The Dangers of Ephedra Diet Pills

All natural ephedra diet pills may seem innocent enough as a fast weight loss remedy. Are they harmless? Is ephedra safe? Is It really natural? Here are some basic facts.

Traditional Chinese Ma Huang

Ephedra is indeed an extract of the ephedra plant, well-known in traditional Chinese medicine as Ma Huang. While there are various species of the epedra plant depending on its origins, be they Asian or from middle eastern regions or the Americas, they all tend to have some things in common – that of being a stimulant, being a diuretic and a blood vessel constructor, therefore a means to encourage blood pressure and cause the heart rate to increase. While these effects may be desirable in certain individuals, and may even be beneficial in treating certain ailments, it’s obvious that indiscriminate use of ephedra diet pills as a weight loss therapy in people will high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and other conditions may prove harmful, even fatal.

Ephedra Usage

1. It’s important to note that ephedra has been used by athletes as a performance enhancer, however, in some places it is amongst the substances not allowed for anyone participating in professional sports.

2. Using ephedra diet pills as a means to lose weight is popular and yet highly risky. It is often sold in preparations mixed with high doses of caffeine. Although these formulations may be recommended as a means to quickly help obese patients lower their body weight in order to reduce the risk of other imminent medical conditions, it would only be administered to patients in a controlled setting, under medical supervision, and only to those who are not prone to high blood pressure or heart conditions. It also has been noted in the few clinical studies that have been conducted using ephedra diet pills on obese patients, that the weight loss is minimal and short lived.

Ephedra Pills Side Effects

The list of side affects that may be experienced by individuals taking ephedra as a weight loss treatment is extensive and should be taken seriously. Amongst the most common ephedra diet pill side effects are hypertension, hyperthermia, dizziness, dehydration, vomiting, increased blood pressure leading to irregular heart palpitations, strokes, heart attacks and in many documented cases, death. The evidence, clinical studies and even notorious deaths attributed to the taking of ephedra diet supplements are documented in the New England Journal of Medicine, amongst other reputable sources, and the US Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tommy Thompson, has officially made the following statement: “…These products pose unacceptable health risks, and any consumers who are still using them should stop immediately.” This statement,a dn other supporting evidence can be found in the article entitled FDA Final Rule Banning Dietary Supplements With Ephedrine Alkaloids Becomes Effective from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. April 12, 2004 and can be read by following a link on Wikipedia.

FDA Approved Ephedra Diet Pills?

Despite drug and natural dietary supplement companies fighting the FDA ban on producing authentic ephedra diet pills, the substance remains illegal in the United States. Nevertheless, there are so called legal ephedra weight loss pills and dietary supplements still on the market that utilize bitter orange as a substitute. While bitter orange and caffeine (which are what many pills consist of) are not illegal substances, the side effects are similar and include a propensity to strokes and heart problems, therefore the “legal” pseudo-ephedra diet pills sold online are not necessarily considered risk free, or even safer, than those that contain the actual ephedra plant extract.

It’s obvious that ephedra / Chinese Ma Huang should be used only under the direction and care of a professional physician or natural healer who understands how this potent natural plant reacts in the human body. Individuals who are considering therapies that involve Ma Huang or ephedra should fully disclose their medical history to their care giver, especially making sure their practitioner is aware of any propensity toward cardiovascular or blood pressure issues.

Safe Effective Fast Weight Loss Tips

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