The Trick Behind Weight Loss for Idiots

Weight loss for idiots (now called Fat Loss 4 Idiots) has worked for many people. Men and women have lost weight in 11 days and are happy to write testimonials explaining how the diet (which confuses, shocks and tricks the body into not lowering its metabolic rate) works. The stories fill blogs and forums. Some have lost a pound or two, others up to 7 or 8 pounds. How does it work? Is it a long-term plan? Is it safe, healthy, and a good way to lose weight?

Part One – The Dietary Guidelines and Theories

Weight Loss for Idiots has two parts – one is the ebook that can be downloaded and explains the theory of confusing the body into continuing to burn fat at the same rate as it would if calories were not reduced. The tricking process works short-term (which is why 11 days is important) and will confuse the body through what is called “calorie shifting”. The program recommends walking and drinking more water – good common sense tips for anyone who wants to lose weight. Those things on their own may provide positive weight loss in most people.

Part Two – Personalized Menu Generator

The second part of weight loss for idiots is a menu generator that creates a rotating series of foods that are higher / lower in calories to be eaten on different days, which is how the body theoretically gets “confused”. The generator asks a participant some questions to determine which foods are preferred and then formulates a meal plan. Create as many as needed, and the system remembers previous meals and food choices.

No More Thinking – No More Guilt

Weight loss for idiots is so named because it removes the “thinking” out of what you eat, why you eat it, or how it nourishes / hydrates the body. The calories are counted so the meals don’t require thought or planning. The meal plans generator will provide treats on certain days, l offering non-diet type foods, so people who need to be given “permission” to eat something “bad” won’t feel “bad” about doing so and therefore have less guilt as well as less discomfort of thinking they’ve been deprived. For many people this system is effective – a means to lose weight in 11 days. For those who prefer to be participants in making healthy food choices, or those who enjoy learning about how the colon, liver, bladder, circulatory and lymphatic systems operate, and then working with them to cleanse / nourish organs, tissue and the cellular structure, this system is less effective.

Who Fat Loss 4 Idiots Benefits Most?

It works short term and therefore people who are anxious for immediate results do lose some weight during the 11 days. Some people repeat the eleven day program from time to time. It helps individuals who have limited time, lead stressful busy lives, and might otherwise become discouraged using calorie counting weight loss methods.


If you prefer to stay in control of what, when and how you nourish your body, and if you rather generate your own menu plans based on fresh low calorie foods like raw veggies and fruits as well as juices and high fiber colon stimulants, then you may be interested in other posts on this site. Some include body cleansing, raw food diets, juicer recipes, and useful tips to lose weight without drugs, diet pills, supplements, protein shakes or calorie counting devices.

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