The Latest Colorwash Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Technique and Prices Part II

Standard permanent eyeliner tattoo procedures that employ basic micropigmentation techniques have been adapted to provide unique effects. One such adaptation is the “colorwash” cosmetic tattoo eyeliner that micropigmentation expert Jeanee Lusby offers to her clients at her permanent makeup center in La Jolla California. As founder of NaturaLook Institute of Permanent Cosmetics, and as a member of The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals / American Academy of Micropigmentation, and being a nurse, Jeanee Lusby is qualified to provide not only advanced services to clients but to train other specialist in the industry.

Two of the trademarks of the NaturaLook Institute of Permanent Cosmetics are:

  1. 1. the natural permanent eyeliner tattoo procedure using Nouveau Contour equipment
  2. 2. the trademarked ColorWash designer cosmetic tattoo eyeliner technique

What is a ColorWash permanent eyeliner tattoo?

It’s Jeanee Lusby’s answer to permanent liner with a smudged look. She describes it as “one of my most challenging procedures” that utilizes a multilayer pigmentation technique to implants color in steps that may require more than one session to achieve because three or four layers of various pigment shades are deposited on the eyelid to create the smoky eye effect that previously could only be achieved with powdered makeup. It’s also possible to use the ColorWash permanent eyeliner tattoo technique to correct previous cosmetic tattoo eyeliner mistakes.

{Jeanee Lusby’s exclusive techniques are available at NaturaLook Institute of Permanent Cosmetics at A Medical Corporation, 9850 Genesee Avenue #220, La Jolla, California.}

Watch Jeanee Lusby as she demonstrates the ColorWash cosmetic tattoo eyeliner technique in this video courtesy of NaturalLook.

ColorWash Designer Eyeliner Performed by Master Trainer Jeanee Lusby:

How Much Does Eyeliner Tattoo Cost?

There’s a basic price outline {below}for services offered at the NaturaLook center, but notice that in the video, Jeenee Lusby addresses the question that’s on every woman’s mind: how much does eyeliner tattoo cost? and answers it by saying, “Too many women choose their artists based on who’s the cheapest in town. Remember this is YOUR FACE, the color and design are going to be there for a long time and will be seen by EVERYONE. Trust me, this is not the time to be looking for a bargain..”

The NaturaLook Tattoo Eyeliner Prices are NOT the cheapest, but Jeenee Lusby explains. “An artist will charge what she thinks she’s worth. You really do get what you pay for.”

NaturaLook Eyebrow, Lip and Permanent Tattoo Eyeliner PRICES:

A full range of micropigmentation services are available at the La Joya Clinic:

  1. eyeliner tattoo cost:
    a personalized style starts at about $500
  2. ColorWash eyeliner tattoo cost:
    a ColorWash permanent eyeliner tattoo for soft smoky eyes starts around $600
  3. eyebrow tattoo cost:
    shaping, correction and hair-stroke techniques start around $550
  4. lip liner tattoo cost:
    outlining, blending, flaw correction and lip definition starts around $650. Full lip tattoos that replace lipstick begin around $800

Retouching Your Cosmetic Tattoo Eyeliner – Touch-up Costs

Tattoo eyeliner prices often include a follow-up session for touch ups however this will depend on the tattoo artist, aesthetician, micropigmentation technician or permanent makeup clinic so check beforehand to find out if touch-ups are complimentary, what they includes and how long after the initial procedure they can be done.

If the initial eyeliner tattoo cost does not include retouching, find out how much extra you’ll have to pay. It’s not uncommon for specialists to charge around $50 {or more} for a touch-up, although for some small corrections this charge may be waved.

Keep in mind that if the eyeliner tattoo procedure is successful, as per your initial instructions, but afterwards you change your mind and want a thicker line, a darker, lighter or different color added, or want a style modification {due to your personal desire and not because of a technical or healing issue}, the specialist will probably charge a fee – likely a percentage of his/her standard tattoo eyeliner prices.

How soon can you schedule a permanent eyeliner tattoo touch-up session?

A second permanent eyeliner tattoo procedure should not be scheduled sooner than 4 weeks after the initial one. Retouching too soon may lead to:

Tattoo Eyeliner Risks

  1. excessive damage to the skin resulting in scar tissue forming
  2. possible infection or prolonged inflammation
  3. deeper scab formation that may result in more pigment lifting with the scabs
  4. tissue becoming saturated with pigment resulting in uneven color distribution

No experienced professional micropigmentation specialist will do a touch up on an eyeliner tattoo before the epidermis and dermis are completely healed. If you follow your expert’s eyeliner tattoo aftercare instructions and there are still scabs or flaking after four weeks, then it’s best to wait a full 6 weeks. Micropigmentation touch-ups on eyebrows can usually be done within a similar timeframe, however lips may require a little longer to heal so schedule retouching sessions on lips after about 8 weeks.

Continue learning about micropigmentation procedures and costs; view eyeliner tattoo pictures and watch videos; discover proper eyeliner tattoo aftercare and find out how eyeliner tattoo removal can be successfully achieved using lasers or a product called EliminInk by Cynergy {which your micropigmentation expert may be able to offer}by choosing another article in the permanent eyeliner tattoo series:

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