinkle cream that’s as potent as those you buy with a prescription, yet available over-the-counter for a fraction of the price of prescription formulas or designer cosmetic products. It’s important to use only a small amount of this highly concentrated cream daily, preferably administered through a gentle facial massage in the morning and before going to bed.

Why do we recommend these three Revitol anti aging treatment formulations when there are so many wrinkle creams on the market? It’s really simple. The complete kit with the 3 essential items is sold together for under $100, making it one of the most affordable anti aging skin cream packages on the market. Most importantly, the Revitol products work! The ingredients they contain are clinically proven to act effectively against wrinkles, as fillers and as a serum to rejuvenate and reconstruct damaged skin cells.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the ingredients in the formulas, so you have no doubt what is actually at work in the creams when you massage them into your skin.

1. Argireline – is an innovative ingredient that has been developed from natural amino acids and targets neurotransmitters, those teeny receptors that cause your facial muscles to tense and frown and create nasty lines and wrinkle. Argireline relaxes those muscles, somewhat like a small dose of Botox, so that without tension and frown-lines, crows feet and wrinkles will be minimized. A side effect of argireline is that it also promotes the production of collagen and with more elastin, the skin can repair itself, so the effects are immediate and also long-term.

2. Dermox SRC – has long been studied and used to repair damaged skin. The clinically tested serum that contains Dermox is well document as a skin resurfacing agent, a collagen restoration tool and a wrinkle reducer.

3. Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate (DMAE) – this is one ingredient found in the Revitol anti aging wrinkle cream preparations as well as the scar reducing treatments they offer. Many independent clinical studies have proven that DMAE is one of the key ingredients used by the skin to form and produce collagen and maintain elasticity. The body naturally produces this ingredient, but appears to diminish over time. That is why replenishing the supply allows the skin cells to maintain their tone and flexibility, heal wounds, reduce age spots, and keep vibrantly alive.

4. Edelweis Extract – this is a natural antioxidant that helps to keep the skin clean and help reduce the signs of aging.

5. Evening Primrose Oil – the natural oenothera biennis plant is known as a provider of gamma-linolenic acid which is necessary for skin tone, texture and reconstruction of cell membranes. It’s also soothing to the skin and promotes relaxation so that wrinkles / fine lines are kept away.

6. Hyaluronic Acid – is a prime ingredient, not just in wrinkle cream preparations, but in the human body. It acts as a lubricant in joints and valves and is found in the body’s connective tissue. Healthy skin must have hyaluronic acid in order to produce collagen, maintain elasticity and stay moist. When this ingredient is lacking in skin tissue, wrinkles, dryness, and a lack of elastin are the result. All the best anti aging products contain this ingredient – if they don’t they won’t work to reduce wrinkles.

7. Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten – may sound like a strange ingredient for a wrinkle cream formulation, and indeed it is, however it acts to tighten skin in a unique way. It creates a tightening film on the skin that dries through evaporation and leaves it feeling tight and toned. The wonderful thing is that the tightening and toning effects last a long time.

8. LipoLight – this is a little extra help that the Revitol wrinkle cream offers to give immediate results. It helps smooth the skin quickly, so that you can see a difference and feel good about yourself while the other active ingredients have a chance to take effect at a deeper level. While repairing is being done with such things as hyaluronic acid, the LipoLight gives the skin a bit of extra radiance you can enjoy now.

9. Seaweed / Kelp / Macrocystis Pyrifera – full of natural marine-based vitamins and minerals to nurture the skin and cleanse pores of impurities. Helps skin texture and smoothness.

10. Matrixyl – if you’re curious about this ingredient, there’s no shortage of clinical data pertaining to its almost magical properties of rejuvenation. Matrixyl provides the tools for the skin to produce collagen and strengthen elasticity. The best eye cream formulas and wrinkle reduction treatments contain this fibroblast strengthening formula.

11. Shea Butter – this natural moisturizer is hypoallergenic and used by the best cosmeticians and beauty experts in all anti aging and moisturizing products. It is the basis of high quality natural moisturizers and wrinkle cream preparations around the world.

12. Revitol has a proprietary ingredient simply called Skin Tightener, abbreviated as ST that sounds like a mysterious nondescript formula they wish to hide. In fact it’s a cocktail of marine extracts, herbal essences and things like palmitoyl tetrapeptide and acetyl hexapeptide that helps to tighten the skin. Revitol has no secrets when it comes their ingredients, which is one good reason to trust their products. They don’t claim it’s magic, they tell you what’s in the formula, how it works and why it helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines and tighten the skin.

13. Squalene – this is one of the unique ingredients that really boosts the skins ability to eliminate free radicals and fight aging. Squalene is oil derived from natural shark liver, olive oil and certain grains like wheat and rice. It’s well know as an ingredient in Olive Oil, used in Mediterranean countries to promote health inside and out, for skin, hair and overall wellbeing.

14. Vitamin A – this is the ingredient that allows for retinol production, which not only accounts for us having color vision but also for aiding in producing growth hormones and contributing to cellular structure, especially reinforcing skin and tissue cells. Vitamin A also helps with uneven pigmentation issues, skin rejuvenation at a cellular level and keeping mucous membranes healthy. The best eye cream or anti aging wrinkle therapy will prove ineffective without vitamin A. Revitol includes this ingredient in its face cream formulas, wrinkle filler preparations and anti aging treatment serums.

Revitol also includes vitamin E, called alpha tocopheryl (don’t get scarred if you see this as an ingredient on your wrinkle cream). It’s a natural fat absorbing antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals, and when used in conjunction with other ingredients, can strengthen their antioxidant potency and thereby ease UV and pollution damage that may lead to aging and unwanted lines.

The entire Revitol product line is comprised of high quality ingredients such as those stated above, and therefore we recommend their anti aging kits as well as the Revitol Stretch Mark Cream, Cellulite Removal Treatment called the Revitol Cellulite Solution, and suggest that the Revitol Hair removal Cream is one of the best on the market.

Although there are hundreds of anti aging products, some may work long-term while others are short-term solutions, the Revitol products have a good balance of both – what’s required to eliminate fine lines today and what’s needed to rebuild and repair damage so wrinkles won’t come back tomorrow.

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