Ultrasonic VASER Lipo Liposelection

High-tech Cosmetic Laser Surgery using Liposelection

Gentle Fast Effective / Less Pain / Local Anesthetic / Minimal Downtime / Selectively Sculpt YOUR Body with the newest Liposculpture VASER Lipo Technology / Melt Fatty Deposits leaving nerves, tissue and blood vessels unharmed / Shape your waist, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, chin, back, saddlebags, arms.

The latest cosmetic laser surgery and ultrasonic fat elimination techniques are getting more specific to patient’s individual body sculpting needs.

  1. How can you know which procedure is right for you?
  2. What’s the difference between Vaser Lipo, SmartLipo?
  3. Are Liposculpture, Liposuction and Liposelection the same?
  4. What is laser lipolysis?

The Benefits of Vaser Lipo

Vaser Lipo is Lipo Selection. What that means is exactly what it sound like. Using VASER technology, guided by ultrasonic waves, only SELECT areas (where there are problematic fatty deposits) are targeted without damaging surrounding tissue. More fat can be eliminated during a shorter operation, there’s very little blood loss, fast healing, and therefore little downtime. The procedures can be done under local anesthesia, which means less operating costs, no overnight hospital stays, quicker recovery. It’s ideal for getting rid of love handles, saddlebags, shaping the waist and abdomen with smooth results and very effective on eliminating double chins and sculpting arms.

When to Choose SmartLipo over LipoSelection

SmartLipo is also called laser lipolysis. One of the reasons Smart lipo may be chosen over Vaser Liposuction, in some specific cases, has to do with the way in which the heat of the SmartLipo laser can tone and tighten skin while melting fatty deposits. Tightened skin and better overall tone is a benefit that’s desirable in abdominal treatments where a smooth finish may be more difficult to achieve if there’s loose skin. Instead of a tummy tuck, if there’s just a little tightening required, SmartLipo may be more effective than regular tumescent liposuction in an abdominoplasty procedure. Another point in favor or Smartlipo is that incisions (used to insert the laser and drain fat) can be small. However for larger areas, the Vaser equipment and techniques may be better.

Liposculpture using Vaser Laser Ultrasonic Equipment

Liposculpture is a term used for a variety of liposuction and sculpting procedures that encompass lasers, liposuction, wavelengths and ultrasonic guidance systems. The word “sculpture” is a means to denote that the surgical skill involves artistry – sculpting.

A Vaser Lipo or Liposelection surgeon is one who must be qualified as a plastic surgeon, be trained using VASER equipment, and most importantly, have an eye for detail to SCULPT the body. It’s not just about removing fat, but delivering smooth tight abdomens, waists, and thighs that have no lumps or bumps.

Where liposuction failed to deliver smooth results, ultrasonically guided laser technology allows the destruction of only the areas that are necessary without harming connective tissue. This means that VaserLipo gently shapes your body so you can heal quickly and get on with everyday activities. The procedures are not as painful as liposuction and can be done in a clinic. Liposelection, using Vaser technology, can be used to contour sensitive / delicate areas where tumescent liposuction may not be advised because selective ultrasonic treatments only harm fat cells!

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