Wholesale Permanent Makeup Supplies / Professional Micropigmentation Training

Order wholesale permanent makeup supplies from companies in the United States. Shop online for special offers on PMU machines, needles, pigments, ointments and other micropigmentation supplies. Find permanent makeup training centers and sign up for beginner / advanced training / workshops in cosmetic tattooing / the latest eyebrow, eyeliner and lip tattooing techniques / courses in eyelash tinting, perming, and extensions.

Here are two featured outlets for buying wholesale micropigmentation / permanent makeup supplies that also offer professional training:


Wholesale Permanent Makeup Supplies California
Permanent Makeup Training
{classes, workshops, small groups in English / Spanish}

Toll Free: 1-877-753-5428

Permanent Choices, a company based in San Leandro, California, offers wholesale priced permanent makeup supplies to professionals in the United States and also ships products internationally. Here are some of the items they offer:

1. Silver Tomi Digital Permanent Makeup Machine

This a powerful digital professional micropigmentation system that comes with the hand-held tool and touch panel, with three disposable parts to provide hygienic micro pigmentation services to clients. The system comes with a 6-month warranty and is sold as a kit that includes: a digital panel, a hand held permanent makeup tool, a carrying case, a package of 10 single prong needles, a set of needle covers, pigment rings. The machine costs $350 when buying one system, or you can take advantage of wholesale pricing by buying 5, bring the per unit price to $250.

2. Gold Bella Tomi Machine

This machine is designed for doing detailed work on eyebrows and is priced at $499.

3. La Bella Tomi Cordless Makeup Machine

This machine offers a choice of three speeds and is a cordless, battery operated digital pen-style cosmetic tattooing device with a powerful 1,800 RPM motor that $599.

4. Majestic Permanent Makeup Machine

This permanent makeup tool comes in a kit that includes needle, tube, sleeves and cover for $175.

5. Tsen Pen Permanent Makeup Machine

For technicians who want excellent control in a lightweight machine, without sacrificing powerful performance, the Tsen Pen is ideal. The wholesale price is listed at $250.

6. Blackhawk Permanent Makeup Machine

This permanent makeup / micropigmentation machine great for professionals who need the flexibility of a device that can handle a delicate single needle for individual hairline stroke techniques as well as a flat 7-prong needle for better pigment delivery over larger areas. The Blackhawk is priced at $375.

7. Giant Sun Permanent Makeup Machine

If backflow is a prime concern, the Giant Sun cosmetic tattooing device will the most hygienic choice. The unit offers a disposable sponge to curb backflow, yet is affordably priced at just $195.

Other Permanent Makeup Supplies at Wholesale Prices

Permanent Choices offers wholesale pricing on other permanent makeup supplies like:

  • Products for Eyelash Extensions and Perming Eyelashes
  • Professional Eyebrow / Lash Tinting Supplies
  • Anesthetic Gel for Controlling Pain
  • Cotton Wipes and Swabs
  • Micropigmentation Needles
  • Pigments for Eyebrows / Eyeliners / Lips / Areola

Permanent Makeup Training Workshops and Specialty Classes

Here are permanent makeup training courses available through Permanent Choices:

  • 2-day classes that deal with MACHINE TECHNIQUES and COLOR MIXING cost $2,000 and include a double DVD and workbook.
  • Learn how to do the HAIRLINE EYEBROW TECHNIQUE in an 8-hour class for $1,000 which includes workbook, DVD and certificate.
  • Learn permanent makeup add-on procedures through workshops that cost $300-$500:
  • MANUAL PERMANENT MAKEUP training course with step by step instructions and practice on live models for $750.
  • CORRECTIVE PROCEDURES such as scar CAMOUFLAGING or AREOLA modifying. Work on real models. Costs range from $600 to $895.
  • How to apply BLUSH. Course costs $575.
  • MICRODERMABRASION training costs $500.
  • 8-hour EYELASH EXTENSION class, includes a kit, costs $695
  • Techniques in eyelash / eyebrow TINTING / PERMING for $500.

How to Study and/or Order PMU Supplies through Permanent Choices:

The above items are available through the Permanent Choices Professional Wholesale Permanent Makeup Supplies store. Shop online or contact Cece Cervantes toll free at 1-877-753-5428 { English / Spanish}/ visit McCormick Street in San Leandro, California.


IIPC – Permanent Makeup Training
Wholesale Permanent Makeup Supplies Orange County California

Toll Free: 1- 800-282-0577

IICP – The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics is an educational facility founded by industry expert Susan Church.

FOUNDATION course costs $3,500 and is comprehensive on micropigmentation subjects encompassing color mixing, eyebrow / lash enhancements, permanent eyeliner, lip liner and full lip procedures as well as eyebrow hair simulation techniques. Courses include textbooks and DVDs.

CPC{Corrective Pigment Camouflage}techniques are taught in ADVANCED classes. These Permanent Cosmetic Training courses are only for professionals who wish to expand their knowledge into Areola Repigmentation / Corrective Camouflage / Melanocyte Restoration and Needling. Prices range from $749 to $998. Participants must be practicing technicians{min. 2 years}.

Note: IICP does not offer courses in Spanish.

IIPC Professional Permanent Makeup Supplies

The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics also has wholesale permanent makeup supplies which can be ordered online or by calling toll free:1- 800- 984- 4331.

Buy digital or rotary machines starting at around $300. Get machine accessories: cords, adapters, couplers, foot pedals, device holders, hand pieces, springs, tips and upgrade kits in the IIPC online store. IICP offers additional permanent makeup supplies for professional technicians and aestheticians such as:

  • SofTap applicators
  • Pigments and coloring accessories
  • Anesthetics and aftercare products
  • Hygiene / sterilizing supplies

IICP carries a selection of permanent makeup DVDs, books, posters and marketing materials for shops, studios and micropigmentation clinics.

How to Order Supplies from the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics:

The items listed above are available through IICP’s wholesale permanent makeup supplies store located on McCulloch Blvd. in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Shop online from within the US or abroad by going to the IICP Permanent Makeup Products website or by calling 1- 800- 984- 4331.


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