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The latest Emjoi tweeze epilator is cutting edge body and facial hair removal with 72 tweezer-heads that glides over your skin leaving it smooth and hair free. Eliminate hairs on the chin, upper lip, underarms, bikini line, legs and anywhere you need to remove unwanted hair. The Emjoi epilator devices almost make tweezing with tweezers obsolete because the series of irritation free Glide Technology machines that Emjoy offers ranges from the Emjoi Emagine Tweezer-Head Epilator (with the 72 tweezerheads) for just under $100, to the handy precision AP-9TMOB Emjoi Tweeze device that removes a single hair at a time, for under $15.

Why Choose Emjoi Tweeze

It’s painless. If that’s not enough to have ladies running out to buy the Emjoi Tweeze device then perhaps the fact that it’s designed to attract even a single small hair and pluck it out with precision accuracy, may be more than enough to decide to choose one of the epilators. The epilation devices doesn’t scratch or pull at the skin or irritate like tweezing with regular stainless steel tweezers. The Emjoi Tweeze is lightweight and small enough to carry around, and is battery operated for ease of use anywhere without cords or plugs. It costs just under $15 and will eliminate unwanted hairs from your chin, upper lip, underarms and wherever you have a single stray hair (except the brow).

What’s the Downside to the Emjoi tweeze epilator hair removal collections?

The Emjoi epilator series, even the small AP-9TMOB that plucks out a single hair, isn’t designed to tweeze eyebrows. For many ladies, facial hair removal is about eyebrow shaping, and unfortunately, for the precision job that a brow requires, it’s still essential to use a pair of tweezers in that very delicate area above the eye. What are the best tweezers to shape and tweeze eyebrows?

High-tech Tweezerman Tweezers for Eyebrows

Tweezing eyebrows is easy with the series of professional tweez products that Tweezerman offers.

The Expert Touch Gel Grip Tweezer is just one of the most innovative products when it comes to slant tweezers. The soft gel grip allows for expert control without slipping while having flexibility to create the shape you need. The mid section is designed in a unique way with a wide area that makes it easy to hold the tweezers while working, while the slanted ends are still delicate enough to pluck out the finest of hairs.

Tweezerman recommends that when you tweeze your brow, you first place a hot cloth on the area to open the pores, then tweeze, and afterward, close the pores with a cold cloth and a gentle astringent.

The Tweezerman tweezers come in dozens of sizes and shapes, including the standard pointed or slanted tips, as well as mini tweezers and lighted devices.

Their collections are priced reasonably, starting at around $12 for the mini sets and going up to $100 for the designer Luxe Edition Crystal Slant Tweezer that’s studded with crystal accents.

Choose from a variety of funky designs like animal or paw print tweezers, the graffiti series or the elegant bejeweled designs. There’s even a Petite Tweeze Set that’s ideal for travel and includes a small pointed tweezer and a slanted one in a slender case for just $25.

Facial hair removal and brow shaping has never been easier with the Emjoi epilator and the Tweezerman stainless steel tools for tweezing eyebrows.

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