What Happened To The Models Prefer Eyebrow Pencil?

The Models Prefer Automatic Eyebrow Pencil is no longer available under the brand name Models Prefer, but is now called the ybf Transforming Eyebrow Pencil Duo that’s sold through HSN. It may be a very little thing, but the perfect eyebrow pencil can make a huge difference to a busy woman’s day, and not being able to find the one that was exactly right can be frustrating. So, here are the details about this revolutionary product that has women finally happy with penciling in their brows.

Women Claim It’s Still The Best Eyebrow Pencil

First of all, the eyebrow pencils from ybf come in a set of two. Each has a dual end with one side being the pencil with your brow color and the other end being a brush. This is important because one of the problems of getting a natural looking brow is grooming the hairs and smoothing the color into the hairs. The second problem that this special duo ended pencil solves is that of drawing natural looking strokes onto areas with sparse hair. The color and shape of the pencil, to say nothing of the consistency that’s just soft enough to be manageable, allows the user to apply feathered strokes, which are shorter and softer than just a strong line like what happens when a regular pencil is used. What’s also great about this ybf pencil eyebrow creation tool is that the color itself is formulated to have a variety of color intensities and a range of shades by simply applying more or less pressure and thereby matching your natural color. It’s almost like a SMART pencil.

Stacey Schieffelin’s Fabulous Little Pencil

If you wonder who makes it and where you can learn more about this fabulous little pencil set, then look up Stacey Schieffelin, the Ford model and makeup expert who has founded ybfstacey, and has added to her line of products items that really work for busy women. She also has a booklet with some practical makeup application tips that you can download for free.

A Less Known Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

It’s easy to go shopping and find the Maybelline Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil and see it’s a funky design and has some great features. It’s a self-sharpening mechanical pencil with waterproof color that comes in natural shades to suite a wide range of hair colors and skin tones.

It can also be used in conjunction with brow gel to set and groom the eyebrows expertly. The brow comb at the end of the pencil isn’t very practical for anyone with very fine or sparse hairs and that is a huge drawback to this pencil design. Many ladies end up having to use an old mascara brush to groom their brows because a comb just isn’t fine enough to really brush fine blond or soft brow hair. So, although the Maybelline color selection is great, and it’s a waterproof eyebrow pencil, it’s not a total winner due to the less than effective brush tip.

Compare another less well-known line of cosmetics called Pür Minerals®.

They also have a very funky design with pencils in almandine, coco, golden and natural shades that are all waterproof, but the brush at the end of the pencil is perfect for grooming. Have a closer look.

It’s also affordable retiling for just $17. The Purminerals products can be bought easily online at Zappos and other trusted cosmetic retailers. We suggest giving it a try coloring your brows is not just about color, but shape and grooming. Use the brush to eliminate traces of face powder that sometimes get caught in brow hairs, and use it also to blend more than one shade of color. If you have an auburn eyebrow pencil and a slightly darker one, you may want to belnd the shades to achieve a natural multi-color effect. Remember that hair is seldom all one color, be it on our heads or on our face. Natural strokes, lightly feathered, two or three colors blended and a good brush can make all the difference between having fake looking brows or natural ones.

Grey Eyebrow Pencil For Men

Although most colored pencils for brows are used by the ladies, some men use a grey eyebrow pencil to define their brows and use a small brush to groom them. One of the best is the item called Monsieur Brow Definer Pencil by Jean Paul Gaultier, with the grooming brushes separate. These are masculine cosmetics and are harder than the ones used by the ladies. They can be used to add a little color to an otherwise full brow, or to slightly darken light grey hair on the brow of gentlemen. The grooming brushes are not feminine and are very practical in simple black tubes.

Eye and Eyebrow Tips – Coloring and Shaping with Powder or Tattoo Ink

If you are looking for eye makeup tips that include how to achieve a natural looking brow using stencil and powder kits, or if you need ideas on how to define your eyes by eyebrow waxing techniques that shape and bring out your best features, or if you are seeking a more permanent solution with an eyebrow tattoo procedure, then please browse related topics. We also discuss facial hair removal and laser treatments as well as IPL and home depilatory devices, and we offer advice regarding who can use such home hair removal equipment and who cannot. We offer in-depth articles on permanent makeup procedures, eyebrow tattooing, and show you the benefits and the potential consequences as well as honestly discuss the benefits and drawbacks of laser eyebrow tattoo removal.

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I Would like to by the Modles perfer eye pencil. I used to by it on q.v.c. and can’t find it at all. I tried on HS they said they don’t carry it.


The model’s prefer eyebrow pencil is no longer sold by that name. It’s called the ybf Transforming Eyebrow Pencil and the set of 2 in Universal Brown (Item: 256-287 ) is currently being sold through HSN for $20 and does appear to be in stock as of August 20th 2010.
Hope this helps


Hi, does anyone know where in the UK this product is in stock please?
Stacey went from QVC to Ideal World shopping channel, but they don’t appear to have any ybf products on their website now ?


Have tried HSN for YBF Transforming Eyebrow Pencil but they do not ship to the UK. They suggest getting somebody who lives there to send over !!! I also believe that there is a YBF red collection, and Models prefer red collection which also do the eyebrow pencil.. I am now trying e-bay, although very expensive,they are charging twice the price for one, where it was always sold as a due.


I want to buy the model’s prefer makeup sponges. I use to order them through HSN, but I can’t find them any longer. They came 5 diamond shape sponges to a package. These were the best makeup sponges I’ve ever used. Still use the Model’s prefer makeup.


i oredered the eye brow pencil on nov 15 through her website and never recieved it but they took my money and charged my credit card and to top it off your try and call them and they never answer the phone or return calls …

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