What Are The Top Natural Fat Burning Foods?

The thermic effect of food is called TEF and pertains to how much energy is required to process food versus calories delivered. Protein is thought to be difficult to digest / process by the body and therefore may require more specific dynamic action, also known as SDA, and thus offer a higher thermic effect. Nevertheless, a stick of celery or a grapefruit requires a lot of effort for the body to get to the carbohydrates it contains and therefore expends energy to process, making it require more energy to digest than the calories it delivers.

Does that mean celery is one of the fat burning foods?

Or is the usual list of turkey, chicken breast, fish, seafood and eggs the real fat burning superfoods?

Melting Fat?

When people talk about a fat burning diet that works it makes it sound like there are foods that will melt away fatty deposits like lasers, which isn’t at all true.

There are only a few ways to burn fat and they are:

  1. having a negative caloric intake, which means you eat foods lower in calories than what your body requires to survive and therefore stored fat must be burned
  2. increasing your caloric needs through exercise or activities and therefore stimulating the body to burn stored fat
  3. taking concentrated doses of metabolic stimulants like caffeine or drugs (and some herbs) that stimulate blood circulation and may alter thyroid operations

Stuffing yourself with turkey, chicken breasts or seafood will not magically trigger fat burning in your body. The best fat burning foods are those that provide nutrients, water, vitamins, essential amino acids but don’t offer unnecessary calories.

In the end, the best foods to eat on a daily basis, that will not only help your body to burn fat, but will also provide the nutrients required to maintain cells and keep muscle, are vegetables that are raw and filled with vitamins and minerals.

Proteins that will not deliver unnecessary calories but will help the body to burn fat are nuts, seeds, and beans.

Green leafy vegetables, those that contain fiber and are complex, also full of calcium and iron, will be the best sources for burning fat. Add oats, preferable raw, and nuts, also raw, to your diet and eliminate animal products – including eggs. You may want to select extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and avocado as part of your diet.

Regarding the dairy rich diets that are said to burn more fat than dairy poor diets, the reason is about calcium – not the actual dairy itself.

The best way to increase your calcium is not to choose dairy, but to boost calcium intake from vegetable sources, which your body can actually assimilate, without wading through the muck of mucous causing elements.

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