Ultrasonic Lipo, Tumescent Liposculpture and Liposuction Prices

Cost for liposuction, tumescent lipo, ultrasonic lipo and advanced cosmetic surgery within the United States is becoming more affordable, however many patients still require cosmetic surgery financing. Here’s an look at cosmetic surgery prices and some specific examples of liposculpture cost and how to get the best plastic surgery financing.

Smart Cosmetic Surgery Financing

Most plastic surgery doctors, and those who offer vaser, ultrasonic or tumescent liposculpture will accept major credit cards to pay the cost of cosmetic surgery procedures that are not covered by medical plans. However in some cases, where procedures cost several thousand dollars, it’s better to go to the cosmetic surgery financing specialists who can offer no interest loans so that the cost of liposuction doesn’t increase over time through outrageous interest payments.

Who is a good choice? There are several companies, however Chase Health Advance is a company to be trusted since it’s affiliated with Chase Bank which is a JPMorgan company. They specialize in helping individuals cover the cost for liposuction, facelifts, injectable fillers and skin resurfacing, tummy tucks and even complete breast lifts and augmentation procedures. They will also help with cosmetic surgery financing on smaller treatments like eyelid and nose surgery as well as certain laser hair removal procedures.

No Interest Plastic Surgery Financing / Revolving Lines of Credit To Help You Cover Liposculpture Cost on Your Own Terms

You will need to consult with the plastic surgery doctors who are performing your procedure, however you can obtain personal financing details by simply filling out an application for the Chase no interest extended payment plans that are offered on their website. It’s possible to cover the cost of liposuction through a 48 month no interest plan or apply for revolving lines of credit for around $5,000. Stop worrying about liposuction prices and get the best surgeons and technicians to perform your procedures using the latest technologically advanced equipment and pay for it on your own terms. A revolving line of credit is much easier to obtain than a loan. Best of all, if you choose a company like Chase, there are no application fees, no down payment requirements and you can get instant approval online.

A Brief Look at Liposuction Prices in the United States

To know if you’ll require financing, you’ll need a rough idea of liposculpture cost. Here are a few examples so you can decide:

  1. tumescent liposuction Los Angeles starts at around $2,000 for small procedures such as neck liposuction, although many procedures will average $3,000 to $4,000 plus.
  2. average plastic surgery prices that involve vaser lipo and ultrasonic lipo average closer to $3,000 even for small procedures. The cost is calculated based on the time the surgeon will require to remove the unwanted fat. Procedures take anywhere from a half hour session to about two and a half hours, which is about the maximum any procedure should take.
  3. In the United States, averaging out the variables from state to sate, the standard price that patients are paying for the latest ultrasonic liposuction starts at around $2,800 for a single area. There are packages offered that may cover two or three body regions, and then the normal liposculpture cost is reduced per session. Nevertheless patients are paying around $7,000 for the multiple operations.

If patients want advanced cosmetic surgery body sculpting packages that target four or five regions of the body, say liposuction under chin, a tummy tuck with liposuction, neck liposuction and perhaps some help to get rid of cellulite on thighs, knees, buttocks and legs, then the total cost for liposuction (lipoplasty) will be around the $10,000 mark. These are neither really cheap or the most expensive procedures.

Please note that the best plastic surgery experts like Ashkan Ghavami, Dr. David Amron (one of the top tumescent liposuction Los Angeles surgeons) and Dr. Jeffrey Klein (the inventor of tumescent liposuction) will likely charge more (not to mention having a long waiting list).

For more information on liposuction procedures, liposculpture, mesotherapy, an other cosmetic laser surgery treatments, please consult related posts.

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