Atsumi Therapies to Cleanse Your Body and Calm Your Spirit

Atsumi healing to cleanse your body involves fasting and detoxifying the impurities in the physical body through natural herbal therapies, holistic nutritionally balanced drinks as well as yoga and mediation. It can include acupuncture, shiatsu and Thai massage, as well as personal and spiritual development through a variety of techniques.

In Phuket Thailand, the Atsumi Retreat is a healing center; a place to cleanse your body, mind, spirit; detox using a guided cleanse diet, lose weight, get energized, regain balance in your physical and emotional life and learn techniques of love and acceptance that can be practiced in daily life.

Cleanse Your Body in Paradise

The relaxing Atsumi Retreat and Healing Center, which offers various levels of body cleansing programs, is located in the southern region of Phuket. The calm atmosphere, amidst rubber trees, is ideal for beginners who want to try a cleanse diet for the first time or for those who already understand the benefits of TOTAL body cleansing techniques. Participants may choose to spend a few days, weeks or an entire month in the tranquility of the Atsumi natural setting.

A Cleanse Diet for the Body and Therapies for the Spirit

The Atsumi mind, spirit and body cleansing center is the realized dream of an Australian visionary named John Richard Chatteris. As a natural healer, counselor and NLP Master, he established Atsumi in a secluded setting based on the principles of living in an enlightened state of being. He believed that to cleanse your body you would need more than colon flushes, and therefore his approach to detoxify the body included emotional and spiritual counseling, therapies and workshops to foster an overall sense of well-being, and encourage love. Mr. John Richard Chatteris also wrote a book entitled: Love, Feeling and Emotion.

Choose Your Program to Get Rid of Cellulite, Lose Weight, Detoxify, Relax

If you want to know how to lose weight in a week or two, how to regain energy, how to eliminate toxins using a juice diet, or water diet, and how to cleanse your body from head to toe , revitalizing your entire being, then a visit to the Atsumi Healing Center may be well worth the effort – no mater where you live.

What the Body Cleansing Center Offers

Depending on the level of program you choose and the duration of your stay, which can range from a basic three day Ayurvedic cleanse or a five – seven day cleanse diet program, or even longer (up to a month), you’ll be offered all or some of the following to detoxify the body.

Colonics, Probiotics and Liver Flushing

Colonics are provided twice a day during all programs regardless of their length. Everyday you’ll also be served psyllium – bentonite clay drinks as well as probiotic pills during and after the cleanse. In order to detoxify the liver, a daily liver-flushing cleansing drink will be administered to all participants.

Thai and Chinese Massage Therapies

One of the great benefits of detoxifying the body in Thailand is receiving daily Thai massages for an hour. For those who undertake the seven day (or longer) program, there’s an additional Chinese massage therapy included which targets the abdomen. It’s called the Chi Nei Tsang massage.

Herbal Teas, Detox Shakes, Sirulina, and Coconuts

The Atsumi Healing Center, while focusing on body cleansing through water, herbal teas and detox shakes, also offers modern facilities such as a place to have a daily steam sauna with herbs, swimming pools, bicycles, a completely equipped gym and a video / book library to research information, study or just relax.

It will depend on your personal needs how your program will be designed to cleanse your body, but many guests will be delighted with the herbal/ lemon and ginger tea, detox shakes, wheatgrass shooters, daily coconut drinks, mineral broths, organic spirulina, as well as other herbal and nutritional supplements.

Learning to Alter Habits

While you’re participating in the colon cleanse, fasting, and conducting a general body cleansing at the retreat, you’ll be given the basic tools to continue healthful habits at home, including a raw food recipe book that can aid in altering unhealthy eating habits and establish new ones no mater what lifestyle you lead.

Workshops that are offered include ones about raw food, discussions on how to prevent and eliminate Candida as well as different monthly workshops that are presenting according to needs.

The center also helps to monitor your daily blood pressure, and guests can choose additional services such as body fat testing, supplementary spa treatments and personalized therapies like Ion cleansing, infrared sessions and the use of oxygen.

Activities While You Detoxify the Body

Aside from the fasting, juice cleansing, raw food detoxing and fun little extras like parasite zapping, the time at the center can be spend learning or practicing Tai Chi, meditation, belly dancing or Tai boxing. The main daily activities in which everyone can participate are the group or partner yoga sessions as well as invigorating walks in the nearby mountains or along the beach.

If you’re worried about being bored while you detoxify the body, it’s not very likely considering all the activities available. Many guests enjoy shopping trips to the bustling Thai night markets (yes they’re only open at night), tours to places like Big Buddha, mountain walks, beach excursions, soaking up sunshine in the gardens or swimming in the pools.

How Much Does A Cleanse Diet Cost at Atsumi?

Cleansing your body at the Atsumi Healing Center retreat is more affordable than some other centers in Phuket. For example, their all-inclusive program – the 9 day Master Cleanse, costs about $1,200 USD (around €900) for one person, but couples can get a substantial discount. There are shorter detox cleanse diets that start at around $400 (€300 aprox.), mostly for beginners.

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