Yummy Juicer Recipes

Here are YUMMY juicer recipes that help cleanse your body, plus a special Spanish gazpacho recipe ideal for detoxification programs. The focus of these recipes is on vegetables, not fruit. Why? Veggies are better for detox diets due to containing less sugar. People who want to fight Candida, lose weight, cleanse the colon / liver, increase energy / boost their immune system, do well to juice phytochemical rich vegetables.

What are phytochemicals?

Phytochemicals are what plants generate to protect themselves, and are present in all vegetables, but they’re not necessarily of “nutritional” value, which means they don’t offer calories, proteins, carbs….so… what do they do for us? They act to help the body cleanse, FIGHT DISEASE and boost our immune system. The color of vegetables is one way to know what types of pigments, phytochemicals the vegetable will provide. Many of the best vegetables for detoxification of the liver, colon, kidneys, bladder and circulatory system (and for hormone regulation in women with premenopausal symptoms) include vegetables that are dark in color – dark green leafy veggies, beetroot (red beets) (high in anthocyanidin – an antioxidant), broccoli is exceptionally good for the liver (high in sulphoraphane and ideal during a detox), red cabbage, tomatoes (which contain a powerful antioxidant known as lycopene), peppers (both red and green), fresh cayenne peppers (capsicum), red onions, peas, red clover sprouts, ginger, garlic, bok-choy, and various types of Chinese cabbage / Asian greens.

1. Juicer recipes from dark veggies

Using your extractor make juices containing one, two or three of the following vegetables:

  • beets
  • carrots
  • red cabbage
  • broccoli
  • green beans
  • parsley
  • spinach
  • chard
  • romaine lettuce
  • kale
  • peas (fresh)
  • asparagus (first dip in boiling water)
  • dark green baby bok choy
  • alfalfa / clover / wheatgrass sprouts
  • dark green mung been sprouts
  • arrugula (eruca sativa or roquette)
  • water spinach (swamp cabbage)

To make your juice yummier, here are some suggestions:

  • use primarily carrot juice as the base and add just a little of one or two other veggies. Add the bitter (or strong tasting) ones sparingly. Remember that a little juice goes a long way. It’s potent! A few tablespoons of parsley, onion, leek, cabbage or spinach extract is all you need in a base that may be primarily celery or carrot.
  • You can also make a V8 style juice with a tomatoes base, adding several of the veggies that are less tolerable on their own and blending a little chili cayenne, sea salt or lemon for taste. (for a hearty, delicious juice/soup, see the editor’s special Spanish gazpacho recipe below.)
  • You can add celery to almost any juice combination to dilute it if the dark greens are too strong, or if you find that carrot or beet juice alone elevates for blood sugar levels too fast.
  • veggies such as parsley, cilantro, baby onions, sprouts, peas etc., may be difficult to extract on their own. You can try juicing them with carrots or beets, pushing them down together with some celery stalks, but depending on your juice extractor capabilities, this may be difficult. If juicing them in an extractor is too difficult and doesn’t deliver very much liquid, you can liquefy them in a blender (with a little water) and then pass them through a strainer and mix them with the base juice, be it celery, carrot or tomato (which tend to be the most delicious and easily tolerated base juices).
  • Another means to get fine green herbs and less “juicy” veggies / greens into your V8 juice or cocktails preparations, is to extract your base juice as normal but then put everything into a blender and add smaller items like garlic, cayenne, parsley, cilantro, arrugula etc, and blend until liquefied. You can strain out the pulp or drink as is.
  • one really potent and delicious juice is made with: celery, green beans, carrots, parsley and some garlic It’s a fast energy boost and good for anemia and low blood sugar.
  • 2. Juicer recipes from light colored veggies

    The lightest and most refreshing juicer recipes can be made with:

    • Iceberg and other white or light colored lettuces
    • white cabbage
    • celery
    • cucumber
    • cauliflower

    you can play with adding:

    • artichoke
    • leeks
    • onions (baby onions or a piece of sweet Spanish onion)
    • light colored sprouts
    • yellow peppers

    3. Juicer recipes from red and orange veggies

    The red and orange/ yellow veggie juices are considered especially good for helping to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, help with arthritis and even aid in preventing cancer cell growth. Many of the yellow and orange veggies are high in calcium/potassium and are an excellent sources of vitamin C. They’re known to help reducing the signs of aging because they aid in eliminating free radicals and help the body in producing collagen for better skin.

    • tomato
    • carrot
    • red and orange peppers
    • radish
    • red onion
    • turnip
    • celery root (nice for added flavor although it’s not red)
    • red cabbage
    • cayenne

    4. Juicer recipes from veggies that taste sweet

    Need carbs, a taste of sweetness without fruit? Here are the veggies that will make mouthwatering juices that taste naturally sweet but are good cleansers and can be used on Candida diets as well.

    • peas
    • fresh pea pods
    • celery root
    • green beans
    • sweet peppers
    • fresh sweet corn
    • sweet Spanish onion

    Add any of these to a carrot juice base and enjoy the sweetness!

    5. Juicer recipes from the editor: The Perfect Gazpacho

    For a gazpacho soup that’s thick and makes a great meal replacement or a boost when you feel you need something more solid, try blending the ingredients and not straining them. For a delicate juice, the tomatoes may be juiced in an extractor and/or liquefied in a blender with other ingredients and then passed through a fine strainer. Either way, this recipe is simple and the most delicious part of all my juice diet endears.

    Basic Ingredients:

    • 5 or 6 luscious, juicy very ripe tomatoes
    • 2 small green peppers
    • 2 medium red peppers
    • 1 small orange pepper (or half a large one)
    • 1 large cucumber (one large garden cucumber or two small English cucumbers)
    • 1 large red (Spanish) onion heart
    • 1, 2 or 3 cloves of whole fresh garlic (depends on how much you love garlic)
    • 2 – 3 tablespoons lemon juice (or when not on a cleanse half cup white wine)

    Optional condiments:

    1. bay laurel (bay leaf)
    2. fresh basil leaves
    3. fresh parsley
    4. sea salt (not iodized) to taste (during a cleanse program, try to keep salt to a minimum)
    5. 1 teaspoon powdered cayenne (or as much as you can handle)


    1. Prepare finely chopped laurel (bay leaf) fresh basil, parsley (cilantro if you like the strong taste), sea salt and cayenne with crushed garlic cloves and lemon juice. Using a hand grinding bowl get as much of the flavor out of the ingredients and then allow them to sit for a while. In traditional gazpacho (when not on a cleanse) this process would include adding olive oil and allowing the herbs to soak in the lemon and oil.
    2. Using the extractor, juice the tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and onion, or liquefy all of them in a blender and then strain (or don’t strain for a thicker soup).
    3. Add the lemon/spice-herb mixture to the vegetable juice and whip in the blender until it becomes frothy (and may appear creamy if the veggie juice was not strained).
    4. Serve immediately in tall glasses with ice (and straws) or in bowls as a soup with a few basil or laurel leaf garnishes.

    Second note from the editor:

    My husband has suffered from an ulcer for many years. Recently he’s found some relief by following a modified juice diet. One of his favorite recipes is carrot with a few cabbage leaves and celery. He also makes a delicious blend of celery and apple which he can drink between meals. He finds that doing a juice only diet doesn’t work well for him because he has a very high metabolism, is extremely thin and finds he needs to keep his gastric juices busy, so he eats 5 small meals a day (which are a variety of basmati rice, cuscus or mashed potatoes, and raw veggie salads with avocado, garlic and tuna fish and from time to time some chicken liver.) He only uses soy sauce or olive oil and garlic as dressing, and has cut out all dairy products including yogurt. Between meals he drinks raw veggie juices, and in the evening mint, chamomile or a variety of herbal fruit teas. His ulcer is no longer bleeding and he experiences no pain or heart burn sensations which were common previously.

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