The Latest Cellulite Removal Treatments

The latest cellulite removal treatments are: mesotherapy, endermologie, Velasmooth cosmetic procedures using radio frequency and infrared light and other laser cellulite removal methods; Arasys treatments; liposuction surgery using SmartLipo or Lipodissolve; liposculpture using tumescent fluid; natural cellulitis treatment involving immune system boosters; and affordable cellulite creams such as Revitol. Let’s take a closer look at each treatment or procedure.

Mesotherapy Los Angeles – Dr. Bissoon from Paris to LA, New York…the world

Renowned mesotherapy Los Angeles treatment center, located in Beverly Hills, and run by Dr. Lionel Bissoon, is only one of the many clinics where men and women go for effective cellulite reduction procedures, which involve the insertion of tiny needles under the skin, delivering microscopic amounts of solutions that breakdown stubborn fatty deposits known as cellulite. Why do we single out this particular cellulite treatment center when there are hundreds of clinics? Because information about mesotherapy or homeopathic natural cellulite removal would be incomplete without the pioneering efforts of Dr. Bissoon who has worked tirelessly since 1999 to offer mesotherapy to the American people, to educate the public and train physicians to become specialist. After studying under the world’s leading French “mesotherapie” experts in Paris, he became one of the foremost American authorities on the subject, devising a new formula to eliminate cellulite dimples through a patented system called “mesotherapy stringcision”, and by authoring the book The Cellulite Cure – a cellulite removal bible. His remarkable formulation that blends amino acids, vitamins, minerals and ordinary medicines, as well as skillful techniques, have not gone unnoticed. He’s been talked about, interviewed and questioned by everyone from The New York Times and CBS to Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.

For more information on Mesotherapy Cellulite Treatments, how injections work and facts regarding procedures and prices, please consult the related post. If you’re looking for ways to effectively reduce cellulite, we suggest you buy Dr. Bissoon’s book, The Cellulite Cure, where you can learn what to expect from meso therapy and see before and after pictures of patients who’ve received treatments.


Before deciding to undergo invasive liposuction or liposculpture procedures, it’s wise to investigate other options, even controversial natural cellulite removal treatments and unconventional methods like endermologie.

If the term isn’t familiar, it may be because it’s also referred to as lipomassage, a noninvasive, non-surgical procedure that helps stimulate circulation so the body can eliminate toxins and sebaceous deposits like cellulite. It’s done using LPG cellulite removal machines. If you’re thinking LPG stands for Liquid Petroleum Gas (or Low Pressure Gas), thankfully it’s not true in this case. LPG endermologie cellulite removal machines are named after the French engineer, Louis Paul Guitay, who developed state-of-the-art equipment (during the mid 1980’s) to stimulate fatty tissue, encourage lymphatic drainage and increases vascular activity, inducing better circulatory functions via mechanical rollers and non-invasive suction.

Although endermologie treatments may be considered alternative, they’re backed by a long history of success. Louis-Paul Guitay is the founder of a line of physiotherapy equipment and cosmetic liposculpture cellulite reduction machines, and the originator of all the famed LPG equipment used in plastic surgery clinics and wellness centers. All this technology stems from this one remarkable visionary man who, after an injury and undergoing intensive spinal therapy, invented a system of mechanized consistent massage and circulatory stimulation for therapeutic purposes that have been developed (these past twenty years) into some of the most advanced skin / tissue enhancing, cell rejuvenating, anti-aging, fatty deposit and cellulite reducing equipment that exists.

How does endermologie work?

There’s no hidden formula. When it comes to how it helps eliminate cellulites, it’s about a means to help subcutaneous fat cells to stop sticking together, by stimulation and manipulation, getting them to start releasing trapped fluids and toxicity from fibrous pockets, the very ones that give the skin that unwanted orange-peel look. With better circulatory functions, the body’s lymphatic glands can naturally and safely flush out toxins, eliminate fluid retention and even help restore collagen building abilities. This is a means of natural cellulite removal where your own body is an active and willing participant. Louis-Paul Guitay and his LPG machines are all about wellness. It’s a welcome byproduct that when cells get healthy the body generates smoother, less cellulite-prone, more elastic, fresher and younger looking tissue/skin.


The new cellulite treatment called VelaSmooth does a lot more than help reduce the visible effects of cellulites. It also aids muscle and joint pain because it enhances blood circulation, similar to endermologie, encouraging the body to function more optimally, cleanse itself more effectively and be healthier overall. The result is tighter skin, firmer tone from within, less fatty cellulite deposits.

What are Velasmooth Cellulite Removal Machines All About?

FDA approved Velasmooth contouring machines rely upon what is called elĹŤs technology which is designed around two things:

  1. bi-polar radio frequency, also called RF for short
  2. intense pulse light, also called IPL for short

Although this is a procedure often classed under “laser cellulite removal”, it’s a more complex process — a blend of radio frequencies and optical energy, referred to as a laser, which targets specific areas of the body to breakdown fatty particles without damaging the epidermis. To notice improved skin tone and texture will require a series of professional treatment sessions, somewhere between eight and sixteen to get started, and these should be followed-up with session scheduled about twice a week until desired results are reached. It’s recommended that, in order to maintain an effective cellulite reduction program, a session or two should be undergone every couple of months.

Velasmooth Deep Tissue Manipulation, Skin Rejuvenation and Maintenance

The procedure takes about 45 minutes, wherein the patient will receive a cooling spray, and then the blended RF and IPL action begins. These two elements are also accompanied by deep suction and penetrating massaging rollers that manipulate the tissue. Patients will notice a sensation of warmth due to the intense light pulse, laser, however it’s not considered uncomfortable, and the rollers and massage are deep but not usually irritating to the skin.

The best way to get rid of cellulite and KEEP IT OFF is to maintain circulation stimulated and help the body rid itself of toxins and unwanted fluid continually. So, while Velasmooth HELPS to keep cellulite at bay and reduce it, it’s not a once in a lifetime procedure that cures cellulites forever. Lasting results require regular maintenance. If a healthy regime as well as treatments are abandoned, cellulite problems will reemerge in just a couple of months. That said, in fairness to all treatments, even the invasive ones like cellulite removal surgery, no solution entirely stops the body from storing fat, toxins or undesirable fluids as a result of a bad diet, lack of exercise, poor blood circulation or hormonal changes.

GRRRRRR…..Eat A Balanced Diet, Loose Weight, Do Cellulite Exercises

Almost every cellulite removal system or procedure comes with the same cliché advice – eat a balanced diet and do cellulite exercises…. but that’s not always the problem. Many people who suffer from cellulite aren’t necessarily overweight and may not be guilty of terrible diets or leading totally sedentary lives. Now what? Let’s look at a unique new system of stimulating the body into action without requiring intensive cellulite exercises.


Arasys is perhaps one of the most unusual high-tech ways to avoid cellulite exercises and yet still stop cellulite from overtaking your body. At first, it may appear to be a sort of electronic muscle stimulator (EMS) system because muscular contractions are indeed stimulated, and the body’s metabolic rate is increased and fat is burned, and it’s all done without a patient moving, while restfully connected to an Arasys machine. Although EMS and Arasys have some similarities, the methods are, technologically, worlds apart.

How does the Arasys machine offer both weight-loss and a cellulite solution?

Arasys machines are designed specifically for helping with weight-loss, muscle tone and increasing metabolism without making use of electrical currents that prod muscles into contracting unnaturally like EMS. The machines have been engineered to generate waves that induce nerves to imitate the motion that a natural workout would cause. This involves the brain’s own signaling mechanism and not just a muscular stimulant on its own.

The Lemuria corporation, responsible for creating these ingenious machines, explains that their equipment operates on what they call “waveform technology” (faradic waveforms). Faradic current is defined as a cycle of pulses, delivered intermittently using specific wave shapes and defined intensity. Alternate pulses and smooth waveforms do not produce any ionic transference or chemical alterations. Since the message for muscular stimulation and contraction comes via the nerve system, the resulting movement is less traumatic to the body. Sneakily, the body is tricked into reacting as if were really engaged in exercise. The result: stored fatty deposits are burned, weight-loss occurs, and the metabolic rate is heightened. There may also be regained elasticity in the skin, better overall tone, improved circulation and superior body oxygenation. The side effects are things like eased chronic joint pain, lessened muscle discomfort and a decrease of aches and pains due to age, ailments, injuries or inactivity. Arasys is not only used for cosmetic purposes but for aiding patients to recover after surgical procedures and injuries as well as for aiding postnatal abdominal muscle recovery. Each treatment takes about 20 minutes and many patients see quick results, measurable in inches, and noticeable cellulite reduction as well as smoother skin.

How does it work? Is it safe? Is it invasive?

It’s safe. There are no known side effects. It’s non-surgical and non-invasive. Here’s how it works: damp pads, or sponges, placed on the target areas of the body, are connected to the frequency delivered by the machine. There’s seldom pain or discomfort to a patient who rests comfortably throughout the process, sensing the vibrations, but without jarring or jolting that’s often accompanied by electronic muscle stimulation. Patients who have undergone these weight-loss and cellulite reducing treatments claim the entire process is soothing and results are visible after only a few sessions.


Liposuction is a procedure that’s highly invasive and falls under the heading of cosmetic surgery. It’s purpose is to eliminate deposits of fat located below the skin by inserting a cannula (which is a thin tube) into the region and then suctioning out undesirable deposits. If the procedure is conducted under general anesthetic, then anesthesia will be administered in the same way as with other surgical procedures where the patient is put to sleep and seduction is maintained through an intravenous drip. It may also be conducted under local anesthesia. That system is referred to as tumescent liposuction.

How is tumescent liposuction done?

There are two main methods:

  1. the basic tumescent procedure is where fat cells are injected with a diluted anesthetic solution that will cause the targeted region of fatty deposits to stiffen and swell
  2. the modified tumescent liposuction procedure combines the injection of diluted anesthesia with an intravenous drip to offer extra sedation. It’s more complicated and will require not only the surgeon but an anesthesiologist’s constant supervision during the entire procedure.

What factors determine the success of liposuction for men and women?

Although it may seem that the faster the procedure is conducted, and the more fat is suctioned out, the better the end results will be, however that isn’t the case. The main factor that will determine the outcome is about the skill, patience and experience your surgeon offers. Successful procedures require technique, a mastery of the artful craft of body sculpting, a lot of patience, and paying particular attention to details throughout the procedure.

The expertise and technical training of a surgeon must be accompanied by a sense of what is actually being achieved – the creation of a beautifully contoured body with smooth firm skin. This requires a patient surgeon, one who will not remove too much fat in a single session and cause the body to experience “shock” or leave an uneven surface. Skilled certified professional plastic surgeons will recommend a series of treatments over a period of time to sculpt the body instead of single high volume aspiration sessions that may cause trauma and lead to complications.

What are the safest methods?

First, you’ll want to ensure that your surgeon is skilled at using the latest microcannulas to achieve the smoothest results and eliminate the most common complaints which is about irregularities in fat deposits that may tend to leave the region with a lumpy look. If the tube, or cannula, being used is smaller than 3 milimeters, these will provide the best results. It requires skill and even more patience on the part of a surgeon to work with smaller cannulas and the procedures will likely take longer and multiple sessions will be scheduled over an appropriate time to allow for proper healing.

Second, the reason that the fastest procedures are often considered the best is because of complications that can arise if a patient is sedated for a prolonged length of time. General anesthesia is the most dangerous. Therefore it is considered safest to choose a tumescent liposuction procedure wherein the anesthetic solution will be delivered only locally to the region being treated and in most cases will contain epinephrine that has an added effect of aiding to minimize unnecessary loss of blood.

Also, when choosing the tumescent (and small cannula method), healing can be aided by means of small drainage incisions where excess fluid (anesthesia) may be absorbed into pads instead of passing through the body as would be the case for patients who’ve opted for general anesthetic. General anesthesia administered intravenously may require weeks for the body to eliminate and may slow the healing process and cause unnecessary complication.

Liposuction Prices

Aside from safety concerns, when weighing the pros and cons of the various invasive and none-invasive cellulite removal procedures, liposculpture cost is one determining factor for many people. It’s paramount to stress that the skill and qualifications of the surgeon are of more importance than finding a bargain, nevertheless, for budgeting purposes here are a range of liposuction prices for a few of the most common procedures.


For abdominal procedures you should budget between $2,000 to $7,500. The difference will depend on whether you need upper and lower areas done or just one region.


Having liposculpture cellulite removal surgery on the buttocks alone will cost around $1,500 to $4,500.

Thighs and Knees

For inner or anterior thighs and knees, as well as outer thigh areas, each region is priced separately, therefore for each you’ll need to budget between $1,600 and $5,000.

Waist and Hips

Waist or hip liposuctioned will also cost in the neighborhood of $1,600 to $5,000.

Anesthesiologist Fees and Non-surgical Costs

Please note that the prices are merely offered as a guideline, and do not constitute an exact quote. There may also be additional costs incurred if an anesthesiologist is required for complete sedation during a procedure. The higher prices suggested above, will likely include not only the surgeons fees but also non-surgical costs such as pre and post operative garments, lab tests, nursing, operating room costs, and post-operative care.

Combining Areas

Take into account that although each section is priced individually, body sculpting usually involves liposuction on a combination of related areas to achieve smooth results. For example a common combination is buttocks, thighs and hips. Some procedures may be done simultaneously during a single operation, while others may require separate operations to lessen the possibility of trauma.

How does choosing multiple areas affect the non-surgical fees when calculating liposuction price?

It affects the overall cost because the non-surgical fees such as operating room expenses and post operative care will not need to be calculated twice should the procedures be combined, therefore only the surgeon’s fees will be charged separate. This can reduce costs considerably.

What differentiates liposuction surgery, liposculpture and laser liposculpture; and what do the terms SmartLipo and Lipodissolve refer to?

1. Ultrasonic (UAL) Liposculpture versus Tumescent Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction and liposculpture may refer to similar procedures that utilize a combination of techniques and high-tech machines. For example, one form of liposculpture uses ultrasound equipment to assist in the process. It may also be termed UAL liposculpture and differs from regular liposuction because the cannula is guided by ultrasound to target fat and melt it away, or liquefy it, similar to laser method, which requires that the liquefied fat be drained through small incisions. Procedures that may be called tumescent liposculpture are essentially the same as tumescent liposuction, as described above. Body contouring or sculpting terms may be equally applied to all forms of laser, ultrasonic or tumescent procedures that concentrate on removing fatty deposits under the skin and flushing them out of the body is some way.

2. Laser Liposculpture

Laser liposculpture, also called lipolysis, is done with a tiny laser inside the cannula that is inserted under the skin into the region of fatty deposits to be treated. The laser liquefies the fat which can then be drained out of the body in two ways, through suction or small incisions from which the fluids drain into pads. Laser liposculpture is one of the preferred methods for fat and cellulite reduction due to smoother final results, fewer complications and less risk of scars. Why? In part because the cannulas inserted are very small and cause less trauma and because laser heat tightens the skin and therefore a smother surface may result.

Won’t cosmetic laser surgery damage connective tissue?

No. They only penetrate fat cells. This is state-of-the-art cosmetic laser surgery that fewer surgeons are qualified to do, and therefore is more expensive, but highly effective, less painful, and with fewer side affects like bruising and scarring. There are many types of machines that different clinics and surgeons use, some with combined laser and wavelength frequency technology. For more information on cosmetic laser surgery please consult the related post.

3. SmartLipo

SmartLipo is a laser cellulite removal system, also termed laser liposculpture, and was one of the first laser fat elimination methods developed using the patented SmartLipo machines. The high-tech machines, which have proved extremely effective against fat and cellulite, have made the machine’s brand name so popular it’s often thought to be a procedure in itself, although it’s actually laserlipolysis. The success is due to the variations of wavelengths the lasers use to target and melt fat with incredible precision, and how certain positive side effects aid in making SmartLipo one of the preferred cosmetic laser surgery methods to date. Because the heat of the laser waves cause capillaries to coagulate, the tissue is made firm and there’s very little loss of blood. Because the skin also contracts due to the heat, the problem with post-operative loose skin may be somewhat minimized, leaving a smoother, firmer surface that heals faster and with less anesthetic induced complications.

Many variations of the original SmartLipo machines are available, and it will depend on your specific surgeon which he/she will use. For example there is an MPX model that uses a blend of two wavelengths and the Triplex that offers three. Discuss with your certified physician which will be used and why to better understand how your body will react, what you’ll feel in each case, and how quickly you can expect to heal.

4. Lipodissolve

Because the term lipodissolve starts with “lipo” similar to liposuction and liposculpting, it’s often misunderstood as being a “procedure” when it’s really just the term used for a solution used in mesotherapy treatments (see related topic). The use of lipodissolve does not involve insertion of cannulas, suction, ultrasound machines, lasers or any equipment aside from small needles to inject the solution into the fatty deposits below the surface of the skin. Although the procedure itself has many names, lipodissolve (as it’s commonly known) has become the object of much controversy.

What the FDA says about Lipodissolve

It’s not FDA approved, partly due to the formula not having a standard list of ingredients. The ingredients used in the solutions injected subcutaneously may include inoffensive vitamins, minerals, amino acids and natural plant or herbal extracts. However, in order for mesotherapy injections to eliminate cellulite / fat there must be some lipid dissolving agent. Some formulas have been known to contain phosphatidylcholine used to break-down fat, an FDA approved substance for oral consumption but not for injections and therefore some of the controversy. Phosphatidylcholine is also known by the common term “lecithin”, which is a health supplement derived from soy or egg extracts – a substance that theoretically has the ability to help break up fat. It is believed that treated fat deposits may be flushed out of the body over a period of time through the body’s own elimination process.

Important Note: Lipodissolve, containing the above mentioned ingredient and others, is not a synonym for “mesotherapy”, nor do most professionals use the lipodissolve formulation. That particular formula has been known to cause serious side effects that include scarring and disfiguration. However, there are numerous mesotherapy solutions used for micro-injections, not only this notorious one.

Mesotherapy Micro Injection Formulas

Many experienced physicians who offer mesotherapy treatments use a proprietary formula in their micro injections. These may have very little in common with any of the infamous lipodissolve cocktails. Therefore if you choose to give mesotherapy a try, it’s important to discuss with your physician what the injections contain and how they work. Be sure to disclose your complete medical history so the mesotherapy specialist can assess possible negative side affects or reactions that the natural or chemical ingredients may produce. Amongst the possible natural cellulite removal treatments that exist, this is one that, if it works will take time, and the effects may not be quickly apparent.

Natural Cellulite Removal

If surgery, liposuction, laser treatments, mesotherapy or any of the techniques involving cellulite removal machines aren’t for you, here are some simple tips on how to reduce cellulite in natural ways.

Massage, Manipulation and Manual Circulation Stimulation

The reason that some cellulite removal machines are effective has to do with increasing blood circulation. Many use a combination of methods to break down fatty deposits, such as massaging, manipulation, external suction, stimulation of nerve and muscle activity, increasing metabolism and generally aiding the body to naturally eliminate toxins and retained fluids.

Instead of going for massage treatments that rely on machines, manual massages can be done at home, and may include deep penetrating self massages with certain essential oils that, if absorbed by the skin, may encourage break-up of fat. Some of the most commonly recommended natural extracts are cedar, rosemary and juniper. Lavender and sandalwood are often used, however the stronger ones such as clove or cinnamon oil may produce a slight tingling sensation which means they’re also encouraging blood flow to that area. Most manipulations, and formulas oil formulas that activate blood circulation will be beneficial if used regularly.

Dry Brushing

Some women have also found that a technique called “dry brushing” is one of the best ways to reduce cellulite in the thigh, buttocks and hip area. It’s done using a (soft to medium) natural bristle brush, stroking upward and out, using firm penetrating motions. When dry brushing is done for about a half hour each morning or evening, the effects are often noticeable quite quickly. It’s primarily a means to stimulate blood circulation in the area, and a side effect is healthier, firmer tissue, less cellulite and smoother skin.

When trying any of the massage or manipulation-based natural cellulite removal methods on yourself (or with the aid of a massage therapist), it’s important to increase the amount of water you drink daily so the body can flush away toxins. It has been suggested that it can be helpful to increase your intake of vitamin C, drink grapefruit juice and eat lots of raw garlic.

Cellulite Removal Cream

Anti cellulite cream and gel formulations abound and all of them claim to be effective when used regularly in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. The questions women have are, do they really work? And if so, which are the best cellulite creams on the market? Consider some of the top brands and see what they contain and how they work.

Basic Cellulite Removal Cream Ingredients

Cellulite removal cream ingredients, in general, act as vasodilators that stimulate circulation, and with increased blood flow to the area, it’s possible that the body’s own system of eliminating toxins and fatty build-ups may be optimized. That’s why one ingredient sometimes used in these creams is capsicum, which has capsaicin – a lipophilic substance, which means it can dissolve fat. “Lipo” is about fat, as in “liposuction” which pertains to fat elimination through suction. But what’s fun to know about capsicum is that it’s common name is simply: chili pepper.

Other ingredients in some of the most effective cellulite reduction creams are ordinary things like caffeine, well-known to stimulate the metabolism. Some also contain natural algae and Asian green tea, primarily as detoxifying agents. Retinol A may be found in some preparations in order to aid the body in producing collagen for skin repair, to have better elasticity and a smoother, firmer appearance. Aminophylline is another ingredient in cellulite removal cream preparations. What’s Aminophylline? A medication used for bronchial ailments, which acts as a bronchodilator, in other words it helps to open passages, and is also known to act as a body-fat reducing agent.

Aside from a few active ingredients, like the ones mentioned above, the majority of cellulite treatment cream formulations consist of essential oils, traces of herbal extracts like sage and aloe, and basic moisturizers like shea butter, nice for massaging into the skin, albeit not exclusive to cellulite preparations.

Here are some of the most popular preparations:

1. Revitol Cream

Although Revitol cream contains a small amount of capsicum (chili peppers), its main ingredient is caffeine – to stimulate blood flow. Why doesn’t having a few more cups of coffee a day produce the same results? Revitol cream manufacturers claim that imbibing caffeine-laden drinks won’t work in the same way because the caffeine isn’t specifically directed to target areas. Retinol A is the other main ingredient that helps to rejuvenate skin cells.

There are many good reviews about the Revitol cellulite solution, however there’s so much publicity it’s difficult to differentiate between genuine cellulite cream product reviews and marketing tactics. Since it only costs $20 per tube and the shea butter makes it great for massing into the legs, thighs, buttocks and abdomen, even as a moisturizer with possible cellulite reducing effects, it’s worth giving a try.

2. Adonia LegTone Serum

This product isn’t as well known to the general public as Revitol cream, but there’s an extraordinary amount of celebrity endorsement behind this cellulite and toning system, which may mean it works, or may mean lots of celebrities receive free products or get paid really well for their endorsements.

Adonia LegTone Serum is primarily based on organic oils like neroli and cypress as well as a list of delicious sounding herbs, fruits, and essential oils like: grapefruit, lemon peel, carrot seed, laurel, ginger and rosemary. However, the only notable ingredient is plant stem cells, which after much research, we’ve found is the part of a plant that self-renews. It’s possible that plant stem cells, carefully harvested, could contain cytokinin, a phytohormone (a plant hormone) known to stimulate cell division and retard the aging process…mmmm…in plants. Although it stimulates plant growth and cell division, it’s not quite the same as regenerating human tissue or eliminating fat.

Results are said to be instant and can last for up to 12 hours, however, it’s claimed that if the serum is used regularly, in about two months, a noticeable reduction in cellulite will become apparent. The problem, from what we can discover, is the absence of an active ingredient that could effectively target cellulite or burn fat cells. It may be a lovely essential oil formulation for massages, but is it worth the price. It costs $80 for a small bottle (even if websites offer it for less, when you checkout it always comes to $79), therefore it seems to be an expensive way to purchase massage oil.

Despite impressive before and after pictures on the manufacture’s official website, it’s difficult to find a review from a non-celebrity who has used it and written about how it reduced their cellulite. If you know something we don’t about this Leg Tone Serum, please write and share your experiences.

3. Procellix Cellulite Treatment Cream

One of the ways to get rid of cellulite is with a cream, which through massaged gets into the skin and is absorbed through the pores. In order for a cream, lotion, soap, or gel to work it must contain an active ingredient that could, at least theoretically, destroy or eliminate fat deposits when it reaches them. That’s one reason so many products fail to produce effective results. They simply don’t have an element that breaks down lipids. Here’s where the best anti cellulite cream formulation will differ from the nice smelling, fun massage oil types of products – it will have something that melts away or destroys fat. Procellix cellulite lotion has just such an ingredient called aminophylline. It also has other things like sage, guarana extract, which contains caffeine, as well as aloe and algae.

It’s worth giving this product a try although it’s quite expensive, about $75 for a tube. You can get a Procellix free trial (with an order of two bottles) if you enter your mailing information on the official website.

4. Dermology

Like most of the products that boast natural cellulite removal, Dermology cellulite cream claims to be all natural. Similar to others, it’s based primarily on Retinol A and caffeine. The manufacturers of this product state that in order to see a noticeable difference in about a month, the cream should be applied twice daily.

Dermology cellulite cream may or may not quickly eliminates fat deposits in your particular case, however it’s still worth giving the product a try because it has other skin enhancing benefits. It aids to stimulate collagen production, helps with elasticity, and prevents and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. It can help to stop stretch marks from starting if used regularly during the first stages of pregnancy. For bodybuilders who are working to bulk up mass, rubbing their arms, legs, thighs and back with the cream may help reduce the risk of stretching the skin as muscles grow.

Dermology anti cellulite cream is available online and costs around $50 a jar, although there are discounts when buying more than one product at a time.

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