Yoga Asanas for a Flat Stomach

Using basic yoga asana techniques to get a flat stomach can be relaxing and stress relieving for women who prefer workouts done quietly and privately at home. Start strengthening the spinal column, internal organs and torso with these easy postures that will lead to better muscle tone and flexibility.

1. Ardha Matsyendrasana

One asana that strengthens internal abdominal organs, is Ardha Matsyendrasana. It’s a spinal twist that also massages the abdominal organs, releases tension and gets blood flowing to the region. Why is this important in order to achieve a flat stomach? One of the reasons a woman may have a less than flat stomach is due to water retention, intestinal gases, bloating, poor bladder, renal, liver and colon functions. Getting blood flowing to these organs, strengthening the back and spinal column will not just build muscular strength and provide flexibility but help with gastrointestinal and colonic problems – ease bloating and fluid build-up. To see how Ardha Matsyendrasana is done, and it’s really simple, watch the following free video, courtesy of

2. Pavana Muktasana

Another asana to help develop a flat stomach is Pavana Muktasana. This is one of the best exercises to strengthen the abdomen and relieve stress on abdominal organs while helping the spinal column and beginning to give the body more flexibility. It’s an easy asana that begins by lying on your back with feet together and then raising both legs and bringing then toward the chest. The posture only needs to be repeated a few times and held for about three seconds to be effective. Aside from helping you to get a flat stomach, this movement will also aid female reproductive organs and get bowels eliminating waste more effectively. To see how Pavana Muktasana is done, here’s another video courtesy of

3. Halasana

There are a variety of variations on Halasana, also called the Plough Pose, but all are useful when trying to achieve a flat stomach. This position not only helps the abdomen directly by strengthening the muscles and developing strength, but offers a means to give yourself a thyroid massage. It’s one of the postures used to help with weight loss because of the way it affects the thyroid. Also, the abdominal muscles will contract during this asana helping to relax female organs. If you can’t immediately get yourself into a full upright position, try variations and use a wall to support your weight while raising the hips. See one version of Halasana courtesy of

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