Personalized Colon and Tissue Cleanse Diet Programs in Thailand

Detoxify the body with a personalized cleanse diet; receive a holistic health assessment and one-on-one counseling while fasting; know what reactions may occur while cleansing; participate in yoga, receive daily massages and colema treatments; indulge in steam saunas during your colon and tissue body cleansing fast; choose facials, body scrubs and firming wraps as part of your WHOLE body rejuvenation experience – all this and more from Atmanjai Detox & Wellness Center in Phuket, Thailand.

Why Go to Thailand to Detoxify the Body

Is there a place near you that offers a personally guided body cleansing program that includes five daily cleansing drinks, two colema treatments per day, ion cleanses, ozone infusions, infrared saunas, daily photon laser sessions, daily deep tissue massages, all natural vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements; seaweed scrubs, marine wraps, algae facials, proper doses of essential daily cleansing herbs, organic oils, fresh coconut milk and all the filtered water you can imbibe, while relaxing on a paradisiacal tropical beach?

If there isn’t a center to help detoxify the body in your area that offers all the above, and you’re serious about enhancing your energy level, improving your health, boosting your immune system, losing weight, reducing cellulite, and rejuvenating your Entire body and mind, then start your personal cleanse diet under the expert guidance of professionals at the Atmanjai center in Phuket, Thailand.

14 Day Cleanse Diet Cost

Deciding to begin your cleanse diet in Thailand is much more affordable that you might imagine and provides a unique health and rejuvenation experience that sightseeing or adventure holidays simply can’t offer. A two week personalized programs (14 days with supplements, juice, herbs, massage, etc) starts at around $1,900. The most intensive program offered, called Ultra body cleansing (all-inclusive two week program) costs just over $3,000 (based on conversion from Thai Baht to USD at the time of writing). Three day programs start around $750 (approximate Baht conversion for detox programs only. Accommodation is calculated separately)

Let’s look into what’s offered at one of the top Thai body cleansing centers in Phuket to understand how their programs work to get rid of cellulite, lose weight, eliminate waste in the colon as well as boost the immune system and energize the ENTIRE body.

Basics Facts About Colon and Tissue Cleanse Diet Programs at Atmanjai

According to Michael Massey, director of the Atmanjai Detox and Wellness Center, as well as countless professionals in natural medicine who promote body detoxification, fasting is one of the best and most efficient ways to stimulate elimination of toxins. Why? Because the body takes a break from digesting food, allowing it to focus energy on ridding itself of waste that has accumulated in cells, tissue and organs.

  1. Modified Fasting
  2. A genuine fast, strictly speaking, would be a water diet, however what’s offered at this center to detoxify the body is more accurately termed a “tissue cleanse” that incorporates rebuilding, rejuvenating and purifying with the help of natural herbs, juice, massage and colema treatments as well as light exercise. Draining the lymphatic glands is also important – nevertheless, a whole body cleanse must first eliminate the stagnant waste built up in the colon, and therefore one of the primary initial focuses is to get the bowels moving with the help of the colema (also known as an enema).

  3. Colema
  4. It’s important to note that while the colema therapy forms part of the cleanse diet, the center does not endorse prolonged colonic hydrotherapy unless a WHOLE body cleansing is being conducted. Colonic cleansing is ONE aspect of detoxifying the body, not the only one that counts.

    While participating in one of the cleanse diet programs, many important facts regarding digestion and intestinal activity will be learnt from the professionals who offer guidance – for example, the large intestine requires bacterial activity to aid digesting and assimilating nutrients, therefore GOOD bacteria must be replenished and/or stimulated in the large intestine. At Atmanjai the colon is cleansed with a clay / water mixture each day (five minute treatments) but “helpful bacteria” is replenished through supplements.

  5. Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss, Detoxification, Stimulation
  6. Another part of the program involves staring the day with an apple cider vinegar and honey mixture in hot water – to get things stimulated quickly. And to help with a whole body cleanse, the programs includes assisting the pancreas and liver to function more efficiently using herbals preparations such as chlorophyll.

  7. Intense Programs Without Solid Food
  8. There are several programs to choose from, but the more intense ones, such as the Master Cleanse and the Ultra Body Cleanse Diet are all designed WITHOUT participants ingesting solid food. The supplements and cleansing formulas are sufficient to satisfy the body without feeling hunger.

  9. Niacin Blood Circulation Stimulation
  10. One unique feature of the Atmanjai programs is that of providing a blood circulation boost with the help of niacin. This stimulates circulation and effectively aids the elimination process. This is one bonus most other centers in the region don’t offer.

  11. Duration of Cleanse Diet
  12. The programs depend on how long you can devote to cleansing – from 3, 5, 7, 10 or 14 days. The longer you can cleanse, including easing into fasting beforehand, and easing out afterward, the better for your body. It takes time for the body to achieve a proper chemical balance, to establish a natural metabolic rate, to digest efficiently, absorb nutrients and to ultimately eliminate waste effectively. It takes time to calm the mind, to relax, to release tensions and stress, and let the cleansing take place in the ENTIRE body and mind/spirit/soul. Only when the body is relaxed, purified, functioning naturally and eliminating daily waste, will it be able to defend itself from sickness or heal itself of ailments / existing disease. Rejuvenation is possible, wellbeing can be achieved, and therefore a complete detoxification is best done over during at least a week or two.

  13. Cleanse Your Body Not Just Your Colon
  14. Sun, fresh air, adequate rest – where the body in fact is relaxed and able to repair itself – along with exercise (not overly strenuous workouts but things like yoga and tai chi), and a soothing environment conducive to healing, are all part of the WHOLE body cleansing techniques offered at Atmanjai – Phuket’s beautiful Friendship Beach Resort.

What Happens After the 14 Day Program Ends?

The beauty of the programs offered is that each person is taught to self administer the herbs, supplements and care for their own cleansing needs so that upon completion, the juice diet or body cleansing principles can be continued along with a healthful diet plan. The months following the detox (especially six months) are especially important to continue monitoring diet to maintain the long-term benefits of a detoxified body. The professionals at Atmanjai teach you how to do this. Supplements and herbs required can be taken home or replenished afterward.

Also, Michael Massey, Director of the Atmanjai Wellness Center, a certified NLP & Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner as well as detoxification consultant and Vital Health Coach, offers a downloadable ebook called Tools to Be Well Now. It can be obtained on the Atmanjai website and offers detailed information you can use at home on how to maintain the benefits of the detox cleanse as well as step by step instructions on applying affordable health techniques in your everyday life.

To see what the Atmanjai body cleansing center offers and what atmosphere awaits you while participating in a cleanse diet, the following videos will prove helpful:

There are also a series of videos available on YouTube under AtmanjaiTV.

What if you can’t afford to go to Thailand for a detox cleanse?

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