What Is Eyebrow Threading?

Eyebrow threading is a means to eliminate unwanted facial hair by using intertwined cotton threads – with one of the thread anchored in the mouth of the expert and the others twisted into an X shaped knot {to form a kind of “hair trap”}, which are skillfully and rapidly manipulated to remove hair at the follicle level.

Watch this presentation on Eyebrow Threading, courtesy of 6th Avenue Web Content:

Eyebrow Threading VS Waxing and Other Depilatory Methods

Although the removal of facial hair using the eyebrow threading technique is similar to how hair is removed from the roots through tweezing, waxing and/or sugaring, the advantages of eyebrow threading vs waxing {and other depilatory methods} are:

    1. fast and affordable
      an eyebrow threading session takes five to seven minutes from start to finish and can cost as little as five dollars. Some experts, especially those who work in salons, may charge ten dollars {such as Sangeeta Dharod from Salon Panache who is featured in the NBC eyebrow threading video }, however the most expensive threading session is still cheaper than waxing or sugaring.
    2. effective and long-lasting
      threading is equally as effective and long-lasting as waxing, sugaring or tweezing. Hair tends to grow back slowly and much finer than before
    3. clean and mess-free
      requires no messy products, such as the use of waxes, oils, or depilatory preparations, which may cause irritation.

Editor’s Note: Some threading professionals apply a cream gel to cleanse the area before starting, and afterward may lightly dust the region in talcum powder. Discus this issue with the threading expert if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to certain products. It may be preferable to cleanse your face beforehand, using your own products, and bring your own unscented talc to the threading session.

  1. less trauma – especially for acne sufferers and those on medication
    eyebrow treading procedures don’t remove the top layer of skin or cause epidermal trauma. It’s ideal for anyone on Retin A or Accutane, those who can’t use depilatory methods such as waxing, and well suited for diabetics, teens / middle-aged women with acne, those with unusually dry or flaky dermal conditions or for individuals using dermatologist prescribed medications or facial creams that make the skin extra sensitive
  2. non-irritating
    threading doesn’t irritate sensitive skin and usually doesn’t cause swelling, redness or bumps such as the ones that can remain for up to 24 hours after sugaring / waxing. If there’s redness after a threading session it’s usually gone within thirty minutes
  3. removes fine hair
    eyebrow threading can remove ALL hair, even fine peach fuzz that tweezing doesn’t eliminate and waxing may miss. The skin is left smooth and hair free
  4. precision lines
    eyebrow threading techniques are well-known in Indian cultures for removing hair in precise lines that expertly define eyebrow contours. Although single hairs may be removed using this depilatory method, threading is especially loved by women who want larger areas of facial hair removed, including the upper lip, sides of the face, chin and the entire upper and lower eyebrow area. It works well on all hair types and colors.
  5. less discomfort – almost pain free
    many women report that eyebrow threading is so fast that it’s virtually painless. For ladies who are sensitive, threading is considered less painful than waxing, although the level of discomfort will vary from person to person. Part of the secret to experiencing less discomfort is the speed with which the hair is removed.

When considering eyebrow threading vs waxing, the choice is obvious – threading offers at least 8 benefits that other hair removal systems don’t provide.

A Special NBC 10 Eyebrow Threading Video

Anyone who has heard of this ancient Asian/Indian/Middle Eastern hair removal technique and is still asking: “what is eyebrow threading?” should watch the following NBC 10 Special eyebrow threading video with Barbara Morse Silva. This video presents expert Sangeeta Dharod who has been doing eyebrow threading since she was 7 years old in India and now works at Salon Panache on Park Avenue in Cranston, Rhode Island. Watch the NBC eyebrow threading video now:

Eyebrow Threading NBC 10 Special:

In Manchester, UK, Sadaf Hair and Beauty also specializes in eyebrow threading and Indian-style bridal makeup services. Here is a detailed eyebrow threading video that shows a complete brow shaping session including trimming and threading. You can watch up close and observe how dark hairs are skillfully removed directly below the brow arch, leaving the skin smooth and hair free. The final results are impressive.

Eyebrow Threading:

Electric Threading Machine

If you want to try your hand at this unique depilation technique without going to special eyebrow threading classes, get started with an electric eyebrow threading machine kit from Beauty Health NY. The kit, which is regularly priced at $129 {but may be found on sale for about $99}comes with an electric body, an adapter and a roll of 40 meters of thread. See how to use this unusual hair removal device by watching the following eyebrow threading video demonstrating the Beauty Threader.

Beauty Threader:

Manual Eyebrow Threader Device

A cheaper manual version of a device that helps novices do their own eyebrow threading is the Helix Threadease tool, which costs under twenty dollars and can be ordered online from Amazon. This is a home hair removal system that works for facial hair, including eyebrows, and can be learnt to use without going to any special eyebrow threading classes. See how easy it is to get started by watching the online Eyebrow Threading Classes offered by Helix Hair Threading.

Facial Hair Removal with the Helix ThreadEase:

If you prefer to start your eyebrow threading classes by practicing on a friend, or vice versa, here’s another Helix video that shows how to remove fine facial hair using the Threadease device.

Threading Fine Facial Hair and Eyebrow Shaping with Helix ThreadEase Tool:

Professional 60 Hour Eyebrow Threading Classes

There are centers and skilled individuals who offer professional eyebrow threading classes such as the ones provided by steranjith. Follow steranjith in this beautiful eyebrow threading video as she demonstrates techniques that are taught and practiced during her 60 hour course.

Eyebrow Threading Course {60 Hour Class. Call: 954-243-8549}:

Here’s the Shanti Medspa video that offers a slower version of threading techniques that you can follow easily.

Philadelphia Eyebrow Threading Ardmore Shanti Medspa

Amongst the numerous FREE eyebrow threading classes available online, capitalmalu provides one of the best tutorials that explains every teeny tiny step of the process in methodical detail. This video is ideal for novices.

Threading 101 – Tutorial

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