Where Do Celebrities Go To Get Perfect Eyebrows?

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The brows of Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez as well as Kim Kardashian amongst many others have all been shaped by Anastasia Soare, known as the brilliant eyebrow expert to the stars. But Romanian born Anastasia, and her rags to riches story, and how she came from Constanta, a Romanian seaport, to becoming the eyebrow authority to Hollywood celebrities in Los Angeles and abroad, is one that makes even natural eyebrows arch in tribute to a woman worthy of all the publicity she receives.

When amongst your clients are stars like Oprah, Naomi Campbell and Sharon Stone, naturally your work hits the pages of People, Elle and Vogue and draws the attention of the business world in magazines like Newsweek.

  • Where did it all begin?
  • What’s behind Anastasia’s success?

It’s quite simple. Anastasia found the secret to perfect eyebrows.

Stepping back…back to the early years in Romania…

Anastasia studied some unlikely subjects for a women who would end up in aesthetics and beauty, however it was exactly such knowledge of mathematics, engineering, art and architecture that brought her to regard things like the Fibonacci numbers and the anatomical structure of the body (as depicted by Leonardo Da Vinci), and the golden ratio concept which is a mathematical equation used by artists due to it’s aesthetic proportions, and use them to create a formula for flawless brows.

With the knowledge of anatomical structure added to her aesthetic studies, once Anastasia arrived in California, she used the golden ratio to create perfect eyebrow shapes, as well as a line of natural beauty products to compliment her exclusive techniques. Now, in her Beverly Hills salon (and another in Brentwood, California), she offers unique skincare and perfect eyebrow shaping to her celebrity clients, and also retails her innovative beauty products and stenciling kits through exclusive shops like Nordstrom and Sephora, not only in the US but also abroad.

Anastasia Eyebrows

Thanks to the Anastasia stencils, even if you can’t go to one of her salons, you can still have perfect eyebrows for your face shape. The set she offers has the basic five shapes designed to create an ideal outline for any facial structure. For example, if you have small features, the petite arch will be the one you’ll choose. For sparse eyebrows, or ones that are too thin, then the slim high arch stencil will be best.

The medium arch is just the thing for those who don’t want a dramatic brow, but prefer a soft look that’s close to the eyes with a low arch. The high arch stencil is for those who need to open their eyes by widening the space between the eye and the bottom of the brow. The last stencil, which is the full arch design, is specific for ladies with larger features and a fuller shaped face.

With her product line including kits like Perfect Brows, Great Lashes, for just $35, you can have Anastasia’s secret Brow Definer, Brow Duality and Lash Lifting Mascara to create your own perfect eyebrows (and eyes). Even if you’re not a star, you can look like one, using the duality pencil for filling and defining, the brow gel to set everything in place, and the volumizing mascara to finish off the look.

Before we continue to show you the Anastasia Eyebrows techniques, and more of her beauty products, we hope you’ll enjoy viewing the story of how this remarkable woman achieved success.

Here’s the Story of Anastasia Soare Part One and Two:

As a prelude to more information, here’s a glimpse at what Anastasia does in her Beverly Hills Salon:

The Secret To The Perfect Eyebrow Arch

Symmetry is the key, and according to the Anastasia eyebrows laws, the ideal situation of the arch will be found by taking a pencil and holding it to the tip of the nose, and where the pencil rests on the brow is where the arch should be. We can see an example of using this technique on Oprah Winfrey herself, when Anastasia appeared on the show. Yes, Oprah is a fan of Anastasia and one of her clients. But not only celebrity eyebrows get the royal Beverly Hills treatment. According to O Magazine, several ladies received perfect shaped eyebrows by Anastasia during the 2003 Oprah Eyebrow Experiment, which is still available to view online in the February archives at Oprah . com.

Why do we specifically mention an event for getting the perfect eyebrow shape that happened over 7 years ago? To highlight that well-shaped brows are classic and timeless, not a faddish trend. If you look at the before and after pictures of the women who seven years ago received an eyebrow makeover, it could just as easily have been yesterday – the brow shapes are proportioned to the women’s faces not to a time period or makeup trend.

How To Get Perfect Eyebrows At Home

Anastasia doesn’t suggest that’s it a good idea to wax your brow at home, not because waxing isn’t a good technique, but because it’s very difficult to do by yourself. Naturally we agree that if you don’t have a good shape to begin with and don’t know much about waxing, then you should stick with eyebrow tweezers and a good mirror, along with an Anastasia stencil.

Step 1: Choose the stencil
Step 2: Using your eyebrow tweezers, pluck out the hairs that are outside of the stencil. Very simple.
Step 3: Apply After Tweeze Cream
Step 4: An angled eyebrow brush, which is provided in some of the kits, is then used to apply the powder duo to fill-in and contour.
Step 5: eyebrow gel can now be used to hold the brow in place.
Step 6: highlight the brow bone lightly and blend.

Eyebrow Products And Tools

The perfect eyebrow shaping tools are those that simplify the task. You need:

  1. Tweezers
  2. Scissors
  3. Stencils
  4. something to carry them in

Those are the tools and Anastasia eyebrows offers the top of the line kit with exactly those essentials for $45.

You can add some other tools and products, like angled brushes, a comb, some soft mascara-type brushes, a pencil sharpener, pencils, powders, eyebrow gel, post and pre tweeze gel, and brow bone highlighter.

If you want a more comprehensive styling kit that has tools and the products, then you’ll love Seven-Element Brow Kit which has the essential stencils, eyebrow tweezers, after tweeze cream, brow powder duo, clear brow gel, a pencil for highlighting, and an angled brush, all inside a neat little carrying case that keeps your tools organized. Choose your best brow color for the kit:

  1. golden blonde
  2. ashe blonde
  3. medium ash
  4. brunette
  5. strawburn

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We have a wealth of information on the perfect eyebrow shapes that are created with pigments instead of makeup – such as the Semi Permanent Make Up procedures offered in the UK, and the same basic techniques employed in what’s called cosmetic tattooing and micropigmentation in the US.

We leave you with the latest video by Anastasia Beverly Hills – Illumin8 Eye Shadow – Makeup That Works Like Skincare:

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