Natural High Energy Weight Loss Shakes

While many popular protein shakes and weight management supplements contain controversial (if not dangerous) ingredients to over-stimulate fat burning or unnaturally accelerate the metabolism, as well as having mucous causing dairy derivatives, and often too much protein (which may impede weight loss) and decelerate the body’s cleansing and detoxification abilities, there are healthy, natural weight loss shakes that can form part of a raw vegan (lactose free), vegetarian or other dietary program.

Weight Loss Shakes to Avoid and Why

Many protein drinks and dietary supplements designed for body builders and high performance athletes are not a wise choice for average people who want to slim down. (For more details refer to the post about Protein Shakes.) Despite publicity to the contrary, many products such as SlimQuick, which are presented as meal replacement options and/or harmless hormonal stabilizers for women, contain methylxanthines that are undesirable for anyone wishing to establish healthier habits, and in fact may be dangerous (see related article entitled: Is Slimquick a Safe Method for Women to Lose Weight?). Nevertheless, there are some very healthy weight loss shakes that do not require buying powders or supplements but can be made easily at home with fresh ingredients and a blender.

Whipping Up Shakes and Smoothies

Many people who have a juice extractor and enjoy following a juice diet to cleanse their body, and later continue eating whole fresh raw vegetables and fruits as a way of life, find that adding smoothies and shakes to their diet is a means to boost energy, maintain weight and feel satisfied. Shakes and smoothies can also be incorporated as part of weight loss programs that are primarily based on vegetable juice.

For people with a sweet tooth, or those who find a vegetable lifestyles too challenging, the richness of soy milk fruit shakes is ideal, and adapts to snacks, desserts and sweet treats that are low in calories, high in nutrition and extremely satisfying.

Here are just a few recipe ideas for weight loss shakes and delightful whipped treats that can be added to most daily menu plans even when weight loss is the desired goal.

Freshly frozen bananas and almost any variety of red berries / fruits can be used to add to a cup of soy milk, whipped in the blender, and served. Create your own variations using fresh, non-frozen fruits like papaya, mango, kiwi and other seasonal fruits you love. Adding natural vanilla bean (or extract), cinnamon, nutmeg, raw almonds, peanuts, sesame, unsweetened cocoa, malt, maple syrup, honey.

  1. One favorite weight loss shake that’s creamy and delightful but isn’t high in calories is a whipped apple / cinnamon blend. Drink or serve as a kind of apple sauce treat.
  2. Another high energy drink that’s fast and delightful is just soy milk and banana with a couple strawberries (or any berry) to give a touch of flavor and color. It’s seldom necessary to add sweetener to a shake that includes a ripe banana. (Keep your bananas out of the fridge)

For detoxifying, try these two weight loss shakes:

  1. Watermelon shake – fresh watermelon; no soy. The refreshing whipped drink can be served with ice in the summer. This drink will provided necessary hydration while improving elimination cycles.
  2. Citrus shake – fresh oranges, lemon, grapefruit, mandarins and kiwi all whipped together with no soy milk – if it’s too strong dilute with green grape juice, apple or add pure water. To give it a twist, add raw almonds. On a hot day, whip the fruit with ice and make a smoothie. Delicious, refreshing and high in vitamin C. Great for the skin!

For more tips on products to help you slim you should read our weight loss tea and slimming tea articles.

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