Choosing The Best Juice Extractor

Here are the TOP 5 EXTRACTORS based on PRICE, QULITY and FUNCTIONALITY. Choose the juice extractor that fits your budget and juicing requirements.

The most important part of starting a raw juice diet using vegetable juice (aside from the fresh veggies), is having a JUICER. It’s not efficient to extract the essence of carrots, celery, beets, cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, and things like wheatgrass, herbs or leafy greens, using a grinder or a blender. A hand grinder will be time consuming and a lot of juice wasted. Extracting ALL the goodness requires power and centrifugal force to expel it from the pulp. A blender can be used for mixing juices and adding seasoning (or whipping smoothies), but only a juice extractor will deliver concentrated juice (without pulp) in a few seconds – ready to drink with all it’s natural goodness.

Although some juice fans want the very best means to extract this nutritious liquid, and are willing to spend over $500 for top of the line equipment, the truly import thing is to GET STARTED drinking juice! Sometimes that means buying a cheap juicer under $100 and starting TODAY!

Editor’s note: Personally, during the course of my juicing life, I’ve had some of the most expensive juicers, but due to moving, have had to settle for the cheapest ones. Recently I bought one at the local Carrefour (Spain), which cost under €70. I use it every day and it works well. My advice: Don’t be without a juicer. A cheap extractor is better than none.

The Top 5 Juice Extractor Machines

Juice Extractor #1 – The Green Star Elite

This top state-of-the-art extractor delivers more juice than other machines and comes with lots of accessories. One of the reasons raw juice lovers choose Green Star is because it’s designed to extract every last drop of juice form vegetables to maximize the nutrients you get even from difficult things like wheatgrass. The extraction process is based on three steps – first cutting and crushing with blades and then passing the puree onto a spiral system for blending and pressing so that ALL the nutrients get squeezed out and not left in the pulp. This means you get more juice from the same vegetables / fruits. It’s also designed to delay oxidation because it doesn’t input much oxygen during the juicing processes so you don’t lose essential nutrients before getting the juice into your body. The machine is easy to use, comes with a wooden plunger and little extras like a glass pitcher and drip tray. It also processes frozen fruits / veggies/ dried fruit and nuts. The Green Star Elite Juicer comes with a 5 year warranty and costs about $530.

Juice Extractor # 2 – Champion Juicer

There are several different models of the classic Champion juice extractor that many juice experts recommend because of the industrial design and it’s ability to extract vegetable juice as well as make things like coconut milk, nut butters, sorbets and ice cream. The durability factor versus price is excellent, considering Champion juicers are stainless steel yet priced between $230 – $300. What’s great about stainless steel, aside from being durable, is that it won’t retain food odors and is more hygienic. The vertical feed has a chamber that’s wide enough for vegetables to be inserted without pre-cutting, and the machine is powerful enough to puree / homogenize tough vegetables without having to clean the pulp. Champion Juicers don’t extract fine leafy greens or wheatgrass, so if you drink a lot of these items, this may not be the ideal juicer for you.

Juice Extractor #3 – Breville Juice Fountain Elite (800JEXL)

Although reported to be the number ONE juice extractor by many reviewers, this is not our top pick because it’s heavy and somewhat bulky. Nevertheless it’s amongst the top 5 because of the large stainless steel chute that can handle whole apples and lots of other veggies without cutting.

It also allows the pulp to be delivered to a garbage bin so that on large juicing projects you don’t have to be stop the machine for cleaning. It’s a heavy-duty juice extractor that’s reasonably priced under $300 and is available from a variety of online distributors.

Juice Extractor # 4 – Breville

If you need a cheap juice extractor, amongst the plastic varieties, Breville also makes models that are priced under $100 and offer basic juicing capabilities for those who need to get started juicing NOW! Choose from a variety of models, such as the Breville JE200XL or the even cheaper Breville JE95 850. These are not ideal for long-term juicing projects, but will work while you save up for a high powered stainless steel design.

Juice Extractor # 5 – Green Star The Original GS-2000

Although this Green Star juice extractor isn’t the newest piece of equipment out there, it’s considered one of the best ever to be made. Why? It delivers quality juice with all its nutrients and even expertly extracts wheatgrass essences. Unfortunately, it’s still one of the most expensive juicers – priced over $400. However, since the newest Green Star Elite costs about $100 more, this tried and true model may be a good option. If you want a versatile machine that easily juices beets, carrots and hard things like gingerroot, as well as wheatgrass, kale and leafy greens, then the original Green Star GS-2000 may still be the best extractor for making your favorite juicer recipes.

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