You Can Lose Weight in 2 Weeks

Yes, You Can Lose Weight in 2 Weeks! No Diet Pills or Drugs. No Weight Loss Supplements. Here are two Safe, Effective programs, totally FREE that you can do at home. Start TODAY!

ONE – Lose Weight in 2 Weeks with Vegetable Juice

One of the reasons that people fail to lose weight quickly on programs with low calorie foods and prepackaged diet menus is because the body lowers its metabolism when it senses that it’s not getting enough nutrients to sustain life. It therefore maintains the stored reserves just in case they’ll be needed later, should starvation continue. If you want to lose weight in 2 weeks, you need to give your body lots of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and even a few vegetable-based calories and carbohydrates as well as natural sugars, so it will naturally start to eliminate waste and toxins and even some of those unwanted fatty deposits. Many people refer to this type of weight loss as a juice diet or a body cleansing program because it’s not just about shedding pounds, but about getting healthier so the body stops storing subcutaneous layers of fat.

If you’ve never attempted to lose weight in a week or two using fresh juice in large quantities, and increasing your water intake, you may think that it means starving yourself and being constantly hungry, feeling faint or having less energy for your daily routine. The truth is that properly planned juice diet cleansing provides satisfying nutrition without hunger and more energy than while eating solid foods.

Getting Started:

  1. You’ll need a juice extractor and your favorite veggies. (See related post)
  2. You’ll also need a variety of yummy juicer recipes. (See related post)
  3. Choose one of the three natural laxatives to lose weight mentioned in the related article.
  4. Add one or several of your favorite weight loss tea flavors (check the topic about natural teas)
  5. Although you’re not on a strict water diet, you’ll need a liter or 2 (or more) of pure filtered or bottled water – stock up beforehand.

For ideas and step by step guidance, as well as yummy juicer recipes, please see the article with fast weight loss tips.

How much can you safely expect to lose?

Women who want to lose weight in 2 weeks can expect to drop between 5 and 10 lbs if they also add some exercise to their program. Yoga, tai chi, walking, swimming or any form of non-impact exercise will stimulate blood circulation. Massage (of any variety) will help get the lymphatic drainage process flowing. Learn how to detoxify the body and lose weight in a week or two by reading what some of the professional body cleansing centers offer. You can read about the programs offered in Thailand by consulting posts such as colon cleanse reviews and cleanse your body.

Two – Lose Weight in 2 Weeks with a Modified Fast Using Elderberry Juice

This program requires a high level of self motivation / determination and can be very challenging to achieve in a setting where family members continue eating as usual or where you must prepare meals for others. If possible, take two weeks holidays abroad, or check into a guest house, hotel, motel and do your detoxification on your own – away from family, friends, routine. If you have the willpower, remain at home and continue routines as usual. It’s not impossible! To naturally lose weight in 2 weeks depends on your level of determination as well as having a few items prepared in advance.

Getting Started:

  1. have a supply of natural elderberry concentrate – about two bottles
  2. make sure you have flax seed and/or psylium husk for a fiber drink in the morning
  3. choose your best laxative – from the suggested items in the post about natural laxatives to lose weight
  4. select a variety of weight loss tea packets, plus mint, chamomile, fruit or other pleasant flavors you’ll enjoy (it’s best to stay away from black/red tea)
  5. make sure you have lots of water on hand – a water dispenser is ideal

In order to effectively lose weight doing an elderberry cleanse, it’s important that your elimination cycles be regular – that means you must be having bowel movements to flush out the body, and that’s why the fiber and diuretic teas are important. Elderberry itself isn’t a magical fat burning ingredient. The reason the body sheds pounds is because it’s receiving nutrients / sugars and therefore the metabolism doesn’t slow down too much. Nevertheless, during the two weeks you won’t be eating solid foods so you need to drink lots of water and add the elderberry to the water. For more details about body cleansing using elderberry, please refer to the related post.

There’s a third effective way to lose weight in a couple weeks that utilizes ideas from both these plans. Use parts of each to tailor a program suited to your needs – water, elderberry, flax seed fiber, and daily boosts of vegetable juices, perhaps spirulina drinks and a delicious gazpacho soup from time to time. Remember: you need to do what YOUR body says is right for YOU. Don’t follow any weight loss program blindly. Stay in-tune with how your body reacts as you offer it juice, water, tea, fiber and vary what you do based on the results. You are your best program director. Listen to your body and give it what it requires.

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