How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost in the United States?

Abdominoplasty is the medical term for a tummy tuck, and in the United States, tummy tuck cost is determined by the surgeon’s fees as well as two other factors namely the anesthesiologist’s fees (which is charged separately) and the operating room fees (because most procedures will require hospitalization or at least an operating space).

Hospital fees, and what the anesthesiologist will charge, can be calculated quite accurately, however plastic surgery prices are dependant on what each surgeon charges, and the variables are immense depending on the patient’s needs, the location, the experience / fame of the surgeon and what type of liposuction will be used, as well as how much skin removal or tightening will be required.

The price will be altered based on the type of treatment you choose, be it a laser liposculpture procedure, perhaps a VASER lipo treatment, or the standard tumescent lipo operation. Abdominoplasty costs are therefore calculated taking into account what technology and treatment will be used to eliminate the fatty deposits. The fastest procedures will cost less. Laser lipo and ultrasonic liposuction cost is reduced if the time of the operation can be minimized and if patient downtime is lessened eliminating hospital stays.

Liposuction doctors who specialize in tummy tuck procedures will sit down and discuss the costs involved, often offering liposuction financing options and choices of treatments to reduce costs to make the procedure fit into your budget. In the United States, most anesthesiologist’s fees will be under $1,000, often around $700 or $800 depending on the length and complexity of the procedure. If the surgeon has stated that part of the tummy tuck cost you must take care of requires a hospital stay / operating room fees, then you will likely have to calculate about $1,000 for that.

What about the surgeon’s fees? It’s seldom less than $3,000. The cost of a tummy tuck is therefore going to start around $5,000. That’s the low-end average cost of tummy tuck in the United States. The midrange cost, including all abdominoplasty costs such as operating room, anesthesia, hospital stay and surgeon fees will be closer to $7,500. For surgeons who are famed for their laser liposculpture techniques or for their above average cosmetic surgery abilities, it’s not uncommon for them to charge $8,500 to almost $10,000 for an all-inclusive procedure.

So, how much does a tummy tuck cost in your particular state? Check out the average based on regions and you’ll see that Texas tends to have a lower tummy tuck cost than California or New York.

What About Going Abroad?

There are some Mexican clinics that offer cheap cosmetic surgery that many American clients have found to be hygienic, professional and offer state-of-the-art treatments including laser liposuction and Vaser lipo procedures. Some patients have been able to reduce their tummy tuck cost to around $3,000 by choosing a foreign surgeon, from Mexico for ease of travel, but there are also some great cosmetic surgery clinics in Argentina and Brazil. There are Argentinean liposuction doctors who are well versed in vaser lipo technology and offer procedures for $2,800 / $2,900. The savings could pay for your flight and maybe a little holiday while you recover!

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