The Best Tanning Lotion – Australian Gold, Body Drench, TAO, Hempology and Swedish Beauty

The BEST TANNING LOTIONS – Body Drench Skin Bronzer, Australian Gold Tanning Lotion, TAO Indoor Tanning Accelerators, Hempology Tanning Bed Lotions and Swedish Beauty Tanning Accelerators. Choosing your tanning lotion no longer depends on what product line the tanning studio where you go promotes because you can buy the top tanning accelerators online.

Here are the top rated skin bronzer products, accelerators and hydrating formulas for the deepest, richest natural tans:

1. Body Drench Tanning Lotion – is about healthy, moisturized skin. Body Drench offers a range of products for indoor tanning to bronze, deeply hydrate and quench the needs of thirsty skin. Body Drench carries a complete line of moisturizers and sunless tanning lotions for those who prefer to get golden brown without UV rays. In the indoor tanning accelerator lotion collection you’ll find some of the top face and body tanning products such as Body Drench 2 Timer, Classic Tanning, trendy N’Dulge and for extreme sun seeking pros, the Tribal Tanners series. For retro sun lovers, there’s the Sweet Mary Jane skin bronzer and That 70’s Line of body drench tanning lotion that’s known as GO-GO Juice.

In the Body Drench sunless tanning collection, you’ll find the top three products called Quick Tan, an effective Foaming Self Tan Mousse and the Daily Replenish products that keeps your skin glowing with a kiss of sunshine while delivering moisture.

Since Body Drench isn’t a company that deals only with tanning, but also specializes in moisturizing products, their sunless tanning collections are unique formulations to fight aging with ingredients like vitamins A, C and E, as well as collagen amino acids and beta carotene to keep skin youthful and vibrant.

2. Australian Gold Tanning Products – This is an extensive collection. The sunless products are Forever Bronze, which is a continuous spray sunless tanning lotion, and there’s also the regular tube of lotion, also called Forever Bronze. Australian Gold tanning accelerators bring out the best in natural pigmentation and intensify tans.

The top lotions by Australian Gold are Velocity and Thrust with oils, herbal extracts and melanin stimulants; Solar Dust, which is a gel with a shimmering glow; Gelée Accelerator, which is an oil and vitamin E rich lotion that intensifies your tan; Exotic Oil Spray, which isn’t an accelerator but a moisturizer to protect your skin from the elements; Arctic Breeze is a tanning enhancer that provides mentholated coolness to freshen your skin while tanning; Accelerator Continuous Spray with bronzer is one of the ultimate Australian Gold tanning products that has an accelerator and an instant skin bronzer so you don’t have to wait for results. There are several of the Australian Gold Accelerator Lotions and moisturizers that contain an instant bronzer and come in convenient lotion or spray formats. As a bonus, Australian Gold tan accelerators, sprays, lotions, gels, creams, and bronzers all SMELL TERRIFIC due to their exotic blend of tropical oils.

3. Swedish Beauty Tanning Lotions – One of their top formulations is the Irresistible Beauty Extreme Dark Intensive Bronzing Serum with Baltic brown bioactive marine algae for intensifying your tan.. The ingredient they call PhytoDark is a patented preparation that includes instant bronzing with melanin enhancers for the deepest richest color.

The Swedish Beauty indoor tanning lotion formulations have additional properties to hydrated skin, prevent wrinkles via anti aging ingredients that maintain a youthful glow due to collagen, a unique seaborne cocktail of minerals, seaweed and glacial water.

4. TAO Tanning Lotion – This is a designer tanning lotion that intensifies the effects of indoor tanning and offers instant results as well as providing anti aging protection with avocado oil and vitamins C and A and E. It also contains alpha lipoic acid and phytoage as well as white birch extract and skin firming / toning ingredients. What’s fun about the TAO tanning lotion is that it smells like figs.

5. Hempology Tan Accelerators – California Tan makes a line of tan accelerators called Hempology which uses hemp as a moisturizer and tanning enhancer. It’s not easy to find online and dealers appear to be sold out or no longer carry it. We’re not sure if it’s been discontinued or not. If you have information to offer about the Hempology lotions made by California Tan, please send us a note.

6. Brown Sugar Tanning Lotion – Tan Incorporated is a less known company, but it’s been around for over 20 years making fantastic products like the Brown Sugar tanning lotion that enhances color and offers sunless options for instant results. The collection is extensive and includes a series of skin bronzer creams, sprays, gels and moisturizers for almost every taste and budget.

7. Sun Tan Lotion Moisturizing Products: Hempz Body Butter – The Hempz Touch of Summer is a product that offers a golden summertime glow as well as a rich moisture system fortified with organic hemp seed oil. This is a subtle lotion that offers sunless tanning that’s not instant, but slowly delivers a gentle color that doesn’t look fake.

The original Hempz body butter, available only through select tanning studio outlets and salons, is a whipped, ultra rich hydrating formula that rejuvenates and nourishes dry skin, especially great or those who are sun worshipers or addicted to indoor tanning. The ingredients are organic hemp seed oil, essential amino and fatty acids derived from natural sources like coconut, cocoa, and shea butter. The freshness of Hempz body butter is delightful with a blend of violet/jasmine blossom melded with cucumber and hints of passion fruit.

For information regarding Beach Bum Tanning Studio indoor beds and sunless spray services, for instant results, please visit the related post on this site. The popular Beach Bum tanning lotion product line, made for them by California Tan, are available at Beach Bum salons. It’s a beachy formula that smells like coconut and rum and is really rich. The best buy is the Dark Triple Bronzer in the 8.5 ounce bottle for about $20. Check in store special promotions when you buy your tanning package.

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