What Is an Eyebrow Tattoo?

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Eyebrow tattooing is a cosmetic procedure technically called intradermal micropigmentation that uses pigments or dyes or inks in a similar fashion that artistic tattoos are done. Using a needle inserted in a tattoo gun with ink or pigment, the doctor or aesthetician or tattoo artist moves across the brow with the vibrating needle and implants the color under the skin.

If it is only implanted in the top layer it is considered semi-permanent, if it goes into the second layer it is permanent just like any other type of tattoo. This procedure must be done by a qualified and reputable technician and under hygienic conditions. Since it is a tattoo on your face, in a most delicate area, it can be painful, and requires a local or topical anesthetic to be applied or administered.

Why have your eyebrows tattooed?

The wonderful thing about eyebrow tattooing is that it can correct flawed eyebrows, shape brows that are not to your liking, make absent or hairless brow areas appear to have hair, and accentuate the eyes and face, and with little effort an eyebrow tattoo puts an end to having to draw on eyebrows each day. It’s also possible to sleep and work and swim and awaken or come out of the water with perfect eyebrows.

Reasons not to get eyebrow tattoos

Some concerns about the cosmetic tattooing or permanent make up procedures is that it is relatively expensive, it may not turn out exactly as you hoped and the color fades over time requiring eyebrow tattoos to be retouched every few years. You can develop infection, though very rare, and may have scares if you do not go to a good technician or doctor.

You may end up with a shape that is unnatural or a color that is so dark you can’t hide them with makeup. You simply may not like your new brows and the only way to wipe them off is with laser surgery. Although most women, about 70% who have had the procedure, are very happy with the results, you must consider that 30% of them were not happy at all.

Additional Eyebrow Tattoo Considerations

Natural eyebrow tattoo

When selecting a cosmetician, aesthetician, doctor, nurse or artist to do your delicate eyebrow tattoos consider if they will have the expertise to make your brow look natural by using a feathering technique and the correct color pigments that will match your own hair and skin tones.

It is important for you to understand the eyebrow tattoo procedure. It is not a quick eyebrow fix for a special occasion. It will take weeks for your brows to heal and for you to have the necessary touchups until they are exactly as you want them. They may fade and/or be too dark or too thick or too thin and may need to be fixed over a period of a month or two.

So do not plan on having your brows tattooed a week before summer vacation because you want to go swimming and not worry about make-up. And do not do it just before an important meeting or an event like your wedding.

It is important for you to select your technician or beauty specialist or doctor with care because the affects of permanent eyebrow tattoos are exactly that – permanent!

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I am concerned that the reader will not understand that there truly is no such a thing as semi-permanent makeup. If pigment is implanted into the outer layer, the epidermis, this renews every 30 plus days depending on age, and certainly the color will not last at all. There is nothing magical about any tattoo process that will guarantee the pigments only come in contact with the outer layer. Some people say semi-permanent because it fades. It is very easy to get a color refresh every couple or few years rather than go with fading colors for many years in the hopes that it will completely fade away. It simply is not guaranteed.

If one wishes to have the procedure, it must be considered permanent and will require maintenance. Also, my extensive research does not reveal any studies done as to client satisfaction. Where do you get your figures that a full 30% of eyebrow tattoo clients are dissatisfied? The industry would hardly survive that. I believe with today’s regulations, increased education, and industry self-imposed regulations on pigments (see Pigment Guidelines http://www.spcp.org/guidelines.htm) far more women and men are pleased with their permanent cosmetic procedures.


Where can I find reputable doctors in the Northeast region of the US?
And also can these tattoo’procedures be covered by any insurances after a person has lost their eyebrows permanently after chemo procedures?

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