Tips and Tricks to Turn Thin Eyebrows into Thick Eyebrows

Here are tricks and tips for men and women who need to know how to get thicker eyebrows naturally and natural oil recipes that help turn thin eyebrows into thick ones within about 2 months.

{Please note that the following tips and tricks on how to get thicker eyebrows do not apply to individuals who have medical conditions such as alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease. In some cases of alopecia, a physician may suggest injecting corticosteroid treatments, prescribe topical steroid creams/ointments, or oral corticosteroid therapy, although there are significant side effects. One of the most effective experimental treatments for both mild alopecia areata and alopecia totalis is Diphenylcyclopropenone {known as DCP}, a topical therapy which, in clinical trials over the past twenty years, has shown varying rates of success – between 26% – 48% of participants demonstrating improved hair regrowth within about ten weeks, and up to 60% of participants showing some hair growth improvement after 6 months. Side effects from DCP are considered less severe than those from corticosteroid therapy, but may include dermatitis, enlarging of the lymph nodes, hives, and in less frequent cases, a condition called vitilgo that can lead to loss of skin pigmentation.}

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1. Problem:

My eyebrows are too thin because I over tweezed them


Here’s how to get thicker eyebrows using essential oils

Even healthy brow hair tends to take about two months to grow, however improving circulation and basic skin conditions by providing nutrients, stimulants and hair strengthening conditioners, can aid in speeding up the process or at least creating a favorable environment that minimizes breakage of new or weak hairs. It’s not just about waiting 60 days for hair to grow but about nurturing HEALTHY growth that will be less prone to breakage, etc.

That’s why rubbing a variety of natural essential oils into the brow area is recommended for men and women with thin eyebrows. It’s possible to get thicker natural eyebrows {within about 2 months} if certain essential oil blends are used once/twice daily, or rubbed/brushed into the brow at bedtime {brushing stimulates blood circulation}and/or left during the night. In some cases, oil blends only need to be applied for 15 – 30 minutes then removed. One example of an oil blend that requires about 15 minutes is the recipe provided {below} that contains 7 {of the following 12} essential oils including lavender and olive oil.

List of 12 Essential Oils to Help You Grow Thick Eyebrows:

Here’s the list of the best, and most recommended, eyebrow hair strengthening, stimulating, conditioning and thickening oils. Use single oils or blend them according to recipes {two such recipes are provided under Problem 2}:

a. olive oil {use as much as you like and/or utilize as a base for essential oil recipes}

Olive Hair Oil by Dabur

b. camphor oil {it can be used alone but applied sparingly – it’s quite strong}

Pure Camphor Essential Oil by Natures Alchemy

c. lavender essential oil {most recipes call for about a ¼ or a ½ teaspoon when blended with other essential oils – most use olive or coconut oils as a base}

Pure Lavender Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade

d. rosemary oil {¼ or a ½ teaspoon with other oils}

Pure Rosemary Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade

e. thyme extract {¼ or a ½ teaspoon with other oils}

Pure Thyme Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade

f. natural pine oil {a few drops or no more than a ¼ teaspoon with other oils}

Pure Pine Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade

g. sandalwood oil {¼ teaspoon with other oils}

Pure {Australian} Sandalwood Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade

h. essential lemon oil {a few drops in other oil blends}

Pure Lemon Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade

i. castor oil {can be used on its own}

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

j. coconut oil {can be used alone or as a base with essential oil blends}

Enriched Coconut Hair Oil

k. Moroccan Argan oil / vitamin E {can be used alone, although one of the products under Problem 3 is Moroccanoil Oil Treatment which is a blend}

ArganGold – Cold Pressed Argan Oil for Hair & Body by Watts Beauty

l. Indian Butea frondosa – with astringent properties from tannin (tannic acid}

Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil for Hair Growth by Biotique

2. Problem:

I have thin eyebrows and want a cheap treatment I can make at home


How to get thicker eyebrows naturally using simple DIY recipes

Hair regrowth treatments and ayurvedic preparations can be made at home to achieve thicker, fuller and healthier natural eyebrows.

Two Recipes for Treating Thin Eyebrows:

One recipe to stimulate hair growth for thicker eyebrows includes essential oils of: lavender, rosemary, thyme, pine, sandalwood, lemon and olive oil. Use no more than ½ a teaspoon of the stronger essential oils in an olive oil base.

Another recipe that’s helped men and women turn thin eyebrows into thick eyebrows consists of blending coconut oil with essential oils of rosemary and lemon along with kachri, neem oil*, brahmi, harar and even henna for color. Use the coconut oil as a base and add about ¼ teaspoon {or less} of the essential oils.

* Editors Note: Neem oil can have a strong smell but it’s a potent hair growth treatment because it contains, amongst other things, natural steroids known as stigmasterol, beta-sitosterol and campesterol as well as triterpenoids. It tends to have an antiseptic effect and is used to teat skin conditions like eczema, chronic dryness / flakiness of the scalp and therefore popular in Indian hair care and skin products. Use a little on the brow area to cleanse, stimulate circulation, condition and promote healthy hair growth. Best blended with coconut oil.

Neem Oil by Now Foods

3. Problem:

I want thick eyebrows but don’t have time to mix oils or create formulas at home


how to get thicker eyebrows without knowing about essential oil properties

If you don’t want to try your hand at combining ayurvedic essential oils on your own you can buy pre-mixed formulations that are all ready to apply, such as:

Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil

Bhringraj Oil for Hair Growth by Biotique

Moroccanoil Oil Treatment

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For more ideas on how to turn your thin eyebrows into luscious thick eyebrows as fast as possible {using special eyebrow hair regrowth products}, go to the related post entitled: How To Make Your Eyebrows Grow Back Thicker and Faster. There you’ll find a list of 10 products you can buy online, plus more tips on how to get thicker eyebrows by using gels that actually work for many women, as well as a list of recommended dietary supplements that help stimulate hair growth in thin eyebrows {over the long-term}.

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