Where To Buy The Best Eyebrow Dye Kits

Buy the best eyebrow dye by Refectocil, Tintocil and Roux or choose complete dying kits with cream color, developer {oxide}and mixing dishes. For ladies who appreciate henna, buy the top natural eyebrow dye and hair products by Light Mountain.

Here’s where to buy eyebrow dye by Refectocil, Tintocil and Roux:

1. Refectocil Eyebrow Dye

One of the BEST eyebrow dye kits for long-lasting color / ease of application is:

RefectoCil Complete Eyebrow Dye Kit – Natural Brown No.3 – 3pc Kit

RefectoCil Professional Lash and Eyebrow Tint:

Complete Refectocil COLOR CHART is included below with online shopping.

Editor’s Note:

Ten years ago, my aesthetician recommended the above Refectocil cream eyebrow dye kit and I’ve used it ever since with excellent results, even through hair color changes {using single tubes of darker / lighter dyes and mixing shades to match the hair color of the moment.} Refectocil is one of the best products if you want customized colors. Take a look at their newest No. 4 – Chestnut and No. 4.1 – Red that can be mixed with No. 3 – Natural Brown or No. 3.1 – Light Brown for excellent results.

The products discussed in this article can be purchased from Amazon.

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Refectocil Info – Gschwentner, Weinzierl & GW Cosmetics:

The German company Gschwentner, which has been making regular and eyebrow hair dye since the 1930’s, and the Refectocil eyebrow color dye since 1950 {which means it’s been around for over 60 years}, has merged with {as of 2009} Weinzierl to form GW Cosmetics. Under that new name, the Refectocil eyebrow dye collections, which include 9 colors that may be mixed or used individually, continue to be made and sold to women around the world.

Benefits of RefectoCil Eyebrow Dye

  • Refectocil offers long-lasting color {tinting lasts up to 6 weeks}
  • eyebrow color dye kits are easy to apply with almost no mess or fuss
  • Refectocil offers 9 colors for all tones of hair
  • colors can be mixed to create unique custom shades
  • covers grey, tints blond hair or lightens dark brows depending on product
  • by using Refectocil Bleaching Paste, dark brows may be lightened
  • the developer {3% liquid oxidant} doesn’t irritate the delicate eye area
  • Refectocil eyebrow dye can also be used safely on lashes, beards and sideburns
  • Refectocil eyebrow hair dye makes brows appear more voluminous
  • To avoid staining the skin, Refectocil makes a Skin Protection Cream

Refectocil Eyebrow Dye and Lash Tinting Color Chart {plus online shopping}

RefectoCil Bleaching paste No. 0 – Blond

{can be used to bleach natural brows or to lighten eyebrows tinted with a dark dye. Do not mix bleaching paste directly with the cream colors. Bleaching and dying are separate procedures. Refer to instructions in the bleaching paste kit.}

RefectoCil lash eyebrow dye No. 1 – Pure Black

{This is really dark black eyebrow color to be used by ladies with pure BLACK hair}

RefectoCil lash and eyebrow dye No. 1.1 – Graphite

{designed specifically for grey or white brows }

RefectoCil lash and eyebrow color dye No. 2 – Blue Black

{This is a very dark BLACK with a blue undertone – not recommended for natural blond or brunette eyebrows. It may be used for tinting fair eyelashes.}

RefectoCil lash and eyebrow hair dye No. 2.1 – Deep Blue

{This is a fashion tint designed for blondes with blue eyes, especially good for LASHES, but not recommended for fair brows. On the brow it won’t look natural being so blue.}

RefectoCil lash and eyebrow dye No. 3 – Natural Brown

{This is the darkest brown tint in the collection}

RefectoCil lash and eyebrow color dye No. 3.1 – Light Brown

{for both natural brunettes or light blondes to go one shade darker}

RefectoCil lash and eyebrow hair dye No. 4 – Chestnut

{this NEW color may be mixed with No. 4.1 to create a richer tone of reddish/auburn}

RefectoCil lash and eyebrow dye No. 4.1 – Red

{to get the best results, use bleaching paste prior to applying No. 4 or No. 4.1}


Each Refectocil tube contains 0.5 ounces {15 ml} of cream color which should be sufficient for approximately 30 lash and/or eyebrow tinting applications.


If you don’t order a kit, remember that you’ll need to mix the cream color with equal parts developer, which Refectocil calls “Oxidant”.

Where to Buy Eyebrow Dye by Tintocil

Another one of the best eyebrow dye products is Tintocil. The most popular color is the basic brown.

Where to Buy Roux Eyebrow Dye

The third best eyebrow dye on the market is made by Roux. There are only two basic colors available – brown and black. You can buy either color of the Roux eyebrow dye by following the link at the end of the article.

Where to Buy Natural Eyebrow Dye by Light Mountain

Anyone who has used natural henna dyes for hair or eyebrows understands that using a natural eyebrow dye {or henna powder} is a different commitment than using peroxide-based tints.

Working with a henna natural eyebrow dye requires lots of time to mix {which can be messy and smelly}and dedication to apply henna coloring regularly over a long period of time to get the richest shades. Natural dyes slowly deepen over several days – results are seldom instant.

While companies like Light Mountain offer some of the best natural eyebrow dye kits in assorted colors { browns, blacks, reds, auburns and special tones to cover grey}, first time users should be aware that henna tends to offer reddish or auburn undertones and not crisp blacks, browns or medium ash blondes such as what can be achieved with chemical formulations.

Despite the above potential drawbacks, many women faithfully use henna-based natural eyebrow dye and hair colors, such as the ones by Light Mountain, and are rewarded for their efforts by having healthier, richer, thicker and shinier hair over the long-term.

Light Mountain Natural Eyebrow Dyes come in the following colors:

  • Dark Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Chestnut
  • Red
  • Light Red
  • Auburn
  • Gray

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